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Bufo Rana - Genitals Etc symptoms - T.F. Allen

Poison Of The Toad, Rana Bufo, Bufo.

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HPUS indication of Bufo Rana: Sadness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bufo Rana in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sensation as if the neck of the bladder were obstructed by polypi,

The bladder feels swollen, with constant desire to urinate,

Soft concretions in the kidneys and bladder,

Nephritic colic,

After every urination, painful stitches in the kidneys and bladder; weakness and depression,

Pulsative and lancinating pains in the kidneys, often with haematuria,

Ulcers in the urethra,

Profuse discharge of yellow and gray mucus from the urethra, with painful weariness and weakness in all the lower portion of the body,

Cutting pains, as from a knife, all along the urethra, with inclination to apply the hand there,

Great smarting in the urethra, especially after urinating,

Too frequent urination,

Urine frequent and copious, of a normal color,

Clear urine with liquid stools,

Whitish urine, with chalky sediment,

Red urine,

Urine brown, smelling strong, like fish-brine,

Urine full of glairy mucus,

Scanty urine, of a yellow-ochre color, with yellowish sediment, coincident with some pains in the loins; after the pains in the loins, the urine is clearer and very abundant; micturition four times in a night,

Urine scanty, thick, yellowish, depositing a sediment, and diffusing a strong ammoniacal smell, during constipation,

Turbid and grayish urine,

Suppression of urine,


Penis swollen, red, and burning,

Burning pains in the prepuce,

Pimples of a tuberculous appearance at the scrotum,

Inflammation of the testicles, with sensation as if a tumor were forming there,

Atrophy or hypertrophy of the testicles,

Pains in the testicles, as if they were pulled and twisted, and sometimes as if they would return into the abdomen,

Involuntary discharge of semen,


Ulcers and fissures at the os uteri,


Liability to abortion,

Difficult, painful and tedious parturition,

Hydatids of the ovaries,

Swelling and great sensitiveness of the ovarian region,

Sensation of burning heat, and of stitches, in the ovaries,

Violent cramps in the ovarian region, extending into the groins,

Itching of the vulva, causing frequent pollutions,

Leucorrhoea, without smell, with no itching, and clear as water,

Purulent and very offensive leucorrhoea,

Leucorrhoea, especially in the evening, with colic, burning in the hypogastrium, torticollis, and general cramps,

Before and after the menses, yellow, thick, or whitish leucorrhoea; leucorrhoea like cream, or the washings of meat,

Discharge of blood between the menses,

Menses too early and too profuse,

The menses are only three days too early, in the case of a woman who generally has them eight, ten, and even twelve days too early,

The menses are six days too early,

The menses, which usually anticipate the regular period by four days, are now eight days too soon,

Menses accompanied with headache, during two days, but the pain shifts about a good deal,

During menstruation, contractions in the hypochondria, pains in the liver, palpitation, chilliness all over, especially in the legs, strong venereal desire, stitches in the splenic region, painful weariness, weakness, and general malaise,

After the menses, heaviness and bad temper,

Menses of clotted, or very fluid and pale blood,



He applies the hands to the genital parts,

The least motion aggravates the pains in the genitals,

Hardly any erection,

Obstinate impotence,

Impotence all night, in the case of a man thirty-two years old,

Increased venereal appetite,

He seeks solitude that he may abandon himself to onanism,

Complete absence of venereal desire,

Aversion to coition,

Speedy ejaculation without pleasure, sometimes with spasms and painful weakness of the extremities,

The ejaculation is tardy, or altogether wanting,

Frequent nocturnal emissions followed by debility,

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