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Bryonia - Back And Neck symptoms - T.F. Allen

Wild Hops, Bryonia Alba, Bryonia Officinalis, Bryon, Bryonia dioica, bryonia alba, Bry.

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HPUS indication of Bryonia: Worse motion

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bryonia in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Pains in the neck, on moving it,

Pain in the nape of the neck, as after taking cold,

A pain in the nape of the neck near the occiput, like a pain and weakness together, as if the head were weak,

Painful stiffness of all the cervical muscles on motion, with rawness in the throat when swallowing,

On the right side of the nape of the neck, towards the shoulder, painful stiffness of the muscles on moving the head,

Tension in the nape of the neck, on moving the head,

Drawing and stiffness in the muscles of the right side of the neck,

Pressure on the left side of the nape of the neck,

Tearing pains in the muscles of the left side of the neck down to the shoulder,

Sore pain on motion in the left side of the neck, and throat, and the muscles of the face, and mastication renders turning the head or chewing difficult and almost impossible (after twenty-four hours),


Feeling of stiffness every time on rising; disappeared after walking,

Burning in the back,

Tension in the back and sacral region in the forenoon,

Constrictive pain across over the whole back, as if he were bound tightly with bands, almost like a cramp (from four to eight in the afternoon), (after forty-eight hours),

A drawing down the back when sitting, disappearing on motion,

Frequent stitches in the afternoon on the left side of the back, especially violent in the left side of the chest and in the nipple, aggravated on moving the trunk or on bending the left arm backward,

Shooting stitches in the back through the chest, in the forenoon,

Stitches in the back in a very small spot between the tenth and eleventh ribs (third day),

He can neither ben nor stoop on account of the pain in the back and lumbar vertebrae, a tearing, more when standing than when sitting, but not when lying,

Painful sticking twitches on both sides near the spine, when sitting, especially in the morning and evening,


Uncomfortable sensation between the shoulder-blades, more internally towards the posterior mediastinum, which causes frequent motion of the shoulders and trunk,

Rheumatic pain in back, between inferior angles of scapula (after three to four hours),

Burning below and between the shoulder-blades,

A spasmodic pain between the shoulder-blades almost like shivering,

Tension between the shoulders,

A very violent drawing pressive-tensive pain in the first dorsal vertebra (where the prover had suffered fourteen years before from a wrenching of the spine) with impeded and difficult respiration; *the pain extended through the thorax to the lower portion of the sternum,

Drawing between the shoulders,

Slight drawing between the shoulders, more on the right side,

Drawing and sticking between the shoulders on moving the trunk (third day),

Pressure between the shoulders and opposite in the forepart of the chest, when sitting; disappears when walking,

A scraping-sticking sensation in a place between the shoulder-blades, as large as a quarter of a dollar, as though a thorn were thrust into the flesh, only noticed on motion,

Very violent, sudden (lightning-like) stitches in the region of the lower angle of the right shoulder-blade in the evening, and especially in bed, returning at short intervals,

Dull stitches between the shoulder-blades, extending from behind forwards, in the afternoon while lying,

Violent twitching and tearing pain in the region of the last dorsal vertebra and sacrum (third day),

Dull aching, and sharp, alternating pains, beneath right scapula, at its lower or inferior angle (after two to three hours),


Loss of sensation in the lumbar and sacral regions, in the forenoon, while walking, so that the muscles performed their functions automatically,

Pain in the right lumbar region, as after long stooping,

Throbbing, tensive pain deep in the right lumbar region, just above the ilium, recurring twice at short intervals, though lasting only two or three minutes,

Drawing and pressing in the lumbar region, and in the temporal bones, especially after eating,

Pressure in the lumbar region,

Tensive-pressive pain in the right lumbar region,

Dull pressive pain in the right lumbar region (from 3d dil.),

Painful pressure and fulness in the lumbar region,

Drawing, sticking pain deep in the upper part of the right lumbar region,

Bruised pain in the lumbar region,

Stitches in the lumbar vertebrae,

Violent stitches from the third to the fourth lumbar vertebra, extending on both sides of the chest, especially on breathing (twentieth day),

Dull aching in lumbar muscles (third day),

Pressure and drawing in the lumbar muscles; the lumbar vertebrae by themselves seem to pain in the forenoon,

The lumbar muscles were sensitive to touch; the band of the drawers could scarcely be endured (third day),

Paralyzed feeling in the small of the back,

Pain in the small of the back, which makes walking very difficult,

Pressive-drawing pain in the small of the back and loins, which made turning very difficult; it awoke him from sleep (eighth night),

Sticking pain in the small of the back, and in the back, at night for six hours (after seventy hours),

Bruised pain in the small of the back and thigh,

Bruised pain in the small of the back when sitting, worse when lying, less when moving,

The small of the back pains as if bruised when lying upon it,

A jerklike pain in the small of the back, like a cramp, when sitting and lying,

Pain in the loins, with dull pressive pain in the occiput and chilliness in the skin, awoke him at 1 A.M. (first night),

Drawing pains in the loins, after a meal,

Drawing pain in the loins and small of the back after eating,

Bruised sensation in the loins (second day),

The feeling of weariness on the right side of the sacrum, which rendered walking difficult, was very troublesome,

Heaviness in the sacrum and dragging in the haemorrhoidal vessels,

Dull, rheumatic pain, drawing lameness, in muscles of right sacro-iliac region, and in right deltoid muscle, at its centre (after two to three hours),

Slight tensive pain in the sacral and burning region, on walking,

Drawing pain in the sacral and lumbar regions, with moderate fever (afternoon, second day),

A sharp violent stitch on the right side of the lowest portion of the back (from 5th dil.),

A persistent drawing-tearing pain, at the point of union of the ilium with the sacrum (in the evening of fourth day),

Sticking-drawing in the coccyx while walking,

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