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Calcarea Hypophosphorosa - General symptoms

Calcarea, Calcar. Hypophosporosa, Calcarea hypophosphorica, Calc-hyp.

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HPUS indication of Calcarea Hypophosphorosa: Cold limbs

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Calcarea Hypophosphorosa in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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To be preferred when it seems necessary to furnish the organism with liberal doses of phosphorus in consequence of continued abscesses having reduced the vitality. Give first and second decimal trit. Loss of appetite, rapid debility, night sweats; Acne pustulosa. — Pallor of skin, habitually COLD EXTREMITIES. Phthisis — diarrhoea and cough; acute pains in chest. Mesenteric tuberculosis. Bleeding from lungs; angina pectoris; asthma; affection of arteries. Veins stand out like whipcords. Attacks of pain occurring two hours after meals relieved by a cup of milk or light food.

Pale and weak, with violent drenching sweats

Rapid and extreme debility or emaciation



Excitable, nervous and sleepless

Frying or sizzling in ears

Ravenous hunger, worse 2 hours after meals; only better when stomach is full


Sore throbbing in spleen



Starts in sleep

Exhausting nightsweats

Hypophosphite of Lime. Ca 2PH2O2. Trituration and solution.

Calcarea Hypophosphorosa salt has been proved by A. R. Barrett and a friend, who each took one grain of 2x trit. The following are the chief symptoms it caused Dull, heavy pressure from whole top of head between frontal and occipital bones.

pain generally increased with increasing depression. Great fulness and oppression round heart, fulness throughout thorax and head.

veins of upper parts and upper extremities stand out like whipcords. Dyspnoea.

must have air. Profuse sweat all over. Complete loss of muscular power with loss of desire to move. Pallor of skin. With the first trituration Nash cured a boy of eight who had several abscesses in and around the knee-joint. The tibia was ulcerated, and the ragged edge of the bone protruded through the surface. There was emaciation, loss of appetite, and he was as pale as a corpse. The appetite returned at once in great force.

I once had a case like this A boy eight years of age had several (four or five) abscesses in and around the knee joint. The ulceration had also attacked the tibia, which was half eaten off, so that the ragged necrosed bone protruded through the surface plainly in sight. The little fellow was greatly emaciated, and had no appetite, and was pale as a corpse. I told the mother that I thought this was a case for the surgeon, but I would try to get him in better condition for the operation. I remembered reading years before of the cures of abscesses by Calcarea Hypophosphorosa, made by Dr. Searles, of Albany, and empirically concluded to try it in this case.

I put him upon the first trituration, a grain a day. Called in a week and found a great change for the better. The mother exclaimed as I came in "Ah, Doctor, the boys is eating us out of house and home." Under the continued use of the remedy he made a complete and rapid recovery, except that the tibia was a little bent. I have since used the remedy in some very large swellings where pus had formed, with the effect of complete absorption of the pus and no opening of the abscess on the surface. One was a case of hip disease which had been pronounced incurable by a specialist on ulcerations, (How is that for a specialist, regular at that.) The different combinations of the Calcareas ought to be so thoroughly proven as to enable us to put them each in their exact place. So, also, with the Kalis, Magnesias, Natrums and Mercuries, etc.


Angina pectoris. Arteries, affections of. Asthma. Congestion. Headache. Paralysis. Sweating.



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