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Bufo Rana - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison Of The Toad, Rana Bufo, Bufo.

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HPUS indication of Bufo Rana: Sadness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bufo Rana in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Cracks and exfoliation of the walls of the cheeks,

Erysipelatous inflammation of the entire mouth,

Mouth burning, as if from an acid,

Cold liquids aggravate all the symptoms of the mouth,


Difficult, impeded, and unintelligible speech,

Hears what is said without being able to answer or move,

Gums and teeth

Teeth and Gums.

The teeth decay and break easily,

The teeth fall out,

The teeth feel long and loose,

The teeth seem to sink into the gums when eating,

Toothache, especially in the evening and at night,

Boring pains in the teeth,

Pulling pains in the teeth, with contraction of the jaw and compression of the teeth,

Lancinating, boring, and digging pains in the teeth, excited by cold air, change of temperature, and movement,

Swollen gums, bleeding very easily,

Hard swelling of the gum, with pain as if forcing out the back, teeth, which seemed too long, with increased secretion of saliva at night; the symptoms prevented sleep; laying the arm hard on the cheek prevented the pain for a short time (after fifty-three days),

Inflammation, abscess, and ulcers of the gums,

Pains as if the gums were burned,


Mouth in General and Saliva.

Very copious salivation,

Abundant, frothy saliva,

Mouth full of thick mucus,


Tongue covered with a loose, pasty, yellowish coat,

Black tongue,

Tongue cracked, and often of a bluish color,

Tongue thick, hard, and full of small burning pimples,

Large pimples like abscesses under the tongue, with great difficulty in eating,

Tongue difficult to move,

Easy biting of the tongue, which bleeds readily,

Desire to drink and moisten the tongue, although it is covered with saliva,


The mouth smells offensively,

Very bad-smelling breath, especially in the morning,

Taste and Speech.

Insipid and disagreeable taste of the food, especially in the morning,

In the morning, nauseous, sweetish taste, for a quarter of an hour, with clammy mouth, continuing while he remains in bed,

Bitter taste (not of food),

Peculiar, biting, bitter taste, as from radishes, in the back of the mouth (immediately, lasting several hours),

Salty and bloody taste in the mouth,

Constant taste of blood in the mouth,

Bitter, sour, bloody, nauseous, coppery, insipid, salty, strong, or oily taste in the mouth,

Desire for milk, dainties, even brandy, to remove the bad taste in the mouth,

Tabacum Tobacco does not taste as good as usual; nausea and vomiting after long smoking; smoking in the forenoon caused overpowering desire to sleep, lasting six weeks (after three days),


Pain in the palate and in the right margin of the tongue, with complete aversion to tobacco,

Scraping dry sensation on the palate and back of the mouth, painful on empty swallowing, lasting three weeks (after three days),

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