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Benzinum Nitricum - Appendix symptoms - T.F. Allen

Benzolum Nitricum, Benzin. Nitricum, Nitrobenzolum Benz-n.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Benzinum Nitricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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1, Treulich, Wien Med. Presse, 11, 13, two cases poisoned by taking about half a thimbleful; 2, Bahrdt, Archiv f. Deutsch. Heilk., 1871, poisoned by drinking about six drops in some liquor; 3, Letheby, London Hosp. Rep., 1865, J. E. spattered some on his clothes, so that he inhaled the fumes; 4, Ibid., G. G. took a little in his mouth by mistake; he immediately spit it out and rinsed his mouth with water; 5, Ibid., H. A. took a little in his mouth to remove the smell of tobacco; 6, Ibid., a woman cooked some food in a cup which had contained Nitro-Benzinum benzol; 7, Kreuser, Wurt. corr. Bl., 37 (A. H. Z., M. B., 16, 48); 8, Riefkhol, Deutsch. Kl., 1868; 9, Schenk, Zeit. f. Geranium Maculatum Ger. Med., 1866, a pregnant girl poisoned herself; 10, Muller, ibid., a young man took a teaspoonful in water; 11, Helbig, Deutsche. Mil. Arz., 3, 1873, several soldiers drank some from a flask.

12, Dr. Mackenzie, Med. Times and Gaz., 1862, p. 239, a boy sucked some through a siphon; 13, E. Nicholson, Lancet, 1862 (1), p. 135, a student took a soap perfumed with nitrobenzol into a bath; 14, Alfred S. Taylor, Guy's Hosp. Rep., vol. x, 1864, Mr. Fotherby communicated to me a case, a woman, aet. thirty years, swallowed not more than a drop, and spilled a tablespoonful, and did not immediately wipe it up; 15, Ein fall von Nitrobenzolvergiftun, Inaug. Diss., Dr. Hermann Pagenstecker, Würzburg, 1867, case of poisoning; 16, Dr. Swederus, Hygea, 35, 1873, S. J., 170, p. 232; 17, Ewald, Centralblatt für die Med. Wissenshaften, 1873, Lond. Med. Rec., vol. iii, 1875, p. 75, a young woman, aet. twenty-two years, took about a drachm of commercial bitter almond oil; another, aet. eighteen years, took about 2 1/2 drachms; 18, Ewald, general symptoms; 19, Dr. Bruglocher, AErz. Intell. Blatt, Jan. 5, 1875 (Lond. Med. Rec., vol. iii, p. 74), a soapboiler, aet. forty years, took five or six drachms, with about twenty times its bulk of spirit; he took part at 2 A.M., the rest at 7 P.M.; 20, Dr. Stephenson, New Remedies, 1876, p. 268, a man, aet. thirty years, for pain in the chest and cough, took of the following prescription, Benzinum Benzol, rect., 3ij., Ol. Mentholum Menth. Pip. 3ss., Ol. Olivae, 3x, three doses of thirty drops (first and second days), one dose at 9 A.M. (third day); 21, Bruglocher (Bayr. Arzil. Intell. Blatt, 1875), S. J., 168, 128, poisoning by a small quantity; 22, From the Swedish, S. J., 170, 232, a man took some by mistake for Castor Equi castor oil.



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