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Calcarea Sulphurica - General symptoms

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Sulphurica: Boils

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calcarea Sulphurica in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.





Lazy (eighth day),

General languor; feel absolutely indefinitely unwell all over (forty-fifth day),

General lassitude (twenty-second day),

General lassitude from about 2 P.M. (first day),

General lassitude till towards evening, when livelier (second day),

Extreme lassitude, feeling as if going to be sick, with slight fever, no perspiration, in the evening (sixth day),

Very weary and stupid all day; could easily fall asleep, although not in want of rest (thirtieth day),

Weakness in left side (second day),

Restless and weary (forty-eighth day),

Great restlessness and sadness, in evening (eleventh day),

Very restless and unhappy; melancholy easily diverted, but instantly relapses; worse in evening, better about noon (sixteenth day),

Great restlessness in afternoon and evening, with sadness, dislike to talk; petulant; desire to weep and to be miserable, alone, and unhappy; moderately cheerful in morning; change not sudden, but between 2 and 3 P.M. (seventh day),

Eczema and torpid glandular swellings. Cystic tumors. Fibroids. Suppurative processes come within the range of Calcarea Sulphurica, after pus has found a vent. Mucous discharges are yellow, thick and lumpy. Lupus vulgaris.

Cutting pains; [right] ovary

Tendency to suppuration

Pus thick, yellow, lumpy, bloody


ABSCESS, running; ears; teeth; recurrent (Pyro)

Ulcers, malignant; corneal; deep


Poor reaction


Ears flow dark wax

Red, itching tarsi

Infants with bloody coryza, diarrhoea or eczema

Stool coated white

Pyelitis (Berberis Vulgaris Berb)

Thick, white leucorrhoea



Cold, foul footsweat

Skin won't heal Averse to covers, when cold

Dry heat at night

Easy sweat, worse coughing

Starts from sleep, as if wanting air

Sulphate of Calcium. Gypsum. Plaster of Paris. Ca SO4. Trituration.

Calc Carb Calc. Sulphur sulph. is closely related to Hep Sulph Calc Hepar sulph. Calc Carb calc., which is an impure sulphide of calcium, but has a wider sphere and deeper action in suppurative processes. It is Schüssler's "Connective-tissue salt," and most of the indications for its use are derived from his clinical experience. In the last edition of his Biochemic Therapy Schüssler discards Calc Carb Calc. Sulphur sul. because it is not an actual constituent of the tissues, and he distributes its functions between Silicea Silicea and Natrum Phosphoricum Nat. Phos. Homoeopaths, having no Biochemic theory to support, may continue its use without scruple, especially as it has been proved by Hering and others. It is indicated in all kinds of cases after pus has found a vent. Nash has cured a case of suppurating kidney with it. It differs from Hep Sulph Calc Hepar in sensitiveness to air Hep Sulph Calc Hepar cannot bear the slightest exposure.

Calc Carb Calc. Sulphur sul. has amel. in open air.

better walking in it. desire for it. Both have agg. from change of weather. Calc Carb Calc. Sulphur sul. has not the excessive sensitiveness to touch found in Hep Sulph Calc Hepar. Hansen recommends it in dry eczema in children. Cystic tumours, fibromata and polypi have been cured with Calc Carb Calc. Sulphur sul.

Many years ago Schüessler introduced Calcarea Sulphurica, and it has been used extensively upon the biochemic theory. Many excellent cures have been made in this way that most of us are able to recognize as homoeopathic cures, though it is a sort of crude homoeopathy.

By studying these cures many symptoms may be obtained not supposed to be of importance by these reporters. These symptoms often furnish a basis for further consideration or further clinical observation. Many fragmentary provings have also been made, furnishing many of the symptoms recorded in this article.

The author frequently made use of SchusslerAEs 12 th potency, later the 30 th and 200 th; at present much higher potencies. From all of these many valuable symptoms have been obtained.

