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Calcarea Phosphorica - Abdomen symptoms - Hering

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Phosphorica: Stiffness
Common symptoms: Stiffness, Chills, PMS.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calc phos in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Empty, sinking sensation, around the navel in the whole belly.

Motion in belly, like something alive.

Cutting, pinching, sharp colic, followed by diarrhoea.

Burning in region of navel; in the whole abdomen, rising up into the chest, or into the throat.

Oozing of bloody fluid from navel of infants.

Aching soreness, cutting, drawing in left groin, later in right.

Abdominal wall tingling, numb; quivering or aching.


Stomach symptoms worse by taking even the smallest quantity of food.


Aching soreness, and pain around navel, lessens after passing fetid flatus.


Throbbing in the right hypochondrium lessened after belching or passing wind.

Stitches or shooting in region of liver, wen taking a deep breath.

Hardness, soreness and pressure in the right side.

Pressure and soreness in the left side.

Stitch in the left side while breathing.


Indescribable uneasiness in region of stomach.

Sharp cutting, or cramp-like pain, in stomach, with headache.

Pressure in the stomach; less during rest.

Stomach feels expanded.

Burning at the stomach and rising of water into mouth.

Empty, sinking sensation at the epigastrium.

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