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Baryta Carbonica - Head symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Baryta, Baryta Carb, Baryt. Carb, Baryta, Baryta C, Barium carbonicum, baryta carb, Barium carbonicum baryta carb, Bar-c.

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HPUS indication of Baryta Carbonica: Sneezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Baryta Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Numb feeling of the head, spreading toward the temple and the forehead.

Numb feeling, dullness and heaviness of the head.

Numb feeling and heaviness of the head, in the evening, with drowsiness; the head always tends to fall forward; at the same time peevish and tired (aft; 46 d.).

Stupid in the head, with tensive numbness in the forehead and the eyes, chiefly in the inner canthi.

Reeling sensation in the head, so that he had to sit down and hold on to something, with nausea.

Pressure in the brain under the crown, toward the occiput, on awaking from sleep, with stiffness of the nape.

Stupefying, dull pressure in the forehead, close above the root of the nose.

Pressive, pushing thrust in the left temple outward (aft. 2 ½ h.).

Violent pressure in the whole head, as if it were about to burst; especially violent in both the frontal protuberances and above the orbits of the eyes (aft. 4 ½ h).

Pressure, with heaviness on the right side of the sinciput.

Feeling of heaviness in the whole occiput, especially close to the nape, with tension therein, without change from motion (aft. 4 h.).

Feeling of tension about the skin of the whole forehead, as if too tight; after dinner.

Tension, with burning on a little spot on the left parietal bone (aft. 1 h.).

Sharp drawing over the left eye, extending from the nose toward the temple, in the evening.

Tearing in the crown.

Fine tearing on a small spot of the right parietal bone, deep in the bone.

Tearing in the left side of the occiput, relieved by bending back the head.

Tearing, with twitching in slight intermissions, deep in the brain, behind the right ear, instantly renewed by touching it.

Twitching deep within the temple, the orbit and the ear of the left side.

Twitches in the head, beginning at once from the heat of a stove.

Violent dull stitches in the left frontal protuberance, on stooping in washing.

Sharp stitches in the whole head, decreasing and increasing (3d d.).

Stitches in the side of the head, also after dinner and in the evening, when it is worse on the left side.

Dull stitches over the right temple in the morning, in yawning.

Dull stitches in the left side of the head, from the occiput into the frontal protuberance, or alternating, now here, now there.

Violent stitches in the brain, with heat and formication in the head (aft. 15 d.).

Small severe stitches in the right frontal protuberance, outward (aft. 9 h.).

Pressive stitches on the crown, spreading through the whole head as often as she stands in the sun.

A stitch producing dilatation, beginning in the left side of the head, passing through all the left side of the occiput, and terminating in the vertebrae of the neck (aft. 9 h.).

A burning stitch in the right temple.

Beating, with stitches in the left side of the head (7th d.).

Throbbing in the occiput, extending into the frontal protuberance; in the evening (5th d.).

Violent throbbing in the sinciput, deep in the brain, on stooping (aft. 30 d.).

Sensation of looseness of the brain, which on moving the head seems to fall to and fro (aft. 45 d.).

In stooping, a sensation as if everything was about to fall foreward into the forehead (aft. 16 d.).

On knocking the foot against anything, concussion in the brain.

Much rush of blood to the head; it feels as if the blood stopped and could not circulate (aft. 27 d.).

Humming in the head as if from boiling water (aft. 27 d.).

Heat in the head, early on rising, and stabs as from knives (17th d.).

Early on waking, first heaviness, then after rising, heat in the head, with coldness in the hands and feet.

Feeling of coldness in the right side of the head, as of ice, and yet at the same time a sensation of burning.

The skin of the head aches at every touch.

Itching, crawling here and there on the head, passing off by scratching.

Small furuncle on the forehead.

Eruption on the forehead (like herpes?) with more of a burning than an itching sensation.


Headache, in the evening, so that every noise, especially the voices of men, caused pain to her brain (5th d.).

Pressive pain in the left temple (aft. several. d.).

Pressive pain through the right half of the brain, from the neck to the protuberances of the forehead (aft. 1 ½ h.).

Dull, pressive pain in the occipital bone, from the cervical vertebrae, behind the right ear, obliquely into the parietal bone; at 4 P.M., returning at the same hour the following day.

Pressive pain in the forehead, close above the right eye.

Pressive pain in the forehead, from within outward (12th d.) .

Pressive, aching pain, outward, in the whole forehead, especially in the orbits of the eyes, very much aggravated on holding the head upright, ceasing on stooping (aft. 10 h.).

Painful compression of the head from both sides, as from screwing in a vice, then tearing in a little spot of the left parietal bone and later in the occiput of the left.

Sudden intensely painful drawing, from the occiput over the right ear down to the lower jaw.

Rheumatic pain in the occiput, with glandular swellings in the nape of the neck.

Drawing stitches, aggravated intermittingly in the left mastoid process in a small spot, which also violently pains afterward, especially on touching it, or on turning the head.

Burrowing headache in the forehead and the temples.

Burrowing headache in the upper and anterior parts of the head, almost daily, early on arising, continuing during the forenoon, and quiescent in the afternoon; in shaking the head, the brain seems loose and detached.

Eruption on the right eyebrow, which on being touched causes a stinging pain.


Without feeling cold, a shivering thrill over the hairy scalp, as if the hairs stood on end.

Pain as if the hair was being pulled upward, on a small spot of the right parietal bone.

The hair of the head comes out in combing (aft. 4 d.) .

On the hairy scalp, here and there, slow fine stitches, compelling him to scratch.

Itching and gnawing on the hairy scalp and on the temples (aft. 3 d.).

Formication as from ants, in the whole scalp in the evening.

Small pimples on the sides of the hairy scalp.

An old lump on the hairy scalp, hitherto painless, begins to enlarge and to pain on being touched, as if festering underneath.

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