Some of these symptoms have come out upon the sick while under the influence of Calcarea Sulphurica, and have been since confirmed, so that the following symptoms must now furnish the best basis that we have to prescribe on. The best consideration that Calcarea Sulphurica has ever received will be found in Boericke and Dewey's Materia Medica of the Tissue Remedies.

The tendency to the formation of abscesses in the body in any place is a strong feature of Calcarea Sulphurica, and is quite similar to Pyrogenium Pyrogen

An abscess that has ruptured and is slow to heal with a continuous discharge of yellow pus, is a strong indication for Calcarea Sulphurica. The patient desires the open air.

is sensitive to drafts.

takes cold easily. It is very useful in the management of malignant growths after ulceration has set in. It is under such circumstances an excellent palliative.

It is a deep acting constitutional remedy, and anti-psoric, and if given early enough will prevent a malignant growth terminating in its usual way.

It is useful in the affections of bone, caries of bone. While the patient is cold in general, he often requires to be uncovered because of particular conditions. For instance, in croup and in headaches he feels the heat too much, but the pains of the body are often relieved by heat.

He is sensitive to both cold and heat. After becoming cold, complaints come on. Tendency to take cold in drafts, or on slight occasions. He is sensitive to cold, wet weather. It cures the underlying basis of epilepsy, epileptiform and hysteric convulsions. The patient is aggravated from every motion. His muscles are flabby.

he is disposed to hemorrhages.

When well selected remedies act only a short time, and the symptoms agree, Calcarea Sulphurica is one that should be thought of along with Sulphur Sulphur, Psorinum Psorinum and Tuberculinum Tuberculinum.

Complaints from straining muscles and tendons, from overlifting, etc. Lame back from such causes

Throughout the chest and head, and sometimes extending into the limbs, there is a violent orgasm of blood, flushes of heat and pulsations. Onanism. and sexual excesses reduce the economy to a state whereby they feel their constitutional, disturbance, and this is one of the remedies that elevate the body to better state of order in such conditions.

Pain in the bones day and night. Pulsating all over the body. Standing aggravates many complaints, but especially the joints. Swollen and indurated glands. Twitching of the muscles all over the body. Many of the symptoms are aggravated on waking.

Many symptoms are aggravated walking and especially walking fast and becoming heated, Aggravation from being overheated. Wants to uncover. Aggravation from the warmth of the bed. A warm room aggravates. Warm wraps aggravate. Great bodily weakness.

Thick yellow discharges from the mucous membranes. Thick bloody discharges. Purulent exudations in serous sacs. Bloody pus from abscesses, ulcers and mucous membranes. Prolonged suppuration. Wants to keep still.

The patient is absent minded; irritable; easily angered.

He becomes weak after anger and vexation. Aversion to answering questions. He is easily made anxious, especially in the evening in bed, during the night and when lying. Anxiety with fear during fever. Anxiety about the future, Anxious about his heart and his health in general. His anxiety is ameliorated in the open air.

He has anxiety about his salvation. He has anxiety in the morning on waking. Many changeable moods and capriciousness. Aversion to company. Confusion of mind in the morning on waking and Again in the evening. This is also ameliorated in the open air. Confusion of mind from, mental exertion. Contrary and contradictory moods.

Fear of insanity and fear of misfortune, and this comes on at night. Forgetful. Full of hatred of people who do not agree with him. Always in a hurry. Hysterical. Impatient. Feeble minded, even to imbecility. Indifferent as to his surroundings. Irresolution.

Extreme irritability in the evening. Irritable after coition. Lamenting because he is not duly appreciated. Loathing of life. Malicious, Calcarea Sulphurica is especially useful in broken-down constitutions from drunkenness.

Weakness of mind, of memory and of body. Some of the mental states that are aggravated in the morning with sadness, on waking become mirthful in the evening, even to hilarity. He stumbles in speaking and misplaces words. Changeable moods. Morose. Obstinate. Easily offended or insulted. Prostration of mind. Quarrelsome. Restlessness.

