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Capsicum Annuum - General symptoms

Cayenne Pepper, Capiscum, Capsic, Capsic., Capsicum, Caps.

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HPUS indication of Capsicum Annuum: Fever
Capsicum Annuum

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Capsicum Annuum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Morning), On waking, dizziness.

burning in the eyes. dim vision.

in bed, nose-bleed.

dry sensation on tongue.

in bed, contraction, etc., in neck of bladder.

in bed, erections. violent erections.

on waking, coldness of the scrotum.

on rising from bed, joints feel crushed.

weariness. feet cold, etc.

sweat all over..

The eruption spread upward to the scalp, and downward to the soles of the feet.

was accompanied by considerable swelling, but the features were not much disfigured.

the swelling consisted more of a bagging of the cheeks and neck.

the left side of the face was more affect than the right, and the left ear twice the size of the right, which was but slightly enlarged.

there was no peculiarity of position to account for this, and it did not hold true of the body (fifth day),.



While caressing, and uncontrollable trembling of the whole body (after twenty-four hours),

He shuns all motion,

Weariness, more in the morning than in the evening,

Great weariness, though not enforcing sleep (after two hours),

Complete exhaustion of the strength,

All the senses are more acute,


A painless sensation in the body, moving upward and downward, with redness of the cheeks,

Sensation over the whole body, as if all parts were asleep (the inspiration of Sulphur sulphur-fumes speedily relieves),

Cramp, first in the left arm, then in the whole body; the arms were stiff, so that she could not straighten them out; the feet also were stiff, on rising after sitting, with crawling as if asleep,

Drawing pain here and there in the limbs, back, nape of the neck, shoulder-blades, and in the hands, lasting several hours, and were excited by motion,

Transient pressive pain now in one, now in another portion of the body,

When breathing, a sticking pain between the shoulder-blades and in the epigastric region, and single stitches in the side of the abdomen, the ensiform cartilage, and sternum; these pains do not penetrate, but seem to be superficial,

Bubbling sensation; sudden throbbing in some large veins (after twenty-four hours),

General heat and sweat without thirst, which lasted some hours, followed by shivering at 6 P.M., with shaking and chatter of the teeth, during which he was thirsty and cold all over, with anxiety, uneasiness, loss of the senses, and intolerance of noise.

the next evening at seven a similar shuddering, shivering, and coldness, with thirst,.

Seems to suit especially persons of lax fiber, weak; diminished vital heat. A relaxed plethoric sluggish, cold remedy. Not much reactive force. Such persons are fat, indolent, opposed to physical exertion, averse to go outside of their routine, get homesick easily. General uncleanliness of body. Abstainers from accustomed alcoholics. It affects the mucous membranes, producing a sensation of Constriction. Inflammation of petrous bone. Burning pains and general chilliness. Older people who have exhausted their vitality, especially by mental work, and poor living; blear-eyed appearance; who do not react. Fear of slightest draft. Marked tendency to suppuration in every inflammatory process. Prostration and feeble digestion of alcoholics. Myalgia, aching and jerking of muscles.

Lax, lazy fat, red (Asa Foetida Asaf---- ), clumsy, unclean persons (Sulphur Sul)

Old age

Indolent and can't think clearly

BURNING-SMARTING; tip of tongue; throat, stomach, stool, piles, prostate


Constriction; of throat, with urging to swallow

Dark, red, spongy mucous surfaces or oozing bloody mucus

Sprangling, thread-like pains (Cep)


Deep abscess

Foul secretions



Homesick Splitting headache, better heat

Ears affected alternately



Vesicles or flat, painful aphthae

Tongue greenish at base

Swelled uvula

Increased saliva

Smoker's sorethroat

Craves stimulating, pungent things; wants a bracer



Acid dyspepsia

Small, hot, mucous stools, with tenesmus, also of bladder; then thirst and lumbar pain; worse drinking Dysentery

Urging to urinate


Thick, white, creamy gonorrhoea

Cough causes distant pains, or raises foul air; too weak to cough out expectorate

Ribs seem dislocated

Sleepy after meals

Chilly; with the pains; begin in back; with violent thirst, but shivers from every drink; with excruciating backache; alternating with heats, mounting to head; then sweat

Coldness of affected parts

Sweats easily; cold on thighs

Capsicum annuum. Cayenne Pepper. (South America and West Indies.) N. O. Solanaceae. Tincture of the dried pods.

