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Bromium - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Bromine, Bromum, Brom.

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HPUS indication of Bromium: Hoarseness

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Bromium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Clonic spasms in the muscles of the eyes, in he face, and in the limbs,

Severe inflammation of the eyes,

The right eye becomes inflamed and dim, with lachrymation,

Pain over the right eye with photophobia (after two and a half hours),

Slight pain, frequently in and above the right eye, with some inflammation of the conjunctiva (first day), (from 1st),

Distressing burning in the eyes, with spasmodic closing of the orbicularis and increased lachrymation; confusion of the head, with severe pressure upon the chest, and cough (from inhaling the vapor),

Paroxysmal pressive pain in the eyes and root of the nose, as if extending from the interior of the brain toward the vertex,

Sticking in the eyes and in the chest,

Stitches through the left eye,

External Parts.

Dull, pressing, stupefied pain (a dead pain) over the left eye,

Sticking sensation about the orbits,

Trickling in the left arcus superciliaris (afternoon of second),

The eyes will close, as if sleepy,

The lids are very heavy; he can only open and keep them open with great difficulty, with coldness of the lids (from the 3d),

Stitches in the lids of the left eye when reading (second day),

(*Throbbing stitches in the left upper lid, extending to the brow, the forehead, and left temple; increased by external pressure, motion, and stooping; relieved by rest; a pain which unfits him for every work), -Lippe.

Biting in the margins of the lids (one hour),

Cutting in the right inner canthus, then in the outer,

Severe cutting in the right inner canthus; the next day the same symptom in the left inner canthus,

Stitches in the canthi,

Stitches in the right inner canthus,

Itching above the right external canthus, relieved by scratching (from 8th),

Distended tortuous vessels in the conjunctiva bulbi of both eyes, with stitches in the lids,

Ocular conjunctiva dull and wrinkled,

Biting in the conjunctiva palp.,

Increased lachrymation (from the vapor),

Lachrymation of the right eye (from 5th), etc.

Pupils and Vision.

Pupils normal,

A kind of vanishing of sight when sitting and reading in the evening, as if a wind before the eyes took away the power of sight (from the vapor),

Daylight is somewhat sensitive to the eyes,

Sensitiveness of the eyes to bright light,

Some photophobia,

Photophobia, with pressure on moving the eyes,

A gray point before the right eye moving up and down with the movement of the eye, on looking into the distance and also near to (one hour),

Lightnings before the eyes,

Illusions of vision; it seemed as though all kinds of things jumped up on the ground before her,

Illusions of fantasy; it seems to him as though strange persons were looking over his shoulder (from the 30th),

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