Mental depression in the morning, with mirthfulness in the evening. Sadness during perspiration. Dullness of the senses. Sits and meditates over imaginary misfortune. Does not want to be talked to. Easily startled. Stupefaction. Suspicion. Suspicious. Indisposed to talk. Tormenting, persistent thought. While busily engaged thinking, his thoughts vanish.

Becomes timid, bashful and apprehensive, and in his conversation is extremely' wearisome. Weeping during perspiration. An aversion to mental and physical work. Real indolence.

Hyperoemia of the brain, aggravated in the evening and at night. Aggravated after stimulants; especially on coughing; during menses; with suppressed menses, and in a warm room. Ameliorated in the open air.

The hair falls out. Heat of the head morning and evening. Flushes of heat. Heat in the forehead and in the vertex. Heaviness in the forehead and occiput.

Itching, burning, of the scalp. Many inveterate chronic headaches and periodical headaches have been cured with Calcarea Sulphurica. Headaches in the morning on waking. Headaches coming on in the afternoon, lasting through the evening and at night, ameliorated in the open air.

Catarrhal headaches. Pain in the head on coughing, after eating or disordering the stomach. Headache from becoming heated, and the pain is aggravated from jarring. Compels him to lie down. Aggravated looking upwards. Headaches in women before and during menses.

The headaches are aggravated from mental exertion, from moving the head, from motion, from noise. Periodical sick headaches with nausea and vomiting. Pressure ameliorates. Pulsating with nearly all the headaches. Reading aggravates. Rising from lying causes pulsating and increases the pain. Shaking the head aggravates. He wakes up out of sleep with the headache.

The headache is aggravated from spirituous liquors, from standing from stooping, from the heat of the sun, from talking, from walking, from washing. Aggravated in cold weather. The headache comes on from becoming cold, and yet the headache when on is ameliorated in the cool air. Many of the headaches are in the forehead in the morning, on waking, or come on in the evening after dinner.

These are aggravated on stooping and walking. Severe pain above the eyes. It. has occipital headaches; pain in the vertex and sides of the head. Many of these headaches are pressing and are aggravated from mental exertion. Stitching pains on coughing.

Stitching pains in the forehead and temples. Tearing pain throughout the head. Tearing pain around the head, ameliorated from lying. Pulsation in the head and temples. Sensation as if he had his hat on at 4 PM.

Ulceration of the cornea. Itching, and burning, aggravated in the morning. Pressing pain in the eyes in the evening. Soreness to touch. Photophobia. Redness of the eyes, like raw beef. Redness of the- canthi. Fissures of the canthi. Twitching of the lids. Dim, often foggy, vision. Flickering before the eyes.

Eruptions behind the ear. Itching in -the ear and behind the ear. Buzzing, humming, ringing, roaring and singing in the ear.

Aching pain in the car. Stitching, pulsating, stopped sensation. It cures, catarrh, of the Eustachian tube when the symptoms agree. Swollen parotid gland and swelling behind the ear.

Crusts form in the nose. Crusts form upon the margins of the nose. A sensation of great dryness in the nose, Epistaxis in the morning. Offensive odors from the nose. Itching in the nose and of the end of the nose. Obstruction of the nose, so that it is impossible for him to breathe through it. Keeps the mouth open. Caries of the bones of the nose. Loss of smell. Sneezing, ameliorated in the open air. Swelling of the nose.

Itching of the face. Pain in the face from becoming cold. Cutting pain. Cold sweat on the face. Swelling of the glands. Swollen sub-Maxillary.

Dryness of the mouth and tongue. Hot mouth. Inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth, inflammation of the tongue, with swelling. Much mucus in the mouth in the morning. Offensive odor in the mouth. Rawness and burning inside of the lips.

Burning of the tongue. Flow of saliva from the mouth. The speech is difficult on account of the stiffness and swelling of the tongue. Swelling of the mucous membranes of the mouth. Gums swollen. Taste bad, bitter, metallic, sour, sweetish. Ulceration of the mouth, tongue and throat. Vesicles in the mouth. Thick yellow coating at the base of the tongue.