Capsicum should be studied in connection with the other great members of the Solanum family, Belladonna Belladonna, Stramonium Stramonium, Hyoscyamus Niger Hyoscyamus, Dulcamara Dulcamara, Solanum Carolinense, Solanum nigrum, Solanum Tuberosum Solanum tuberosum (Solanum Tuberosum Potato), and Lycopersicum Lycopersicum esculentum (Lycopersicum Tomato). It acts with great intensity on the mucous membranes, and also on the bones affections of bones in general.

pains in bones of face.

inflammation of petrous bone. Capsicum corresponds especially to persons of light hair and blue eyes.

also to persons of lax fibre and muscles.

obesity. lazy, fat, unclean persons who dread the open air.

clumsy children. awkward persons.

haemorrhoidal troubles. Lack of reaction and bodily irritability. Symptoms generally appear on left side. As with Dulcamara Dulcamara, there is extreme sensitiveness to cold and damp which agg. most symptoms. The well-known burning effects of red pepper is a leading indication for its use Burning pains" wherever occurring demand that Capsicum should have the first consideration, if there are no other determining symptoms in favour of another remedy. The burning of Caps. is agg. from cold water. Redness of the skin, and even a scarlet eruption like Belladonna Belladonna. Very characteristic is a cough with fetid breath, or bad taste. Cough causing splitting pain in head. Chill at 10.30 a.m., beginning between shoulders and running down back. A case of poisoning in a worker in a capsicum-plaister factory brought out severe chill with shaking.

and it ended in an intense coryza. Caps. 30 brought speedy relief in a case of tympanites following laparotomy, the concomitant symptoms being cold nose and extremities, and cyanosis. Caps. is a notable fever remedy. The patient is thirsty.

but drinking causes shuddering. Absence of thirst during heat. Burning, pungent pains, agg. by application of cold water, are very marked. Burning, pungent sensation in face agg. by slightest draught of cold air.

burning in throat. burning blisters in roof of mouth (diphtheria or gangrene).

constriction of throat, spasmodic closure, pain when not swallowing.

burning in rectum, tenesmus, haemorrhage.

burning on urination. burning in bladder. Caps. is among the remedies of the front rank in stomatitis in inflammation of the middle ear, with involvement of mastoid cells in the sore throat of smokers and drinkers, with inflammation, burning, relaxed uvula, sometimes dry, sometimes with tough mucus difficult to dislodge. Local burning and general chilliness distinguish Caps. in a vast number of cases. Caps. is indicated where there is lack of reaction in persons of lax fibre. The mental state shows home-sickness. "Home-sickness, with red cheeks and sleeplessness.

with hot feeling in fauces." (With a few doses of Caps. I cured completely an Australian girl, of florid complexion, who had come to London to study, and who was quite incapacitated by home-sickness.) There is awkwardness, fearfulness, obstinacy. Alternating states.

laughs and weeps by turns.

is now jocose and sings, but becomes angry from slightest cause. Delirium it has been given with great success in delirium tremens, mostly in drachm doses of the tincture, given in milk. amel. From heat is the most important modality. Patients who cannot get to sleep without a hot bottle at their back. Rest agg. some forms of headache and amel. others. Motion = headache as if skull would split.

as if bruised. asthma.

chilliness. stiff joints to crack. Ascending = asthma. agg. By touch. Shuns open air.

dreads uncovering. dreads air, especially a draught. Spirits become lower as body becomes cooler. Sensation as if cayenne pepper were sprinkled on parts. Violent pains in various places.

now here now there. Sensation as if parts would go to sleep. I had one patient on whom Caps. acted well in summer, but not in winter. Equal parts of tincture of Caps. and Glycerinum glycerine make an excellent liniment for external use in many cases of chronic rheumatism and neuralgia.

Cayenne or red Pepper. Hahnemann. Solanaceae.

* * * *

Most of the substances that are used on the table as seasoning in foods will in the course of a generation or two be very useful medicines because people poison themselves with these substances, tea, coffee, pepper, and these poisonous effects in the parents cause in the children a predisposition to disease, which is similar to the disease produced by these substances.

In the fat, flabby, red-raced children of beer drinkers and pepper eaters, with poor reaction, a relaxed and flabby constitution, red face and varicose condition, those that have been over stimulated, children of over stimulated men, we find the sphere of Capsicum very often.

