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Aurum Arsenicum - Modalities Etc

, Aur-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aurum Arsenicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Noon), Pressure in region of stomach.

(Afternoon), When sitting or lying down, great lassitude; drawing in the veins, etc.

(Every evening), At 6 o'clock, swelling of testicles, etc.

(Night), Fetid odor from mouth; diarrhoea; diarrhoea, etc.; cough; splitting cough; difficulty of breathing; *tearing in wrist-bones; when lying down, sore place forms on external surface of thigh; slight perspiration.

(After midnight), Flatulent colic.

(Every three or four days), Megrim, etc.

(Walking in open air), Vertigo; dyspnoea; pain in muscles of thigh.

(Bending head backwards), Grinding, etc., in side of head.

(Bending body backwards and to left side), Pain in one side of the scapula.

(When blowing nose), Putrid smell in nose.

(Breathing), Stitches in left chest; stitches apparently in bladder.

(Deep breathing), Stitches under the ribs.

(When chewing), Upper front teeth painful dullness of a tooth.

(Coughing), Grinding, etc., in side of head; oppression of chest, etc.; stitches under left ribs.

(After dinner), Discomfort in abdomen, etc.; sleep.

(Drawing air into mouth), Causes toothache.

(After drinking), Pressure in hypochondria.

(While eating), Tearing in molar teeth; soreness in gums; inclination to vomit.

(After eating), Inclination to vomit; pressure in hypochondria; sense of suffocation.

(When fixing eyes upon something), Tension in eyes, etc.

(When inspiring), Stitches in chest; pain in left side; stitches in sides of chest, etc.; pain in right loin.

(Intellectual exertion), Causes pain in head; causes nausea.

(When laughing), Dyspnoea.

(On laying right thigh across left), Pain in right femur.

(When laying left limb across right), Muscles of thigh appear to be twitching.

(When looking), Sensation as if the blood pressed upon the optic nerve.

(On lying down), Bones of head painful.

(When lying still), Going to sleep, etc., in limbs; pain in all the joints.

(When lying on back), Palpitation.

(Between meals), Putrid taste in mouth.

(Motion), Tearing in side of forehead; heat on top of head; pressure on side of vertex; tearing from occiput through brain; pain in eyeball; pressure in hypochondria; tearing in thigh.

(Pressure), Pressure at right lower jaw; painful stitch in praecordial region, etc.

(When reading), Headache.

(Reflecting), Makes her weak, etc.

(Rest), The symptoms; forearms feel heavy; pressure in little finger-joints, etc.; pain in sides of legs, over malleoli, etc.

(When rising from seat and walking), Paralytic pain in hip-joint.

(In room), After walking in open air, swelling of nose.

(Rubbing), Pain in testicle; pain in region of hip.

(When sitting), Pain in iliac region; cutting over small of back; boring in left shoulder; drawing in tendon of psoas muscle; muscles of thigh appear to be twitching; pain in knees, as if bandaged.

(When sitting and stretching body), Pressing in right abdominal ring.

(When spreading legs), Want of flexibility, etc., in bends of groin.

(When standing), Vertigo.

(Before stool), Pain in abdomen.

(During stool), Pain in abdomen.

(When stooping), Vertigo; rush of blood to head; tension in the neck.

(When stretching leg), Pressure on left tibia.

(Swallowing), Burning, etc., in throat; stinging in throat; stinging soreness in throat.

(Talking), Headache.

(Touch), Pain in tumor on vertex; pressure on temple; aching in spots upon nose; soreness in nostrils; tearing in teeth, etc., soreness in gums; pain in testicle.

(Uncovering the part), Tearings in left upper arm.

(When walking fast), Dyspnoea.

(When walking and setting foot on floor), Pain in knee.

(When writing), Headache.

(When yawning), Shuddering in chest; stitches under ribs.


(Towards 11 P.M.), Pain in testicle ceased.

(In open air), Feels well; tearing headache.

(On going to bed), Stitches under ribs cease.

(When closing eyes), Tension in the eyes.

(Motion), *Pain down arm goes off; *pain in sides of legs.

(Pressure), Stitches on right side go off.

(Raising head after stooping), Rush of blood to head.

(On rising), Pressing in right abdominal ring goes off; drawing in tendon of psoas muscle; pain in joints passes off; pain in head, etc., passes off.

(Rising and drawing up thigh), Pain in iliac region.

(In room), Elevations on legs form less.

(Sitting), Pain in muscles of thigh.


No appetite for anything; he can only eat rolls and milk.

Aversion to all meat.

Great desire for coffee.

He is impelled to eat very fast, especially at the beginning of the meal.

He relishes his food well, but it does not quite satisfy his appetite, and he could have eaten again, right away.

During eating the anxiety of his mind passes away.

Aurum Arsenicum is not available to buy over the counter.
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