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Calcarea Sulphurica - Throat symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Sulphurica: Boils

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calcarea Sulphurica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Throat red and sore internally (twenty-second day),

Throat longitudinally inflamed in strips, like ulceration (twenty-seventh day),

Profuse expectoration of yellowish mucus from throat and right posterior nares (twenty-seventh day); scanty (twenty-eighth day),

Expectoration from posterior nares (fifteenth, sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth days),

Pharynx very red and sore (twentieth day),


Sensation of dust in larynx, about 11.30 A.M., with soreness increasing all day and evening (twenty-first day),


Hoarseness (twenty-third and twenty-fourth days, etc.),

Hoarseness increased (twenty-sixth day),

Slightly hoarse in evening (eighth day),

Marked hoarseness towards night and in evening (thirty-first day),

Hoarseness, less in open air and in evening (twenty-third day),

Hoarseness, with sore tight cough in evening (twenty-first day),

Cough and Expectoration.

Cough once or twice on rising (thirtieth and thirty-first days),

Two or three coughs in the morning before bath, on rising (thirty-fifth day),

Cough in the morning after bath (thirty-second day),

Cough three or four times after bath, in the afternoon (thirty-third day),

Cough, leaving strained sensation in lungs and slightly rasped feeling in throat; seems to arise from itching of throat (twenty-third day),

Light, rare cough (twenty-first day),

Tight, short, rasping cough, leaving a strained sensation in head and chest (twenty-fourth day); same, but less frequent (twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth days),

Sharp, short, dry cough (twenty-second day),

Expectoration in the morning on rising (thirty-sixth day),

Expectoration in the morning after bath (fifth day),

Expectoration most in evening, when left nostril is stopped (fourteenth day),

Expectoration and Influenzinum influenza only in the house; relieved in cold or open air (thirtieth day),

Expectoration in open air, Influenzinum influenza in house (thirty-first day),

Expectoration of mucus; discharge from left nostril is yellow, as it is at times also from the throat (twenty-sixth day),

Expectoration and Influenzinum influenza not markedly better in open air (twenty-ninth day),

Expectoration and Influenzinum influenza only noticeable in the forenoon for about two hours after rising, and a little in evening (thirty-seventh day),

Some lumpy white expectoration in evening with the coryza (fiftieth day),

Some expectoration and coryza; posterior nares not so tightly closed; coryza yellowish or greenish (twenty-fourth day),

Very scanty expectoration, mostly in morning after bath (eighth day),

Scanty expectoration, mostly in evening (forty-ninth day),

Scanty expectoration from posterior nares in the morning, with a few tight coughs (third day),

Scanty expectoration of mucus, transparent early in the day, yellowish from about 12 to 3 P.M.; transparent again towards night, from throat and nares; thin transparent mucous discharge from left nostril, and slight lachrymation of left eye (twenty-fifth day),

Scanty expectoration of white mucus from the throat (forty-eighth day),

Slight expectoration of transparent stringy mucus, in the forenoon (nineteenth day),

A little greenish-yellow expectoration (thirty-eighth day),

Frequent expectoration of small quantities of transparent mucus (twenty-first day),

Profuse slimy expectoration (thirty-second day),

Profuse expectoration of transparent, tasteless, slightly viscid mucus all day; less after nightfall (sixth day),

Profuse expectoration of transparent sticky mucus from throat and posterior nares (twenty-ninth day), scanty (thirtieth and thirty-first days),

Profuse expectoration of yellowish, slightly viscid mucus from throat and posterior nares (twenty-fourth day),

Profuse yellowish expectoration from posterior nares, and Influenzinum influenza in house (thirty-second and thirty-seventh days),

Profuse expectoration and eructations in morning (ninth day),

Mucus detached from throat and posterior nares with great difficulty (thirty-third day),

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