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Berberis Vulgaris - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Clarke

Barberry, Berberis, Berber, Berb.

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HPUS indication of Berberis Vulgaris: Itching

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Berberis Vulgaris in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Upper extremities

Sensation of lassitude, of paralysis, and of bruising in the arms, esp. during motion, provoked or aggravated by pressure.

Acute pains in the arms.

Pains in the shoulder, as of subcutaneous ulceration.

Marbled spots on the arms, with burning itching.

Cramp-like pains in the forearm.

Tractive, acute pains in the forearm and in the bones, extending to the hand and the joints of the fingers, with heaviness and weakness of the arm.

Burning or smarting pains in the forearm, aggravated by friction or scratching, and sometimes followed by a red spot.

Small itching spots, like petechiae, on the forearm and on the back of the hand near the wrist.

Lymphatic swelling of the forearm, with spots like petechiae and burning pains in the skin.

Drawing, acute pains in the joints of the hand and of the fingers.

Aching, digging, violent pains in the back of the hand, with sensation of heaviness.

Urticarial spot on the back of the hand.

Small warts in the fleshy part of the hand, under the thumb.

Sensation in the extremity of the finger, as if caused by subcutaneous ulceration.

Flat wart on the finger.

Redness of the hands, with itching, as if from chilblains.

Neuralgic pain under nails; tender to touch.

Lower extremities

Sensation of weariness and pain, as of fatigue, in the legs, sometimes with heaviness, stiffness, and a sensation of paralysis, as after a very long walk, or as from dislocation in the parts affected, esp. in the soft parts, but also in the bones, and easily excited by movement.

Great weakness of the legs while walking.

Sensation in the legs as if they had wasted away.

Tensive pains in the thighs, in the calves of the legs, and in the knees, as if tendons were too short.

Drawing, tensive pains in the legs.

Starting of the muscles of the legs.

Sensation of cold on the outside of the thighs, as if from Merc Viv quicksilver circulating under the skin.

Sensation of weariness, of bruising, and of paralysis in the knees while walking, and afterwards, as well as on rising after having been seated a long time.

Lymphatic swelling of the tendo Achillis, with pains on lifting the foot, and a sensation as if the foot were bearing a heavy load.

Swelling of the foot after movement, with sensation of burning, swelling of the heel, and cramp in the foot.

Sensation of dislocation in the joints of the toes.

Heels pain as if ulcerated on standing.

Stitches between metatarsal bones, as from a nail when standing.

Tearing in balls of feet, with pain when stepping on them.

At every step stinging in the big toe.

Burning pain in the soles of the feet, esp. in the evening.

Drawing, acute, or burning pains in the toes.

Pain of excoriation in the toes, with redness, as if from chilblains.

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