Pressing pain. Rawness in the throat. Soreness of the throat. Stitching pain in the throat. Scraping mucus from the throat. Swallowing is difficult. Swelling of the tonsils, with suppuration. Ulcers in the throat. The external throat is swollen; the glands are enlarged and painful.

Emptiness in the stomach. Eructations after eating. Empty eructations. Eructations acrid, bitter, foul, sour. Eructations of food. Waterbrash. Fullness of the stomach after eating. Heartburn. Heaviness in the stomach, as of a load. Subject to indigestion on the slightest provocation. Nausea in the evening. Nausea with headache and with vertigo.

Pain the stomach in the evening. Pain in the stomach after eating. Burning pain, cramping, cutting, gnawing, pressing, after eating. Tenderness to pressure. Stitching pains.

Throbbing in the stomach. Sensation of a stone in the stomach. Vomiting, at night after eating, with headache, Bile, bitter, blood, food, mucus sour vomiting.

Burning pain. Cramping, cutting, dragging, drawing. Soreness. Stitching. There is pain in the liver, pressing, soreness, stitching. There is pulsating, rumbling and distension of the abdomen.

Inveterate constipation. Difficult stool. Insufficient stool. Fistula in ano. Painless abscesses of the anus. Like Sulphur Sulphur, it has cured morning diarrhoea, but has also an evening diarrhea, and is very useful for diarrhoea in children.

Aggravated after eating ever so little. It has a painless diarrhoea. In the rectum there is formication and intense itching. Hemorrhage from the rectum and anus. External piles. Inactivity of the rectum. Involuntary stool. Moisture about anus, causing smarting and itching.

Pain during and after stool. Burning pain during stool. Pressing, stitching and soreness in the anus. Tenesmus at stool. Prolapsus of the rectum. Ineffectual urging to stool. The stool is bloody, dry, hard, knotting, large; lienteric, soft, white, yellow and purulent.

Bladder This is a valuable remedy for catarrh of the bladder, with copious yellow pus. It has cured chronic inflammation of the kidney. It is a valuable remedy in urethral discharges, when the discharge is yellow, bloody, and often gleety.

Burning in the urethra during urination. It is an excellent remedy for impotency, when other symptoms agree.

In women who have had several abortions, when the symptoms agree. Excoriation of the labia. Inflammation of the labia, with suppuration. Itching of the genitals from leucorrhoea. Thick, yellow, bloody, leucorrhoea. Itching of the labiae during menses. Itching after menses. Itching high up in the vagina.

The leucorrhoea is excoriating, bloody, burning, copious, thick and yellow. Leucorrhea before and after menses. Absent menses. The menstrual flow is copious, dark, too frequent or too late. Irregular. Sometimes pale, protracted, scanty, suppressed.

Delayed first menses in girls. Hemorrhage from the uterus. Pain in the uterus during menses. Dragging down in the pelvis during menses, as if there were prolapsus. Burning in the genitals.

Prolapsus of the uterus. Swelling of the labia. Fibroid tumors of the uterus. Ulceration of the genitals and os uteri.

Rawness and soreness. Patients threatening to go into Phthisis. Much scraping of the larynx. Obstinate hoarseness. It has now long been a valued croup remedy.

Croupy cough, where there is much choking, when an experienced practitioner might well think of Hep Sulph Calc Hepar, but it will be remembered that in Hep Sulph Calc Hepar, uncovering a hand or throwing off the covers from the chest will increase the croupy tendency and aggravate the croupy cough, and that the patient in Hep Sulph Calc Hepar is very sensitive to a draft and to the air.

In this patient uncovering is grateful. The patient throws off the covers and wants the air and seems to breathe better and croups less. It may seem strange that such a great difference should come between the sulphide and the Sulphate of lime

The expectoration is copious in the morning. The expectoration is bloody, greenish, purulent, thick, viscid and yellow.

