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Baryta Carbonica - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Carbonate Of Baryta, Baryta Carb, Baryt. Carb, Baryta, Baryta C, Barium carbonicum, baryta carb, Barium carbonicum baryta carb, Bar-c.

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HPUS indication of Baryta Carbonica: Sneezing

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Baryta Carb in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pain in the abdomen, relieved by eructation or by external heat.

Painful tension and inflation of the abdomen.

Colic, with retraction of the navel.

Pinchings and cuttings in the abdomen, with inclination to evacuate, as if diarrhoea were coming on.

Accumulation of flatulency in the abdomen.


Disagreeable, or bitter taste, generally in the morning, with tongue much loaded.

Continual thirst.

Weakness of digestion.

amel. From cold diet.


Risings after a meal.

Pains in the stomach, when fasting, after a meal, or on pressing upon the epigastrium.

Pain, as of excoriation, in the region of the stomach, with a sensation when eating as if the parts through which the food passes were raw.

Sour taste, esp. before, but not after a meal.

Appetite weak, and soon satisfied, although the food pleases the palate.

After dinner, pains in the stomach, uneasiness, indolence, and aversion to labour.

Cough from warm food.


Nausea, chiefly in the morning, when fasting, and sometimes as if in consequence of indigestion.


Vomiting of mucus.


Sinking sensation in the afternoon.

Frequent risings, abortive or sour.

Discharge of phlegm from the stomach.

Sensibility and pain in the epigastrium at every step taken.

Heaviness, fulness, and pressure in the stomach and epigastrium, ever. after having eaten little.

Weakness of the digestion after eating, pressing in the stomach; and pain in the hard, swollen abdomen.

Sensation as if stomach were hanging relaxed.

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