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Aurum Arsenicum

, Aur-a.

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Aurum Arsenicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Chronic aortitis, lupus, phthisis in syphilitic headaches; also in anaemia and chlorosis. It causes rapid increase of appetite.

Materia medica entries of other remedies mentioning Aurum Arsenicum

x-r > general
As maintained by Hahnemann, Hering and Fincke and demonstrated by the work of the Austrian Provers' Union, the dynamic potentized drug is the chief factor in both proving and healing. Like Magnetis Polus Australis and other imponderabilia, electricity and the X-ray are both capable of potentization, and the potentized dynamic remedy is just as superior to the crude drug as Aurum, Lycopodium, Silicea or Sulphur.

Aur > general
Given full play, Aurum develops in the organism, by attacking the blood, glands, and bone, conditions bearing striking resemblance to mercurial and syphilitic infections; and it is just for such deteriorations of the bodily fluids and alterations in the tissues, that Aurum assumes great importance as a remedy. Like the victim of syphilis, mental states of great depression are produced by it. Hopeless, despondent, and Great desire to commit suicide. Every opportunity is sought for self-destruction. Exostosis, caries, nightly bone-pains, especially cranial, nasal, and palatine. Glands swollen in scrofulous subjects. Palpitation and congestions. Ascites often in conjunction with heart affections. Frequently indicated in secondary syphilis and effects of Mercury. This use of gold as an anti-venereal and anti-scrofulous remedy is very old, but has been well-nigh forgotten by the old school until rediscovered and placed on its scientific basis by homeopathy, and now it can never be lost again. When syphilis is implanted on the scrofulous constitution, we have one of the most intractable morbid conditions, and gold seems to be especially suited to the vile combination. ENNUI. Ozaena; sexual hyperaesthesia. Arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure; nightly paroxysms of pain behind sternum. Sclerosis of liver, arterial system, brain. Pining boys; low spirited, lifeless, weak memory.

Bar-m > general
The different salts of Baryta are called for in organic lesions of the aged and dwarfish, both mentally and physically. Arteriosclerosis and cerebral affections due to this condition. Headaches, but without acute crisis, occurring in old people; heaviness rather than pain. Vertigo, due to cerebral anaemia and noises in ears. Acts on lower alimentary canal, especially rectum; on muscles and joints, giving stiffness and weakness as from over walking. The white blood corpuscles increased. Hypertension and vascular degeneration. Increased tension of pulse. Arteriosclerosis (Aurum; Secale) where a high systolic pressure with a comparatively low diastolic tension is attended by cerebral and cardiac symptoms.

Aur > general
Aurum foliatum (metallic gold). Au (A. W. 196.8). Trituration.

Aur-m > general

Abrot > general
Rheumatic conditions with heart irritation; epistaxis; bloody urine; anxiety and trembling, when there has been a history of diarrhoea. A suddenly checked diarrhoea will be followed by violent cardiac symptoms; it is much like Ledum, Aurum and Kalmia.

Anac > general
I have learned much from Anac., Aurum and Argentum of the strange action of medicines on the human mind.

Asaf > general
such a face we shall cure sometimes with Asa foetida Carbo an., Aurum, Carbo veg. and Pulsatillaare also related to this kind of face, but it is a very troublesome face, it shows more or less cardiac disturbance and venous stasis.

Asaf > general
"Feeling as if the nose stopped high up, as if he could not breathe through it, with fullness of the head, when riding in a carriage." (Aurum, Aurum mur.)

Aur-m > general
The infant's face looks old. Acne on the face. There is often a red, healthy look on the face of very sickly people. Red faced from venous stasis; it is a false plethora, like that described in Aurum

Aur > general
Every little thing rouses him into anger and turmoil, he is always in a vexation. The Aurum state of mind is an insanity dreadful to look upon because of its turbulence and melancholy.

Aur > general
Persons who have been repeatedly drugged with Mercury, have established upon themselves a mercurial disease, with enlargement of the liver, and this is almost always attended more or less by melancholy and sadness and such hopelessness as we find in Aurum

Aur > general
Aurum produces such affections of the liver as are associated with cardiac affections, endocarditis, dropsy of the heart and rheumatic affections that have gone to the heart.

Aur > general
but the understanding is the outermost garment, it surrounds and hides his affections, just as does the garment he wears over the body hide the body. The affections that Aurum resembles are those like unto the very innermost nature of man.

Aur > general
Mercury and disease are so mixed up that a great turmoil will result from your first prescription. He will go through these stages of violence and periodical attacks. You will have to know such medicines as Aurum, Chelidonium and Staphysagria to get this patient over these awful attacks which he is obliged to go through.

Aur > general
Aurum, cures chronic enlargement of the testes, and lumps in the mammary glands. Tumors in these glands, of cystic character, have been cured by Aurum

Aur > general
Hahnemann potentized Aurum and gave some of it to a patient, and it did not work, but he thoroughly triturated it until he got it to the fifteenth potency and then it worked and restored that patient to the bosom of his family.

Aur > general
There is one grand feature running through the Aurum state; it is the manner in which he is affected by temperature, and by the weather. Here are some symptoms that relate to the whole man, which must be examined in this connection.

Aur > general
This patient ranks along with Pulsatilla as to temperature; but Aurum is not mild, gentle and yielding, he is obstinate, irascible, the very opposite of the Pulsatilla patient.

Aur > general
Protrusion of the eyes, such as occurs in exophthalmic goitre, with enlargement of the heart, has been cured by Aurum.

Aur > general
Enlargement of the thyroid gland with rapid and full pulse. Exophthalmic goitre has been cured by Aurum, Natr. mur.

Aur > general
Such a state would be likely to be produced by syphilis that had been treated with Mercury and Aurum would come in as an antidote to both the syphilis and the Mercury

Aur > general
This is all like the complaints to of syphilis, which are cured by Aurum, but Aurum also corresponds to and has cured many times otorrhoea following scarlet fever where there is even entire loss of the drum of the ear and loss of the bones.

Aur > general
A few remedies have the power of curing this syphilitic nose condition; Aurum, Mercury and Hepar are three of them.

Aur > general
Aurum is a medicine that is suitable for induration of the uterus and ulceration of the uterus as a result of repeated abortions.

Aur > general
When you study the loss of affections that is involve in such a state and the affections or lack of affections that are found in Aurum you can see a deep well grounded similitude in the symptoms, and that is the way to hunt a remedy.

Aur > general
We see in Aurum this entire perversion of all the loves of mankind, and finally their entire destruction.

Eup-per > general
Do not be surprised when your patient is perfectly under the influence of Aurum if he has a characteristic aggravation every twenty-one days.

Hell > general
Hellebore has a peculiar quasi-hysterical condition - a form of insanity. She imagines she has sinned away her day of grace. Like Aurum, she believes that she is doing wrong, that she is committing an unpardonable sin. That is as near as the remedy approaches to insanity,

Ign > general
That is very much like Puls., Hell. and Hyos, only Aurum believes that she has committed a great wrong.

Kalm > general
Then Kalmia, Aurum, Bryonia, Rhus tox., Ledum, Calc. and Abrotanum, and sometimes Cactus, are remedies that prove suitable for such cardiac affections. Rheumatic affections that are driven away in this manner are changed without being cured. The people cannot realize the danger, of merely removing symptoms. Every removal that is not in accordance with cure affects the centres of man, that is the heart and brain.

Aur-m-n > general
When writing of Aurum metallicum we might have said something of this combination as a remedy for jaundice or liver troubles. Several years ago I was troubled with frequent attacks of derangement of the liver characterized by, first, a white faecal stool for several days in succession, with dullness of the head, bad tasting mouth, coated tongue, fullness and pain in right side and shoulder, and jaundiced skin. This would either culminate in an attack of bilious vomiting and diarrhoea, or in faecal stools as black as tar, for several days in succession, with gradual relief of the general bilious symptoms. I tried various remedies, as well as I was able to choose them, among which were Mercurius, Leptandra, Podophyllum, Lycopodium and others, with nothing more than temporary relief, and sometimes not even that. While on a visit to New York City, I called upon Dr. M. Baruch, partly to see the man who had been reported to me as both very skillful as a prescriber and eccentric as a man. During my call I stated to him my case. He prescribed for me a dose of Aurum muriaticum natronatum 1000th, followed by a powder each of Veronica officinalis 500th, 200th and 30th, and directed me to take them in the order named once in sixty hours and said "In three months you will be well." I took the powders as directed and have never been troubled in that way since. Since then I have prescribed the Aurum muriaticum natronatum for some obstinate cases of jaundice, with the alternating white and black stools, and have been successful in relieving them.

Aur > general
The Aurum patient is plunged into the deepest gloom and despair. Life is a burden, he desires death. Suicide dwells constantly in his mind. In men, I have observed it oftenest in connection with liver troubles. In women, with womb troubles, especially when enlarged, indurated or prolapsed. In both these cases, the result, so far as local conditions are concerned, seems to be from repeated attacks of congestion to the parts, which ends in hypertrophy. The liver in enlarged the womb also, and prolapsus occurs from the very weight of the organs. These congestions, so characteristic of the remedy, take place also in head, heart, chest and kidneys; but, whenever they come, the peculiar mind symptoms are always present to furnish the chief indication for Gold. The Gold patient is also at times "peevish and vehement, the least contradiction excites his wrath." He will exhibit these outbreaks occasionally, even when the more characteristic depression and gloom greatly preponderate. Other remedies have a similar depression and tendency to suicide, like Naja and Nux vomica, but none in anything like the degree of Aurum. I once cured a young lady who tried to commit suicide by drowning. After she was cured she laughed at the occurrence, and said she could not help it. It seemed to her she was of no use in the world. She felt so. .

Aur > general
Aurum has been found efficacious in curing some bone affections of syphilitic origin, especially if such cases had been the subjects of old school dosing with Mercury. There would be a great falling off of business for physicians if the old school could learn to cure their patients without poisoning them with their drugs. The locality where Aurum has made its best record in these syphilitico-mercurial affections is in caries of the bones (caries of long bones, Fluoric acid, Angustura), of the nose and palate, also of the mastoid process. In these nasal troubles it is sometimes of great use in the catarrh, or ozoena, before the trouble has progressed to actual caries. The nostrils are agglutinated, ulcerated, and nose obstructed and filled with crusts, or there are excessively fetid discharges, and the patient is melancholy and disposed to suicide. Aurum is one of the few remedies that has hemiopia or half-sight, and has cured it even in the 200th potency. Lycopodium and Lithium carbonicum also have half-sight, but Aurum sees only the lower, while the other two see only the left half of objects.

Aur > general
Aurum not only causes and cures indurations of the womb in the female, but indurations also of the testicles in the male, and in both cases de ever-present mental symptoms of Aurum or the syphilitico-mercurial history furnish the chief indications for its use. In fatty heart, in ruddy, corpulent, old people it is one of our best remedies. In these cases there is much vascular disturbance. "Violent palpitation, with anxiety and congestion in the chest and visible beating of the carotids and temporal arteries".

Aur > general
Belladonna may relieve the attack, but Aurum goes deeper and is more lasting in its effect. Aurum is one of our best remedies for bone pains. Never forget it. It ranks with Kali iodide, Asafoetida and the Mercuries in periostical affections.

Kali-bi > general
Kali bichromicum is one of our sheet anchors in the treatment of disease of the mucous membrane of the nose. Not only in inflammations of an acute character, which are attended with stringy discharges, but also of a chronic kind known as "chronic catarrh." In these cases the patient often complains of much pressure at the root of the nose (Sticta pulm.), and especially if an habitual discharge becomes suddenly suppressed. Slugs and clinkers form in the nose, which form again and again after removal. Sometimes there discharge tough green masses or hard plugs. This process of chronic inflammation may go on from bad to worse, until ulceration sets in to such an extent that the whole septum may ulcerate away. I have known a case in which the apparently "punched out" ulcers ate a hole right through the septum. This may be syphilitic or not. If in syphilitic cases the destructive process should attack the bones, Kali bich. may still be of use, thigh I should expect to be obliged to resort to Aurum met. or some more deeply acting remedy.

Mag-p > general
Bone pains. Aurum, Asafoetida, Eupat. perf., Mercurius.

Naja > general
We also notice on referring to the same authority that all the most marked verifications are of symptoms produced by the provings of the 30th of Lachesis. Does this indicate that Naja must be proven in the potencies to develop its most efficient powers? Naja has been found of very decided use in affections of the heart, especially weak heart (Nux vomica, tired feeling); diphtheria, where there is impending heart failure or paralysis. Dyspnoea and prostration from weak heart, sympathetic cough in organic diseases with weak heart action. (Dry cough, sympathetic in heart affections, Spongia.) Palpitation and bad feeling in heart, worse walking. In these troubles, as well as in chronic weakness of heart, there is no doubt of the value of Naja. Constantly dwells on suicide like Aurum. But further than this I do not know of very many marked successes from its use. Nevertheless, I feel convinced that with further proving and investigation, along the same line as Lachesis, it may rival if not outshine it.

Nux-v > general
If the gloomy or hypochondriac condition of mind persist, we will more likely have to look to such remedies as Aurum, Nat. mur., etc., to find the true similimum. These nervous symptoms of mind and body are wonderful leaders to the selection of the right remedy.

Rhod > general
Rhododendron seems to have an especial affinity for the testicles. They are swollen, with drawing contusive pains, which sometimes extend to abdomen and thighs, and they are very sensitive to touch. The remedies most like it are Aurum metall., Clematis erecta, Pulsatilla, Argentum metall., and Spongia. If the affection was of syphilitic origin we would prefer Aurum, especially if the case had been abused by old school mercurialization. If it came from suppressed gonorrhoea, Clematis or Pulsatilla; if of rheumatic origin, Rhododendron. Of course all the case would come into the calculation when making up the perfect picture.

Staph > general
Phosphoric acid is sometimes used for the results of onanism when Staphisagria would do better. You will also notice that this remedy may be indicated for the effects of anger instead of Chamomilla or Colocynth. Here are Chamomilla, Nux vomica Cina, Colocynth and Staphisagria standing very close to each other for cross, ugly, irritable subjects, and there are few cases that one or the other will not fit. Then we have Phosphoric acid, Natrum muriaticum, Anacardium, Aurum and Staphisagria for the apathetic or hypochondriacal.

Asaf > relationships
Compare: Moschus; China; Mercur; Aurum

Bar-m > relationships
Compare in sclerotic degenerations, especially of spinal cord, liver and heart. Plumbum met. And Plumb. Iod. Also Aurum mur ( which will often accomplish more in sclerotic and exudative degenerations than other remedies. Multiple sclerosis, fulgurating pains, tremors, Morvan’s disease, hypertrophy of fingers.)

Hydrc > relationships
Compare: Elaesis - South American Palm - (scleroderma, elephantiasis, leprosy, skin thickened, itching and hardened. Anaesthesia). Hura; Trychnos gaultheriana (bites of serpents, ulcers and cutaneous affections generally); Hoang-na. Chaulmoogra oil from seeds of Taraktogenos; Hydrast.; Arsenic; Aurum; Sepia.

Sec > relationships
Compare: Ergotin ( Beginning arteriosclerosis progressing rather rapidly. Increased blood pressure: 2x trit. Edema, gangrene and purpura hemorrhagia; when Secale Cornutum, though indicated, fails); Pedicularis canadensis (symptoms of locomotor ataxia; spinal irritation); Brassica Napus - Rape-seed - (dropsical swellings, scorbutic mouth, voracious appetite, tympanitis, dropping of nails, gangrene); Cinnamon.; Colch.; Ars.; Aurum MUR. 2x (locomotor ataxia); Agrostema - Corn cockle - active constituent is Saponin, which causes violent sneezing and sharp burning taste; burning in stomach, extends to oesophagus, neck and breast; (vertigo, headache, difficult locomotion, burning sensation); Ustilago; Carbo; Pitutrin (dilated os, little pain, no progress. Dose, 1/2 c. c., repeat in half hour, if necessary. Hypodermically contraindicated in first stage of labor, valvular lesions or deformed pelvis).

Mag-g > relationships
Compare: Rhus.; Dulcam.; Aurum.

Aur-s > general
This is a valuable gold preparation which I have used with success in Aurum cases with some Sulphur indications. It has been proved, and the most striking symptoms are the following Constant nodding of head (suggesting paralysis agitans). Lancinations in occiput. Redness and swelling of nose.

Aur > general
Gold affects profoundly the entire organism, exercising a solvent action on the tissues, producing ulcerations and the disappearances of new growths. Hence it is one of the best antidotes to Mercurial over-dosing, and especially in cases of syphilis. Scrofula and caries of bone also find in Aurum a remedy. It also produces rushes of blood and haemorrhages. Boring pains and burning stitches predominate. No drug produces more acute mental depression than Aurum, and in any case where this profound melancholy is found, Aurum must be well studied. There is a condition of melancholy, hoplessness, profound depression, tendency to suicide and longing for death. Anthrophobia. Aggravation from emotion. Complaints after grief, fright, anger, disappointed love, contradiction, reserved displeasure. Hysteria, laughs and cries alternately. The head is giddy, full, hot. Rush of blood to the head. Vertigo as if turning in a circle when stooping, goes off on rising. As if drunk when walking in the open air. Sensation as if a current of air were rushing through the head, if not kept warm. Bones of skull painful, especially lying down. Vertical half-sight. Fiery sparks. Caries of mastoid process of bones of nose. Ozaena. In the abdominal region, as with Merc., there is swelling of liver, jaundice. Hernia, inguinal or umbilical.

Aur > general
mostly on and around the genitals. Ulcers which attack the bones. Warts, scrofulous, syphilitic, mercurial. "agg. From Sunset to sunrise" is a leading Condition of Aurum. Paralytic drawing in the limbs in the morning when awaking.

Pall > general
Hering, who made the first provings in 1850, says "If we classify the Sulphides according to their solubility in dilute acids, Pallad. must be placed with Argentum, Rhodium, Ruthenium, and Osmium, and Platina remains with the less soluble Mercury, Aurum, and Iridium. Platinum and Palladium, both proved in dust form, showed such similarity in their effects that the question arose whether corresponding differences might be found.

Am-c > relationships
Similar to its relatives. Amm. mur., Amm. phos., etc., and to Ant. tart. (emphysema, etc.; blood poisoned with carbonic acid); Arnic.; Arsen. (inflammations); Aurum (heart); Apis (scarlatina, miliaria; burning, stinging); Bellad.; Coccul. (muscular asthenopia); Calc. ostr. (parotitis in scarlatina; pale flabby, etc.); Hepar; Kali bichr.; Kali carb.; Laches. (erysipelas); Lauroc.; Natr. mur. (muscular asthenopia); Phosphor.; Pulsat.; Rhus tox. (rash, scarlatina with parotitis, etc.); Ruta (muscular asthenopia); Staphis.; Sulphur; Veratr. (cholera-like symptoms during menses).

Arg-n > relationships
Similar to; Aurum; Cuprum; Kali bichro.; Laches.; Mercury; Merc. corr.; Merc. iod.; Natr. mur.; Nitr ac.

Asaf > relationships
Cognates Aurum (bone diseases; iritis, etc.); Arg. nitr.; Ammoniacum (family relation); Castor., Cinchon., Caustic., Conium (family relation); Hepar (sensitive around ulcers, faint with pains) Ignat. (hysteria), Mercur. (syphilis); Moschus (hysteria, spasm of lungs, fainting, etc.); Pulsat.; Thuja; Valer.

Aur > relationships
Antidotes to Aurum Bellad., Cinchon., Coccul., Coffea, Cuprum, Mercur., Pulsat., Spigel., