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Aurum Arsenicum - Generalities symptoms

, Aur-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aurum Arsenicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Suddenly, great lassitude, in the afternoon when sitting or lying down; he fell asleep on account of it; on waking, the lassitude had disappeared (after nine hours),

Early in the morning, very tired; her legs ached so that she would have liked to lie down immediately,

Painful drawing in the veins and lassitude, in the afternoon.

Very tired in the morning; her legs pained, so that she would have liked to have lain down at once.

Drowsiness during the day.

Sleep and dreams

Continual sleepiness,

Drowsiness by day,

Slumber, with weakness of head, when sitting, by day,

Invincible sleep after dinner; during this sleep his mind was thronged with ideas (after four hours),

He sobs aloud in sleep,

Uneasy sleep, during which he feels the pains,

Frequent waking, at night, as by fright,

After 4 o'clock in the morning, he cannot sleep well, turns from side to side, because he cannot remain long in one position, and the hand on which he lies soon gets tired,

Awake the whole night, but without pain; nevertheless, no sleepiness or lassitude in the morning,

Sleeplessness; nightly restlessness,

Agreeable and sensible dreams, but which cannot be remembered,

Vivid dreams at night, which cannot be remembered,

Dreams with constant erection, every night,

She dreamed the whole night that she was in darkness,

She dreamed much in the evening, immediately after falling asleep, as if some one were talking to her; she was yet half awake,

Dreams full of disputes,

He wakes in violent dreams,

Troublesome, fatiguing dreams,

He dreams that he would fall from a great height,

Frightful dreams,

Frightful dreams at night,

Frightful dreams about thieves, with loud screams while asleep,

Horrid dream, at night,

Dreams about dead men,

Slumberous sleep, with weakness of the head when sitting, during the day.

Irrepressible sleep after dinner, and during this slumber he had to think much (aft. 4 h.).

All night long, wide awake and without sleep, though without pains, and in the morning the still was not sleepy or exhausted.

Early from 4 o'clock onward, he cannot sleep soundly any more, he throws himself uneasily from side to side, because he cannot remain long in any one position, and the hand on which he lies soon gets tired.

He could not lie at night either on the left or on the right side.

He feels the pains during the sleep of the uneasy night.

At night, painful accumulation of flatus, chiefly in the left hypochondriac region.

He moans loudly in his sleep.

Frequent awaking at night, as if from fright.

He awakes in violent dreams.

Frightful dreams about thieves, with loud screaming during the sleep.

Frightful dreams.

Frightful dreams, at night.

A dream at night, causing horror.

Dreams that he was about to fall from a great height.

Dreams about dead men.

Dreams full of quarrels.

Dreams with erections, all the night.

Agreeable and very rational dreams, but he cannot well remember them.

Vivid dreams, not easily remembered, at night.

In the evening, immediately on going to sleep, while still half awake, she dreams much, as if some one was talking with her.

She dreamt the whole night that she was in the dark.

After 3 A.M. the child became wide awake and spoke in bold tones deliriously, with rapid utterance and red face; "Mother, thou art my Aurum Metallicum gold daughter!" "What kind of a dog is that?" "What head is that on the wall?" "What is that running about in the room?" and thus her ravings all consisted of questions.


Tremulous agitation of the nerves, as in joyous hope,

He trembles when he cannot express his anger,

(When thinking of a motion, he makes small motions without knowing it),

Inclination to move from place to place,

He is constantly impelled to be in motion, and regrets his inactivity, although he cannot do any work,

At night he could lie neither on the left nor on the right side,

Internal emptiness and weakness of the whole body,

Early on waking, very feeble,

Mental labor wears him out; he feels exhausted,

All his sensations are fine and acute,

Excessive sensitiveness in the whole body; susceptibility to every sort of pain; on thinking of it, he imagines he already feels it; everything is disagreeable to him,

Comfortable feeling in the whole body (reaction),

Simple pain, or pain as from a bruise, early in the morning, in bed, in all the joints, especially the small of the back and knees; the pain increases by lying still; and passes off after rising,

Great anguish and weakness; they think him near dying,

In the afternoon, painful drawing in the veins with exhaustion,

Pressure on the left side, near the lumbar vertebrae, and on the upper border of the os innominatum,

Peeking, very rapid, almost stitching, between to thumb and the index,

Itching and burning shootings, here and there, almost like stitches,

All the joints feel bruised, early in the morning and the whole forenoon,

Pain as from bruises in the head and all the limbs, early in bed, most violent when at rest; passes off immediately after rising,

Early, at daybreak, in bed, simple pain, or pain as from a bruise in all the joints, especially in the small of the back and in the knees; this increases the longer he lies still, but soon passes after he rises.

Pain as from a bruise in the head, and in all the joints in the morning in bed, most severe in perfect rest, passing away immediately on rising.

Going to sleep, numbness and insensibility of the arms and legs, early on awaking, more while lying still than when in motion.

In the arms and lower limbs, transient drawing pains from time to time.

Remarkable ebullition of blood, as if it boiled in all the arteries (aft. 24 h.).

All the blood seems to pass at once from the head down into the lower limbs, which feel paralyzed, she sinks down and has to seat herself at once.

Internal emptiness and weakness in the whole body.

Excessive sensitiveness in the whole body and susceptibility for every pain, which he seems to feel from merely thinking about it, with a sensation as if all things were intolerable.

All his sensations are subtle and acute.

When he thinks of a motion, the unconsciously makes slight motions.

Comfortable feeling in the whole body (curative effect).

Even in the most unpleasant weather, he feels well in the open air and it agrees with him.

Formication in the body, now here, now there.

Transient but intense itching on the abdomen, the hips, the knees, the arms and the wrists.

Itching, burning radiations, darting hither and thither, almost like stitches.

Eruptions of pustules in the face, on the neck and on the chest.

Very weak, early on awaking.

Great weariness in the afternoon, suddenly, when sitting and reading; he went to sleep with it, and when the awoke, the weariness had vanished (aft. 9 h.).

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