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Baryta Carbonica - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Baryta, Baryta Carb, Baryt. Carb, Baryta, Baryta C, Barium carbonicum, baryta carb, Barium carbonicum baryta carb, Bar-c.

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HPUS indication of Baryta Carbonica: Sneezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Baryta Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

In the axillae, under the arms, frequent pain in the glands.

In the shoulder-joint, an audible cracking at every motion of the left arm (aft. 18 d.).

Painful digging in the left shoulder-joint.

The arms are heavy and tremulous.

Going to sleep of the arms, on resting them on the table.

Going to sleep of the left arm; she could only rehabilitate it after much rubbing.

Painful drawing in all the long bones of the right arm.

Tension here and there in the arms, always only in a small spot (2d d.).

Swelling of the right arm, with pain in the axillary glands.

Acute pain in the humerus, in a small spot.

Pain in the humerus, as if an ulcer was about to form there.

Pain in the middle of the left humerus, as if it had been beaten in two.

Pain as if from a blow, above the left elbow.

On the elbow, pain as from a contusion.

Twitching tearing in the bend of the right elbow.

Quivering, almost like shaking, in the bend of the left elbow, extending to the middle of the upper arm and of the fore-arm.

In the left fore-arm, painful tearing, from its middle to the wrist.

Short painful drawing in the left fore-arm, as if in the bone, both when at rest and in motion (aft. 1 ½ h.).

Pain as from a bruise, intermittently aggravated, in the back of the fore-arm, seemingly in the long bone (aft. many d.).

Paralytic pain in the fore-arm and in the hand, passing away through motion and returning in rest.

In the wrist-joint and in other parts of the right arm, tension or drawing.

Drawing in the left wrist, up to the middle of the upper arm.

Twitching in the coronoid process of the ulna, in slow, undulating intermissions, in the morning, while lying in bed.

Rhythmical, twitching pain in the styloid process of the radius.

Squeezing pain in the hand.

Cramp-like pain in the right wrist, from within outward (aft. 3 ½ h.).

Tearing, sudden pain in the wrist.

Tearing in the wrist, extending into the finger-tips.

Dull stitches in the left wrist, relieved by motion.

Pain as from a sprain, on the back of the hand.

The hands tremble, when writing.

The skin of the hands is dry, like parchment (aft. 5 d.).

Rough, dry skin on the back of both hands.

Peeling off of the skin on the back of both hands (aft. 20 d.).

Distended veins on the hands, and redness of the same (12th d.).

Perspiration of the palms of the hands and of the fingers, in the afternoon (18th d.).

At first formication of the hands, then going to sleep of the same.

Intolerable formication and gnawing in the hollow of the hand, so that she has to rub it continually.

Burning formication on the back of the hands and of the fingers, during the day, only transiently removed by scratching.

Itching pimples on the wrist.

On the index, drawing as if paralyzed, with a feeling on bending them as if it was turgid, especially at the tip.

Drawing pain in the posterior joint of the thumb.

Tearing in the posterior joint of the thumb and also in the fourth finger, as violent as if the finger had been torn out.

Tearing under the nail of the thumb.

Stitches in the posterior joint of the thumb, and suddenly in the tip of the thumb, so violent as to startle him.

Violent, small, slight stitches in the posterior joint of the index of the left hand, both when at rest and in motion (aft. 9 ½ h.).

Beating in the middle joint of the middle finger, as from a hammer.

Cracking of the joint of the thumb and of the little finger, on moving them.

Paronychia on the fourth finger of the left hand (aft. 2 d.).

Chapping and peeling off of the skin on the finger tips.

Pustules on the left middle finger, with painfulness to the touch, as from a sore.

In the hip-joint of the right side, pain on taking a walk.

Cramp-like pain in the right hip joint, as if stiff or compressed in a vice, the pain spreading down the front side of the thigh.

Sudden stitches in the hip-joint, as if dislocated, with pain, as if about to give way, in walking.

On the nates, burning.

Drawing pain in the right natis, as if the flesh were being pulled off.

Violent stitches in the natis.

Stinging itching in the nates.

A small furunculus on the nates.

Intermittent tearing downward in the right natis.

In the legs, much cramp.

Tension in the lower limbs up to the hips, as if all the tendons were too short, worst in standing, relieved by lying down (37th d.).

Tension and tearing in the lower limbs, relieved by walking (aft. 16 d.).

Tearing and tension in the bones of the lower limbs down to the heel; somewhat relieved when walking (aft. 15 d.).

Tearing down along the lower limbs, most long-continued and painful in the knees, but then also in the other joints, the nates, the hips and the ankles.

Drawing pain down the whole of the left lower limb.

Weariness in the legs, in the morning, as if he was about to collapse (10th d.).

