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Aurum Arsenicum - Back And Neck symptoms

, Aur-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aurum Arsenicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Difficulty in turning the head, as in torticollis,

Tension in the neck, as if a muscle were too short, even when rest, but more violent when stooping (after ten hours),

Drawing in nape of neck towards left clavicle,

Drawing in left side of nape of neck,

Tearing pressure in the lower part of the right side of the neck (after fourteen days),

Jerking, tearing stitches in the left external muscles of the neck (after seven days),

Tearing pain on the inner side of the scapula and below it, when bending the body backwards and to the left (after eleven hours),

Early in the morning, such a severe pain in the spine that he was unable to move a limb,

Heat, pricking, and itching in the back,

Pain in the small of the back, as from fatigue (after three hours),

Drawing in the muscles of the back,

Burning heat, which seems to start from the kidneys and extend to the bladder,

Cutting over the small of the back when sitting, as if from pressure with a sharp instrument,

Heat in the loins,

Sharp piercing pain in the right loin, only during inspiration,

Bruised pain in the loins,

In the nape of the neck, tension as if a muscle were too short, even when at rest, but more severe when stooping (aft. 10 h.).

On the neck, a tearing pressure on the right side, on the lower part, near the clavicle (aft. 14 d.).

Jerking, tearing lancination in the left external cervical muscles (aft. 7 d.).


In the small of the back, pain as from weariness (aft. 3 h.).

Cutting over the small of the back, when sitting, as if it was pressed with something sharp.

In the spine, in the morning, a pain so severe that he could not move a limb.

Pressure on the left side, near the lumbar vertebrae, and upon the upper border of the os innominatum.

Merely on inspiring, a sharp, piercing pain in the right loin.

Fine, tearing lancination on the right side, beside the lumbar vertebrae, passing away every time the presses on it.

Painful pricks, as from needles, close under the right scapula, beside the spine (aft. ½ h.).

Tearing pain on the inner side of the scapula and below it, on bending the body backward and to the left (aft. 10 h.).

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