The end of the nose is red, the cheeks are red, redness over the cheeks, red eyes, easily relaxed individuals. These constitutions react slowly after diseases and do not respond to remedies, a sluggish state, a tired, lazy constitution.

In school girls who cannot study or work, who get home-sick and want to go home. In gouty constitutions, with cracking of the joints and gouty deposits in the joints, stiff joints, clumsy, weak, give out soon. There is sluggishness of the whole economy. They are chilly patients, are sensitive to air, and what to be in a warm room. Even in the ordinary weather the open air causes chilliness. They are sensitive to cold and to bathing.

In the mental state there is no more striking thing than this symptom homesickness A sickness like homesickness runs through the remedy and is accompanied by red cheeks and sleeplessness, hot feeling in the fauces, fearfulness. They are oversensitive to impressions, are always looking for an offence or slight.

always suspicious and looking for an insult.

Obstinate to the extreme.

it is a devilishness. Even if she wants a certain thing she will oppose it if is proposed by some one else. After emotions red cheeks, yet with the red cheeks lack of heat, even with increased temperature.

or one cheek pale and the other red, or the cheeks alternate red and pale. Children are clumsy and awkward.

The Capsicum mind is almost overwhelmed by persistent thoughts of suicide. He does not want to kill himself, he resists the thoughts, and yet they persist, and he is tormented by these thoughts.

There are persistent thoughts in many remedies, and it is necessary to distinguish between impulses and desires.

If he desires to have a rope or a knife to commit suicide, that is altogether different from an impulse to commit suicide.

In another patient the thoughts jump into his mind and he cannot put them aside, and the thoughts are tormenting. The distinguishing feature of the remedy is often found by differentiating between the two. Desires are of the will; impulses come into the thoughts.

Bursting pain and throbbing. Headache with pulsation in the forehead and temples. Headache as if the brain would be pressed through the forehead. On stooping, feeling as if the brain would be pressed out, as if the red eyes would be pressed out on stooping.

The senses are disturbed and are overacute; oversensitiveness to noise, smells, taste and touch, to impressions, to insults. The patient is excited.

He has a key to the patient and examines the patient by the key, that is, by the drug, a mad practice and never to be resorted to except as a dernier resort and in stupid patients. When he gives Capsicum to that patient it arouses her, it may not cure.

but after it the Silicea Silicea or Kali Bich Kali bich or other remedy which was perhaps given before and did not act takes hold and cures.

In the text it says, "Nose red and hot."

The skin all over is red and burning, a capillary congestion.

Taste foul like putrid water. When coughing the air from the lungs causes a pungent offensive taste in the mouth. A hot pungent air comes up from the throat, tasting foul when coughing.

On the tongue and lips, flat, sensitive, spreading ulcers with lardaceous base. The mucous membrane of the lips and various parts of the body if pinched up with the fingers remain in the raised position, showing a sluggish circulation.

Capsicum Annuum is the flabbiness of Capsicum It wrinkles on pressure. It is a feeble circulation. The parts you touch are loose and flabby, red, fat and cold. That child will not react well if it has measles, until it gets Capsicum

The skin is moist and cold, and there is a fine measly condition of the skin due to capillary congestion. If the child is old enough, it will complain of feeling cold. There is slow reaction after eruptive diseases, after glandular diseases, after bowel complaints. The child was fat and flabby, but now does not take on flesh.

He takes cold in the throat and nose, and the throat looks as if it would bleed, it is so red, a fine rash-like appearance - it is puffed, discolored, purple, mottled, flabby and spongy-looking.

dark red. Burning soreness with ulceration in the fauces. Uvula elongated. Stitching in throat. Enlarged tonsils, inflamed, large and spongy.

The throat remains sore a long time after a cold or sore throat. Burning, pressing pain in the throat, the throat dark red; relaxed sore throat; pain on swallowing, dysphagia. Throat sluggish for weeks, a do-nothing state, does not get very bad, but gets no better, a lack of reaction.

When the chill begins there is thirst. Thirst after every dysenteric stool, a sudden carving for ice-cold water, which causes chilliness. Craving for water before the chill and when taken it hastens the chill; it feels cold in the stomach.

He desires something warm, something stimulating, craves pungent things. This is seen in whisky drinkers; they crave pepper, and the pepper, on the other hand, turns round and craves whisky. These diffusable stimulants crave some stimulating thing, crave support. Dipsomania.

