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Borax - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Borate Of Sodium, Bor.

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HPUS indication of Borax: Nausea
Common symptoms: Nausea, Colic, Diarrhea, Vomiting.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Borax in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



The infant becomes very red around the eyes when crying (fourth day),

Sensation in eyes as if something had fallen into them, which disappears on rubbing, first in the right eye, then in the left, four times during half the day, and returning next day at noon (seventh day),

Burning in the eyes and momentary contraction of them as soon as he removes the glasses (after six days),

Pressive burning in the right eye, in the afternoon (third day),

Pressure above the eyes from time to time (tenth day),

Pressure in the right eye very painful, as if it would be pressed into the orbit, in the morning (after five weeks),

Sensation in the right eyelid, while sitting, as if something pressed out from within, from between the skin coming from the temples; immediately followed by pressure around the eyes (fourth day),

Cutting in the left eye lengthwise, coming and going suddenly (thirty-seventh day),

In the left eye, three stitches in succession, evening (third day), ().

Itching in the eyes, with a sensation at times as if sand were in them (fourth day),

The lashes turn inward toward the eye and inflame it, especially in the outer canthus, where the margins of the lid are very sore (sixth week),

Inflammation of the margins of the lid in an infant; he rubs the eyes and at night they are agglutinated (first day),

Inflammation of the left eye in the inner canthus, with nightly agglutinations (first days),

Inflammation of the right eye in the external canthus, with irregularity of the lashes; agglutination of the eye at night (thirty-fifth day),

At night the eyes are agglutinated with hard, dry mucus, which irritates the eyes like sand (fifth week),

In the morning the eyes are agglutinated and lachrymate (fifth day),

In the evening it is difficult to close the lids, and in the morning difficult to open them (fifth week),

Pressive pain in the upper lid on opening the eye,

Soreness in the external canthi (after five weeks),

Lachrymation of the eyes (eighth day),

Itching in the internal canthus, so that she must frequently rub it (first days),

Tearing in both eyeballs, with a twitching in the forehead, and nausea in the afternoon , ().

Stitches in the eyeball, with contraction in the right upper lid (eighth day),

Obscuration of the left eye in the evening; she was obliged to make great exertion, but still saw nothing (ninth day), ().

Sensitiveness of the eyes to the candlelight in the evening (third day),

Flickering before the eyes in the morning when writing, so that he does not see distinctly; there seem to be bright moving waves, now from the right to the left side, now from above downward, several mornings in succession (after twenty-four days),

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