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Bryonia - Fever And Chill symptoms - Clarke

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Chill, with external coldness of the body.

Coldness and chilliness, mostly in the evening, and often only on one (r.) side.

More chilliness in the room than in the open air.

Cold and shivering in the body, even in bed, in the evening, or accompanied by pains in all the limbs and cold sweat on the fore" head.

Shiverings, with trembling, often with heat in the head, redness of the face, and thirst; or followed by heat, with sweat and thirst.

Before the shiverings, vertigo and cephalalgia; then shivering with tension and drawing in the limbs.

Fever, with bitter taste and thirst.

Dry, burning heat, mostly internal, as if the blood were burning in the veins.

Dislike to food and drink during the shiverings.

Heat, at first alternately with shiverings, then burning heat and thirst, afterwards copious sweat.

Universal dry heat, external and internal, almost always with a strong desire for cold drinks.

Want of perspiration.

Wants to drink much water during chill and fever.

Heat on one side only.

During the heat, vertigo and cephalalgia.

Febrile attack, with cold, and shivering predominating; type, tertian; nausea, and necessity to remain in a recumbent posture, or with shooting pains in the side and in the abdomen, and thirst during the shiverings and the heat.

At the termination of the fever, dry cough, with vomiting, shootings and oppression in the chest.

Cold sweat on the forehead and on the head.

Copious sweat while walking slowly in the open, cold air.

Greasy sweat, day and night.

Sweat, with anxiety and inquietude.

Sighing-like breathing, short cough, and pressure on the chest.

Profuse sweats, night and morning, sometimes of a sour smell.

Compound fevers in general; chilliness and heat alternately; heat and shuddering alternately.

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