Weariness in the legs, and jerking in the foot, when sitting, with acute pain in the posterior surface of the thigh, aggravated by treading, and darting down into the foot.

Sense of pressure from without inward, in the bend of the right thigh.

Burning in the bend of the thigh as if in the bone, when sitting.

Drawing down the anterior side of the thigh, as if in the bone, relieved when walking (27th d.).

Tearing in the right thigh, in the morning after arising, relieved by the warmth of the bed (19th d.).

Tearing down the external and anterior side of the thigh, down to the knee, under the skin, when walking (aft. 7 h.).

Violent stitches in the right thigh, so that he could hardly walk (aft. 4 d.).

Sudden dull stitches on the inner surface of the thigh, startling him (aft. 4 d.).

A blow on the thigh above the right knee when standing, so that she thinks she is about to fall forward.

Violent pain as from a bruise in the middle of the right thigh, which gradually extends to the whole leg, and continues from the afternoon till midnight.

Quivering in the thigh above the right knee.

Severe itching on the thighs, also at night (aft. 11 d.).

In the right knee, at times a swift, momentary pain like gashes with a knife, paralyzing the leg.

Painful aching on the inner side of the left knee, on lifting and advancing the leg in walking (aft. several h.).

Pressive pain in the left knee, more toward the inner side, while sitting; by stretching out the foot, this pain changes into a dull pressive sensation.

Tearing on the inner side of the knee down to the middle of the tibia, going off while walking, returning when seated.

Tearing from the knee downward, under the skin, when walking (aft. 7 h.).

Lancinating pain in the knee-joint.

Sharp stitches on the inner side of the left knee suddenly, so that she is startled.

Violent stitches dart through the left knee on going up stairs and leave behind them a painful paralysis in the same.

Cutting burning in the right patella.

In the leg, especially in the right tibia, a paralytic pain; relieved by resting the leg in an elevated position e, g., on the sofa.

Tension in the tibiae, on descending a mountain (aft. 16 d.).

Tension in the tendons of the calf, as if they were too short (15th d.).

Cramp in the calves, on stretching the legs.

Drawing pain, as if in the bones of the leg; in the evening, when sitting; he must rise and walk about.

Painful drawing on a small spot of the left tibia (aft. ¾ h.).

Quivering in the right calf.

Formication in the left calf, as if from its going to sleep, when sitting.

Sensation as if a draft of cold air blew on the tibiae, down to the ankles.

Restlessness in the feet.

Restlessness in the feet, while sitting; he has to keep moving his leg, to relieve the tension in the thigh and the burning in the groin.

Trembling of the feet in standing, so that he must hold to something, to keep him from falling (10th d.).

Pain, in the ankle-joint, as if sprained.

Pain, as if sprained, in the ankle-joint and on the dorsum of the foot, even while at rest, with severe lancination when in motion.

Cramp-like pain in the soles of the feet.

Drawing pain in the foot, only while walking.

Drawing pain in the sole of the left foot.

Tearing in the feet, up into the knees, worse when moving.

Stitches, deep in the ball of the right foot.

Stitches in the heel.

Burning in the soles of the feet, the whole night, and yet he can bear no cooling of them.

Pain as of ulceration on the ball of the foot, on treading, especially in the morning on rising.

The hard skin on the sole of the foot pains acutely in walking, like a corn.

Corns, with pinching pain.

Burning stitches in the corns.

She gets corns on the toes.

In the toes a drawing pain (aft. 5 d.).

Violent tearing in the right big toe, towards its extremity.

A tearing and a stitch in the left big toe, on the nail, with continuing sensitiveness of this spot; with great peevishness (1st d.).

Cramp in the toes, on stretching the foot.

In the joints, a very disagreeable lack of tone.

Stitches, at times, in the joints.

General great exhaustion.

Excessive acuteness of all the senses.

The whole body feels bruised in the morning on awaking (aft. 11 d.).

As if bruised all over the body, and very much exhausted (aft. 24 h.).

The whole body feels bruised, with weariness and heaviness of the lower limbs.

Dull pressure, as if from bruising, slowly increasing and decreasing, here and there, in small spots.

Drawing, alternately in the right shoulder, the leg, the arms, the occiput and in the eyes, with heaviness of the occiput, great indolence and dizziness, causing drowsiness.

Drawing in the whole body, now here, now there, especially in the joints.

Tearing in the whole body, now here, now there (aft. 7 d.).

Squeezing, pressive pain in several parts of the body.

Sense of tightness and tension in the whole body, with anxiety, in the forenoon.

Going to sleep of the arm, the foot, etc., when lying on them.

She cannot lie on the left side, on account of ebullition of blood and strong pulsation of the heart, with a sensation of a wound in the heart, and great anxiety.

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