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Cinchoninum Sulfuricum - Generalities symptoms

, CIN.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Cinchoninum Sulfuricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Great weakness, with yawning and stretching of the limbs (second day),

Sleep and dreams


Sleepiness (third day),

Somnolence (Berandi, from 20 grains),


Quiet deep sleep (first night),

Rather quiet deep sleep, without dreams, lasting much longer than usual, but without being refreshed as usual on waking (first night),


Sleep uneasy (seventh night),

Uneasy sleep (second night),

Uneasy sleep at night,

Uneasy, dreamy sleep (first night),

Restless night, with frequent waking (third night),


Sleep full of dreams, startings up in affright (fourth day),

Grotesque dreams,

Voluptuous dreams and painful erections (seventh night),

Sleep with anxious dreams (first night),

Nightmare (seventh night),


Sweat during the night (second night),

Sweat, with excessive thirst in the night (sixth day),

Slight sweat,

Profuse sweat (third day),

Skin dry, the veins distended (first day),

Sweat between the shoulder-blades, in the night, followed by itching, which obliged him to scratch (first night),

Sweat on the shouldlers after moderate motion (ninth day),



Trembling (third day),

Weakness (third day),

Great weakness, ; (third day), ; (seventh day),

Great weakness, all day (seventh day),

Great weakness obliged him to go to bed early (sixth day),

Great weakness, in the morning in bed (fourth day),

Great weakness, so that he could scarcely move his feet forward, and was obliged to lie down, in the afternoon (sixth day),

Great exhaustion and indolence (fourth day),



Weariness and sleepiness (fourth day),

General aching of the whole body (fifth night),

Painful aching over the whole body, especially in the eyes, ears, and genitals (seventh day),

The same sticking pains as in the first proving reappeared; they seemed this time to extend to the back, around the hypochondrium; disappeared during standing or sitting, but reappeared when lying, or during deep cough,

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