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Bromium - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bromine, Bromum, Brom.

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HPUS indication of Bromium: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bromium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Inflammation of the whole buccal cavity (in half an hour),

Sensation in the mouth and pharynx as after a glass of rum,

Heat of the mouth (1/2 drop tinct.),

Heat in the mouth, oesophagus, and stomach, together with colic,

Burning sensation in the mouth, pharynx, and stomach, with pain in the abdomen,

Burning from the mouth to the stomach, accompanied by internal heat,

Gums and teeth

Teeth and Gums.

A hollow tooth seems too long when biting,

The teeth become very blunt and remain so far some time, although he had taken two swallows of water immediately after it,

Pain in the teeth of the left side,

Pain in a hollow tooth of the right side, and in the left upper eye teeth (second day), (from 6th),

A painful sensation in the left side of the upper jaw in a hollow tooth which was never painful before, as if toothache would develop,

A peculiar sensation of commencing pain in the left side of the upper jaw; appears several times without being caused by pressing or touching the teeth,

Toothache, especially in a hollow tooth of the left side of the lower jaw; the anterior half of the hollow tooth pains as if sore when touched, and seems to be loose,

Drawings in some hollow teeth on either side,

Long-continued dull aching in a hollow tooth,

Stitching pain, at first from the forehead to the lower jaw, and hence into a hollow tooth, with throbbing pain in it,

Sensitiveness of a hollow tooth to cold water (one hour),

Throbbing beneath a hollow tooth,

External pressure relieves the toothache,

The gum pains in the morning (from 5th),


Dryness in the mouth continuing half an hour,

Feeling of burning in the mouth, pharynx, and stomach; increased secretion of mucus, inclination to vomit, severe eructations and stomachache,

Increased secretion of saliva every time after taking it,

Increased secretion of saliva (from fumes),

Increased secretion of saliva; salivation, with increased mucus in the mouth and nose,

If inhaled it increased the saliva, lachrymation, nasal mucus, caused coryza, cough, slight headache here and there, and vertigo,

Much thin saliva,

Much thin saliva (one hour),

Much collection of thin saliva (one hour),

Constrictive sensation in the orifice of the salivary glands, with flow of saliva,


Tongue and Mouth in General.

Inflammation of the tongue (in half an hour),

Pimples on the posterior portion of the right side of the tongue,

The tongue cannot be protruded (in four hours),

Dry sensation on the tongue,

Burning as from pepper under the tongue,

Burning and sticking on the under surface of the tongue,

Sticking on the tip of the tongue, and afterward suddenly disappearing tickling in it (from 5th),

Sharp stitches in the tip of the tongue,


Saliva and Taste.

Thin tasteless saliva,

Tasteless saliva,

Collection of tasteless saliva (after three-quarters of an hour),

Very disagreeable taste (immediately, from 40 drops tinct.),

Very nauseous, offensive taste from six drops in half an ounce of water,

Taste is very strong, peculiarly puckered, burning and offensive,

Sweetish taste in the mouth (half an hour),

Decided salty taste in the tip of the tongue for several minutes (one and a half hours),

Sour taste,

Intensely bitter taste at the tip of the tongue, without other gastric symptoms,

It leaves a strong scraping taste (13 drops in water),

Very acrid, scraping, offensive taste, or rather exciting nausea, if taken without water,

Violent burning taste immediately after taking,

Water tastes salty in the morning fasting,


Sore pain; slight smarting on the arches of the palate (second day),

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