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Calcarea Sulphurica - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Sulphurica: Boils

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calcarea Sulphurica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sensation of constriction at anus (twenty-second day),



Stool in the morning, with excoriating sensation in the anus (forty-fourth day),

Stool in morning leaving slight soreness in the anus (fifty-first day),

Stool in afternoon, with great tenesmus (seventeenth day),

Stool in the afternoon, in one short thick piece, with great tenesmus (forty-sixth day),

Stool in afternoon, preceded by pain in left side of chest and abdomen (sixth day),

Stool in the afternoon, with slight colic in abdomen (forty-first and forty-second days),

Stool in afternoon before dinner, leaving a sensation as of more egesta to be evacuated; a second stool in evening before tea, leaving soreness of anus (sixtieth day),

Stool in afternoon, preceded by single brief spasm of sharp cutting colic in abdomen, with excoriating, burning, and stinging sensation at anus during stool, and soreness of same after stool (twenty-seventh day),

Stool at 3.50 P.M., with cutting pain in abdomen (second day),

Stool in evening; sphincter feels lame; strained soreness (fifty-seventh day),

Stool in evening, preceded by a single spasm of cutting colic in the stomach, with tenesmus (twenty-eighth day),

Stool in evening, with excoriating sensation in anus, and shooting colic in left inguinal region (eighteenth day),

Stool at night, followed by soreness and dull pain at the pit of the stomach (twentieth day),

Stool at night, large, hard pieces; tenesmus at close of stool; convulsive shuddering during passage, which leaves smarting-burning in the anus (seventeenth day),

Loose, pappy, light-brown, painless stool in morning (thirty-fourth day),

Loose, lumpy, blackish-brown stool in the forenoon, leaving sore feeling in stomach and abdomen (thirty-second day),

Rather loose stool in the afternoon (forty-eighth and forty-ninth days),

Rather loose dark stool in the afternoon (second day),

Loose stool in evening, with sharp cutting colic in lower part of abdomen; two spasms of this colic (forty-fourth day),

Loose stool at night (thirty-ninth day),

Profuse light-colored stool in the morning on rising, with tenesmus and excoriating sensation in anus, preceded by cutting colic in the epigastrium (twenty-fourth day),

Profuse stool in the forenoon; large pieces, and the latter part loose and blackish; looseness of bowels during stool, and of stomach all day (thirtieth day),

Stool at 11.40, scanty, of light color, with pain at stomach, followed by soreness of anus (third day),

Scanty, hard, dark stool in evening (a single large piece), (twelfth day),

Second stool at 10 P.M., scanty, loose, black, and undigested, preceded by pricking colic in the abdomen (sixth day),

Small, slowly passed stool, with slight tenesmus (thirty-second day),

Small stool (a single piece), with darting colic in lower part of the abdomen, leaving constricted sensation and great soreness in anus (forty-second day),

Small stool in morning, with excoriating sensation (tenth day),

Small, dark stool in the forenoon (fifth day),

Small, dark stool in afternoon (eighth day),

Small stool in afternoon, with marked tenesmus (seventh day),

Small, hard stool in the afternoon, with cutting pain in the abdomen during stool (thirty-fourth day),

Two stools, both small and undigested; one in the forenoon and one about 1.50 P.M. (twenty-eighth day),

Small, easy stool in evening (thirtieth and thirty-first days),

Very small, hard, but painless stool at night (forty-first day),

Stool at 10.30 P.M., small with smarting anus and darting pains in rectum, and sensation as if something was retained in it (first day),

Hard stool, passed with great urging in the rectum, and excoriating sensation at the anus, preceded by sharp pains in the rectum (fortieth day),

Hard, small, dark stool in the forenoon, with tenesmus (fourth day),

Stool in forenoon hard, dark-brown, with burning in, during, and after stool (thirty-sixth day),

Hard, dark stool in the forenoon, leaving smarting in ano, and sensation in rectum of more egesta to be expelled (thirty-eighth day),

Hard stool at night; large pieces, leaving sensation in the rectum of more egesta to be expelled, and slight burning in the anus (nineteenth day),

Stool at night, hard, of great bulk and large pieces, passed with great pain, leaving smarting of the anus (fourteenth day),

All stools dry and hard (forty-second day),

Pappy, excoriating stool late in evening (thirty-seventh day),

Stool half normal (except being light color), and second half loose and nearly black, in the forenoon (sixth day),

Stool very light color, followed by vague darting pains in region of external pubic arch, at 11 A.M. (twenty-fourth day),

Dark, profuse, painless stool in evening, with tenesmus (fourteenth day),

Stool at night, very light-colored (twenty-second day),


No stool (fifth, seventh, eleventh, etc., etc., days),

No stool (first, third, eleventh, fifteenth, etc., etc., days),

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