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Berberis Vulgaris - Eyes symptoms - T.F. Allen

Barberry, Berberis, Berber, Berb.

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HPUS indication of Berberis Vulgaris: Itching

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Berberis Vulgaris in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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In General.

In most of the provers the eyes seemed to lie deep, encircled by blue or dirty-gray rings for a long time.

The eye was excessively and uniformly red (second day),

Inflammation of the eyes became so much worse in the afternoon that it is like what I have experienced from large doses (second day),

The eyes feel very dry (second day),

Dryness in the eyes almost constantly.

A feeling of stiffness in the eyes, with dragging (first and second days).

Bubbling sensation in the right eye lasting a quarter of an hour (eleventh day).

A bubbling sensation in the left eye, transient (after four hours, and also in the evening of third day).

Painfulness of the eyes (second day).

Pain in the eyes, as after crying.

A somewhat painful sensation on beginning to read or write (seventh day).

A sensation in the eyes as if they were cold, as when one goes into the cold air, with some lachrymation on closing them (seventieth day).

Burning in the eyes, from 12 o'clock (first day),

Burning sensation with dryness and redness in the eyes, with some matter in the canthi (seventeenth day).

Violent burning in the eyes which were very painful, especially on moving them (second day),

Burning in the eyes at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and at the same time a sensation as if sand were in them; they continued to get worse until she went to sleep; the left eye was worse than the right (first day),

Violent burning and dryness in the eyes with a dim look to them; great redness of the conjunctiva of the lids, and a dim, indistinct look, as if there were a mist before the eyes, in the morning after rising, for several hours (sixty-third day).

Troubles with the eyes increased towards afternoon, and especially in the evening; the eyes burn like fire and are very dry (third day),

Pressure in the eyes (after seven hours).

Pressure in the eyes, as if he had cried a long time.

Pressure and burning in the eyes (after two hours).

Pressure in both eyes, and pain on moving them, less during rest, accompanied by heat and burning in them (second day),

Sensation in the eyes as if they were forced out (second to fourth day).

Sticking in the eye, mostly coming from other parts, as drawing from the forehead or from the temples into the eyes, or rising in the eyes, and spreading hence to the forehead; usually sudden shooting stitches.

A digging-sticking pain lasting several minutes, beginning deep in the eye and extending obliquely across the middle of the upper orbital margin upward and outward into the forehead, first in the right, and soon after in the left eye (seventeenth day).

Several piercing stitches in the eyes.

Four stitches shoot from the eye outward into the forehead, so violent that she is frightened (seventeenth day).

A slight, sometimes sensitive tearing in the eyes.

Throbbing in the left eye, for a short time (after three hours).

External Parts.

Itching in the eyebrows, burning, biting or sticking, frequently returning, sometimes with fine burning, or burning-itching sticking.

Tensive sticking pain over the right orbit (ninth day).

Biting, fine sticking, and itching pain in the margins of the orbits, in the skin, especially in the inner canthus.

Tearing pain in the upper margin of the left orbit, extending towards the forehead (third day).

Tearing pain in the inner angle of the right orbit, extending towards the nose and forehead (fifteenth day).

Tearing in the bone in the margin of the orbits, especially the lower margin, frequently extending into the orbital cavity; sometimes it only begins to pain when touched (twenty-ninth day, et seq.)

Tearing in the outer side of the left orbit, with tendency to lachrymation.

Several stitches from the left orbital margin shoot quickly to the right frontal eminence (after half an hour and ten hours).

Twitching in the region of the right upper orbital margin (second day).

The eyelids became much inflamed and swollen, especially the left (fourth and fifth days),

The eyelids are red on the inner surface, and the margin covered with a white frothy fluid (first day),

In the morning after rising, a fine white crusty substance on the dry margins of the lids.

The left eye was agglutinated in the morning (second day),

Twitching in the lids when reading by lamplight, seldom by daylight.

Heaviness in the lids on motion.

A feeling in the eyes as if there were two drops of cold water between the margins of the lids, or between the lids and the eyeballs.

In the inner angle of the left eye a feeling as if a foreign body were in it; the lachrymal caruncle seemed somewhat inflamed; the conjunctiva in the inner canthus was very dry.

In the morning, after rising, a sticky sensation in the margin of the lids.

Sensation of dryness in the lids if they are closed (after two hours).

Fine burning or biting at different small spots on the lid.

Pinching-tearing pain in the eyelids (sixty-third day).

Tearing drawings and twinges in the lids.

Fine sticking, a very sensitive pain on the border of the left upper lid rather towards the outer part, as from a needle, lasting one-half minute twice in succession; it then becomes a burning.

Biting pain beneath the right lower lid.

Tearing in the upper lids.

Tearing in the lower lid of the left eye.

Crawling-biting sensation on the margin of the right lower lid repeatedly, becoming a twitching, bubbling sensation in the lid, several times repeated in a quarter of an hour.

Itching in the lids, at times burning, biting or fine sticking, seldom smarting.

Itching in the canthi; at times biting or sticking.

The conjunctiva of the margin of the lids is very red, and also the sclerotic (second day),

Ball and Vision.

Painful tearing in the left eyeball, intermittent, extending obliquely from above downward and outward, lasting two minutes.

At times the vision is somewhat dim; it seems better near than far.

The eyes become dim and felt as though she should soon go to sleep (first day),

Sensitiveness of the eyes to bright sunlight at times, though not very great.

Daylight blinded her more than lamplight (second day),

If she wishes to look at anything fine, she is obliged to hold her hand before her eyes to shield them from the daylight, and still more from the lamplight, which blinds her (third day),

If she exert the eyes in sewing, it becomes black before them (third day),

She was not able to sew, because everything seemed to run together (second day),

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