Let me give you a hint in Arsenicum Album Arsenic In dipsomania the sinners who have been drinking a great many drinks in a day sometimes get to that state in which they must get up during the night for a drink or they will not be able to get up in the morning.

In the morning the first three or four drinks will be thrown up, but the next one will stay down.

they must take a number until one sticks. They have got to that state in which they must keep on taking it. If they sleep too long the first few drinks will come up, and so they must get up in the night or the whisky will not stay down in the morning until they have taken a number of drinks.

You will see this in lawyers who do a great amount of work on stimulants. Nux Vomica Nux, Arsenicum Album Ars., and Caps. will do something for them if they will co-operate with you. I remember saying to one old toper, who had kept up altogether on champagne, that he would have to stop it. He whined,

"I don't think it is worth while."

If he could not get his champagne he didn't think life worth living. if these people want to get benefit they must co-operate.

Tenesmus of the bladder; strangury. Burning, biting pain after urination, in old cases of gonorrhoea, in which there no reaction.

The discharge is creamy You take a picture, of his face, you notice the plethora, but also that he has no endurance, plump, flabby, sensitive to cold, red face. He does not react after cold. He has the, last drop or a creamy discharge with burning on urination.

Capsicum will sometimes stop it suddenly. Coldness of scrotum. Prepuce swollen, oedematous. Pain in the prostate gland after gonorrhoea.

Coldness of the affected part. Coldness in patches. Coldness of the whole body.

It is useful in perplexing and troublesome chronic hoarseness. He had had a cold and remedies for the acute condition have been given, perhaps two or three remedies, Aconite Acon., Bryonia Bry., Hep Sulph Calc Hep., Phosphorus Phos, but all at once you wake up to the fact of his chronic constitutional state of hoarseness. He is rotund, chilly, red faced, and the hoarseness disappears under Capsicum

It is the same with the cough. After making several blunders you wake up and see it is a Capsicum case and that you have never yet gotten at the root of the trouble. This shows the importance of getting at the things general first. If there is much acute suffering of course you must give an acute remedy, but if the patient has delayed recovery and convalescence is slow the next remedy should be the remedy for the patient.

Sometimes it is Sulphur Sulph., Phosphorus Phos., Lycopodium Lyc., and sometimes it is Caps If the patient has a good constitutional state he will get over the told on -the acute remedy, but the old gouty, rheumatic, flabby patients need a constitutional remedy.

Cough in sudden paroxysms convulsing the whole body. Cries, after the cough from the headache. Stitches in the suffering part with the cough. Every cough jars the affected joint. The constitutional state comes first and the particulars must agree i. e., prescribe according to the totality.

s Pains in the ears. itching pain.

aching, pressing pain with cough, as if an abscess would burst. It has a peculiar action on the bones of the internal ear and mastoid process. Abscesses round about and below the car and caries.

petrous portion of temporal bone necrosed. It has been a frequently indicated remedy in mastoid abscess.

Old catarrhs. The patient takes cold in the nose and throat and this is followed by a collection of mucus. Very often in stupid patients it is difficult to get symptoms, and you must depend on what you see, the character of the discharge and a few other things, and you will find that some of these cases will be cured and all the other symptoms will go away.

but in some of these old catarrhs no reaction seems to come after the most carefully chosen remedies, and all at once the doctor observes that the patient has a red face and it is cold and the end of the nose is red and cold, and the patient is fat and flabby and yet has not much endurance, never could learn at school, and if she exerts breaks out into a sweat and freezes in the cold air.


Amaurosis. Asthma. Brain, irritation of. Delirium tremens. Cough. Diarrhoea. Diphtheria. Dysentery. Ear affections. Glandular swellings. Haemorrhoids. Headache. Heartburn. Hernia. Home-sickness. Intermittents. Lungs, affections of. Measles. Mouth, ulcers in. Neuralgia. Nose, affections of. Obesity. Oesophagus, stricture of. Paralysis. Pleuro-pneumonia. Pregnancy, disorders of. Rectum, diseases of. Rheumatic gout. Rheumatism. Sciatica. Scrofula. Seasickness. Stomatitis. Throat, sore. Tongue, paralysis of. Trachea, tickling in. Urine, disorders of. Whooping-cough. Yellow fever.