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Aurum Arsenicum - Genitals Etc symptoms

, Aur-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aurum Arsenicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Sharp stitches, when breathing, apparently in the side of the bladder,

Burning, stitching, and smarting in the urethra,

Dull tearing in the urethra,

Tearing stitches at the glans, when obliged to urinate (after three hours),


Constant desire for micturition, with scanty but natural urine,

He passes more urine than corresponds to the quantity he drinks,

Urine greatly diminished,

Infrequent discharge of scanty, yellowish urine,

Turbid urine, like buttermilk, with mush sediment of mucus,

Thick urine, having a strong ammoniacal odor, and decomposing rapidly,

Hot, red urine, containing sand,

Constant urging to urinate, whereby little urine, but of normal nature is passed.

More urine passes than his amount of drinking warrants.

Turbid urine, like buttermilk, with deep sediment of mucus.


In the urethra, dull, lancinating tearing.


Moisture around the glans,

Painful twitches in the penis, from before backwards,

Prickings, as from pins, at the extremity of the glans; every single pricking is followed by a similar one above the navel, towards the pit of the stomach (after three hours),

Itching of the scrotum,

Swelling of the right testicle, with pressive pain when touching or rubbing it; this symptom came on for several evenings at 6 o'clock, and ceased towards 11 o'clock (after five days),

Pressive and tensive pain in the right testicle, as from contusion (after three and a half hours),

For two nights he is full of lewd fancies, the penis being small and relaxed (second and third night),

Pollutions at night (the first nights),

Nightly pollutions, with voluptuous dreams (after seven days),

Nightly erections and pollutions,

Prostatic juice comes out of the penis, which is relaxed,

Pollutions three nights in succession, without subsequent weakness,

Two nights full of excitement of lascivious phantasy, with relaxed, small penis (2d, 3d nights).

Nocturnal erections, without emission of semen (1st n.).

Nightly erections and pollutions.

Pollutions, at night (the 1st night).

Nightly pollutions, with voluptuous dreams (aft. 7 d.).

Pollutions, three nights in succession, without subsequent debility.

The prostatic juice is emitted from the relaxed penis.

In the penis, painful twitching, from before toward the posterior parts.

On the glans, pricking as from needles about its extremity, and after every stitch there follows a similar one above the navel toward the scrobiculus cordis (aft. 3 h.).

Shooting tearing on the glans, when there is an urging to urinate (aft. 3 h.).

On the scrotum, itching.

In the right testes, pressive, tensive pain, as from a contusion (aft. 3 ½ h.).

Swelling of the right testicle, with pressive pain only when touched and rubbed, beginning for several evenings at 6 P.M. and ceasing about 11 P.M. (aft. 5 d.).


Drawing pain in the mons veneris,

Heat, pricking, and smarting of the vulva,

Redness and swelling of the labia majora,

Burning and pricking in the vagina,

Thick white leucorrhoea,

Retarded menstruation,



Painful erections,

Nightly erections, without emissions (first night),

Erections many nights in succession,

The sexual desire, which had been dormant in him for a long time, is roused,

Much desire for coition, early, after rising, with violent erections,

He was unable to sleep the whole night, on account of his sexual desire being roused; he finally had to satisfy it by coition (first night),

Sexual impulse much increased, while it had been long dormant.

Much inclination for coitus, early on rising, with violent erections.

He could not sleep all the night for the excitation of his sexual impulse, until he had quieted it by coitus (1st night).

Erections, many nights in succession.

Sensation of stoppage of the nose as in dry coryza, and yet sufficient air passes through (aft. 2 ½ h.).

The nostril seems to him to be stopped, though he can get air through it.


Labor-like pains in the abdomen, as if the menses were about to set in.

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