Abscess in the axilla. Anxiety in the region of th heart. Catarrh of the trachea and bronchial tubes. Hemorrhage from the lungs. Badly treated pneumonia or results of pneumonia. Hepatization of the lungs. Oppression of the chest.

Rawness in the chest. Soreness in the chest on coughing, or inspiration. Burning pain in the chest. Cutting in the chest. Palpitation at night; anxious; aggravated ascending, in persons going into phthisis.

Suppuration in the chest. Weakness in the chest. Itching, burning of the external chest. Sensation of coldness in the back. This has been a valuable remedy in the treatment of curvature of the spine in the lumbar region, making it difficult for him to sit up.

Eruptions, pimples and vesicles. Heat of the hands. Heaviness of the lower limbs. Calcarea Sulphurica has been of great service in many cases of hip joint disease. Itching of, the, skin of the extremities. Often itching and burning.

Burning of hands and feet; burning palms and soles. Numbness of hands and also of the lower limbs and of the feet.

Pain in the extremities during chill; rheumatic pain. Pain in the joints, gouty and rheumatic. Pain in upper limbs at night. Pain in the shoulder; elbow, wrist and fingers

Pain in the lower limbs; sciatica; rheumatic pains. Pains in the hip, thigh and knee. Burning pains in the feet. Pains in the lower limbs; drawing, stitching and tearing. Paralysis of the limbs, upper and lower.

Tingling in the fingers, as if asleep. Trembling of the hands and of the lower limbs. Ulcers on the legs. Burning, itching scales. Varicose veins. Weakness of the upper limbs. Weakness of the lower limbs, knees, legs and ankles.

Calcarea Sulphurica has cured many cases of chronic intermittent fever with evening chill. Chill beginning in the feet. Shaking chill. Fever evening and night. Evening fever intermingled with chilliness followed by fever, but no sweat follows fever, with pain in lower limbs, better by walking. Flushes of heat. Hectic fever. Perspiration at night. Cold. Slight exertion brings on the perspiration. The perspiration is profuse and sour.

Burning and itching. Desquamation. Cracked skin. The skin is cracked after washing in winter, especially of the hands, like we find in salt Rheum rheum.

Liver spots; pale skin and yellow skin, even to marked cases of jaundice. Dryness of the skin. The eruptions are boils, burning moist or dry eczema, herpetic pustules, scabby scaly vesicles. Itching, burning eruptions.

Calcarea Sulphurica cures psoriasis when the symptoms agree. Rash. Suppurating eruptions. Tubercles. Urticaria. Excoriation and intertrigo. Formication. Itching in bed.

itching, burning. itching, crawling. Itching, ameliorated by scratching. Sensitive skin. Ulceration of the skin. Wounds heal slowly. Unhealthy skin. Ulcers bleed, burn.

are scaly, crusty and deep.

Ulcers discharge bloody pus, offensive, thick, yellow. Fistulous ulcers. Foul indolent ulcers. Indurated ulcers. Pulsating ulcers. Painful ulcers. Warts.

One of Schuessler's so-called tissue remedies, not well understood as yet, but acting much along the line of Hepar sulphur, so far as we do know. I once had a case in which there was great pain in the region of the kidneys for a day and night. Then there was a great discharge of pus in the urine, which continued several days and weakened the patient very fast. A Chicago specialist had examined the urine a short time before, and had pronounced the case Bright's disease. I finally prescribed Calc Carb Calcarea sulphurica l2th and under its action she immediately improved and made a very rapid and permanent recovery. Since then I have found it a good remedy in profuse suppurations in different kinds of cases. This is all I know about the remedy.




Mucous membranes




Excessive weariness and sleepiness between 10 and 12 A.M. (fifteenth day),

Poorly in the morning, and lively in the evening (third day),

General painful rigidity, especially in legs, in morning; hands and shoulders involved in afternoon, especially the right hand (eleventh day),

Pimples itch (forty-eighth day),

Itching of back, between the scapulae (second day),

Burning-itching in top of wing of left ear (third day),