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Bryonia - Rectum, Anus, Stool symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Slight burning with the evacuation of the stool and urine,

Long-continued burning in the rectum after a hard stool,

Dragging in the rectum, like urging to stool, without real need for it, with slight pain in the anus,

Severe stitches in the rectum as often as flatus passed; it seemed to press against the rectum (twentieth day),

Itching, jerking-like coarse stitches from the anus into the rectum,

Four stitches, with slight tenesmus and scanty faeces,

A pulse-like jerk in the rectum (second day),

A haemorrhoid protruded, when had formed the previous night, and lasted several days (third day),

Burning in the haemorrhoidal vessels in the evening,

Severe aching in the haemorrhoidal vessels, which renders sitting difficult,

Severe dragging and pressure in the haemorrhoidal vessels, with severe transient stitches through the pelvis into the urethra,

Pressure in the haemorrhoidal vessels,

Severe pressure and burning in the haemorrhoids,

Retraction of the anus,

Slight discharge of mucus from the anus,

A feeling as from a plug in the anus,

At 6 A.M., sensation of plug in anus (second day),

Burning pain in the anus before a meal,

Burning in the anus for some time after a natural stool,

Pressing towards the anus,

Severe itching and burning in the anus (twentieth day),

Drawing-sticking stitches in the perineum, in the evening, for half an hour; they extend to the urinary bladder, and especially to the bulbus urethrae, whereby urination was momentarily prevented (eighteenth day),

Urging to stool without result,

Ineffectual desire for stool in the afternoon (second day),

Urging to stool, followed by a soft evacuation,

Urging to stool, and a soft stool, although he had a natural one in the morning (after two hours),

Urging to stool, followed by copious pasty evacuations, with relief of all the symptoms, except that the confusion of the head remained,

Violent urging to stool followed a scanty passage of firm consistence,

Urging to stool without result, twice in the evening; only the day after a stool followed, after great exertion,

Urgent desire for stool, but in spite of much urging only wind passed, together with rumbling in the intestines,

Much straining in order to finish defecation (sixth and seventh day),

With passing of flatus, sensation as though a diarrhoeic stool would come on. Instant and striking is the sensation, as though he must go to. It seems to be a sense of pressure, heat, weight, and powerlessness of the sphincter ani and rectum (after three to four hours),

He felt well excepting the inclination to diarrhoea, which especially came on from the slightest drafts of air (third day),

On the slightest tightening of the clothes, a sensation as if must go to stool, without any pain in the abdomen; stool somewhat soft (third and fourth days),

After a crumbly stool, a sensation, with severe urging, as if the faeces could not be voluntarily retained,

Urgent desire for stool, at 6 A.M.; the stool was acrid, fluid, with compact portions; during the course of the day three or four similar stools (second day),



Diarrhoea (after three days),

Diarrhoea (for four days in succession every three hours), so sudden that he was not able to retain it; during the following twelve days the usual stool passed just as suddenly,

Diarrhoea, without the slightest griping,

Diarrhoea, mostly in the morning,

Diarrhoea, at 4 P.M.,

(Diarrhoea at night),

Diarrhoea, especially at night, and burning in the anus with every passage (after seventh day),

Painless diarrhoea, after eating,

Painless diarrhoea of thin slimy fluid, at 1 P.M., after eating,

Easy, painless diarrhoea of the greenish-brown liquid, preceded by a pinching pain, extending from the right hypochondrium toward the stomach, lasting several seconds, after eating,

Diarrhoea smelling foul, like old cheese,

Diarrhoea, preceded by colic (forty-four to seventy-two hours),

Diarrhoea of a green, slimy fluid, followed by loud passage of flatus,

Diarrhoea twice a day; makes her so weak that she must keep her bed (after three days),

It purges without other symptoms (twenty-four and thirty-eight hours),

Frequent stool (after forty-eight hours),

Frequent brown stool in an infant,

Stool softer than usual, four times in the day, followed by constipation, for several days,

Three thin fluid stools, in the afternoon,

Three diarrhoea-like stools without pain, but with passage of very offensive flatus (after seven hours), (from 200 drops),

Liquid stool, three or four times a day, followed by a burning in the anus,

Diarrhoea-like stool, two or three times a day, for several days,

Two liquid stools (after one hour),

Two stools a day; after some days constipation,

Two soft stools in the afternoon,

Two mucous stools in the evening and at night (three to twenty-seven hours),

Two pasty, offensive evacuations in the afternoon, followed by burning in the anus,

Two thin fluid evacuations in the forenoon,

Rumbling in bowels, sharp colic and at short intervals two liquid stools (soon after 50 gtt. 0) 11th d. Colic, rumbling in intestines and, within an hour, ten to twelve liquid stools (16th d.) Evening two liqui stools (21st d.) (four and five days),

Bilious liquid stools,

Two copious watery stools, about 6 P.M., with tenesmus, and slight burning in the anus,

A dark, not liquid evacuation, at noon,

Stool 6 A.M., very watery, followed by a similar one in half an hour (two days),

A very thin stool in the morning (night day),

Evacuation in the afternoon, with slight burning in the anus,

Involuntary stool, at night, during sleep,

The irregularity in the stools lasted a long time,

Diarrhoea-like stool (after twenty-eight hours),

Diarrhoea-like stool after dinner, followed in an hour by a second, with little faeces but much mucus, followed by a burning in the anus,

Diarrhoea-like stool followed by prickling and burning in the anus,

Diarrhoea-like, bilious, acrid stools, with soreness in the anus, continuing eight days,

Diarrhoea-like passage of a thin greenish mass (at 2 1/2 P.M.),

Soft stool in the morning (second day),

A soft, but not otherwise diarrhoea-like stool, at 1 P.M. (second day),

Soft stool, with sharp burning pain in the anus,

Pasty evacuations,

A brownish, pasty evacuation, in the morning,

Soft, pasty stool soon after eating,

Copious pasty stools at 2 P.M.,

Stool pasty, with much flatus, followed by hard portions, and again by soft, so that he believed that he would scarcely finish the evacuation (second day),

A pasty evacuation, with burning in the anus, soon after waking; a second fluid stool after half an hour,

In the morning, a pasty, afterwards a liquid stool, of a strong odor, followed by burning and soreness in the anus (soon after 15 drops),

Very offensive, profuse stool, and cutting in the forepart of the bowels,

After every meal, very liquid stools,

Liquid stool after a meal, followed by transient pain in the sacrum,

Watery offensive stool (fourth day),

Thin bloody stool (after twenty-four hours),


Obstinate constipation,

Constipation; if an evacuation takes place, it is with the greatest exertion (third day),

Constipation, with painful swelling of the haemorrhoidal vessels,

Stool retained (first day),

No stool (first and second days),

No stool, not the slightest desire for one (third morning),

No stool, the whole day, when was never before the case (second day),

Stool scanty, delayed (from second to thirtieth day),

Dry, parched stool, with effort, in the morning (second day),

Stool sluggish, with a twitching and sticking in the anus (second day),

The evacuations are very sluggish; although the faeces are never hard, yet the expulsion of them is only effected with great exertion,

Stool copious, pasty, but passed only after a long exertion (second day),

A very difficult stool,

Stool very difficult (second day),

Faeces thick, firm, difficult to pass,

The stool, which at first was regular, became, during the latter part of the proving, difficult, and was expelled with great exertion, less from the firmness of the faeces than from the inactivity of the intestines,

Stool very unsatisfactory, only after much straining, which caused a rush of blood to the head, and a feeling of confusion in the head (four morning),

The stool, during the first days of the proving, was very unsatisfactory, or omitted altogether, while during the latter days, there were daily frequent and very copious evacuations, almost like diarrhoea,

Stool hard (second day),

A hard stool (evening of second day),

Very hard stool,

Very hard stool, with pressing out of the rectum, which however, returns of itself; this is followed by a diarrhoea-like stool, with fermenting in the abdomen,

The evacuations became suddenly harder, and passed with more exertion; at first, hard portions, followed by softer (third and fourth days),

Hard stool, with great exertion, with confusion of the head (third and fourth days),

A hard stool at 3 P.M., with inclination to eructations,

Hard, difficult stool, only for two days,

Hard, unsatisfactory stool (second day),

A hard, unsatisfactory stool (second morning),

Two hard, unsatisfactory stools, preceded by colicky cuttings in the abdomen (sixth day),

Hard stool, followed by drawing and heaviness in the sacrum,

The usual evacuation is hard, and the tense abdomen is not relieved after it (second day),

Hard, difficult stool,

Scanty, hard stool in the evening,

A hard stool, with drawing and pressure in the small of the back (one hour after taking),

Stools very dry, large, and hard (sixth and seventh days),

Morning stool large, hard, and dry (fourth day),

Stools dry, large, hard, and very dark (third day),

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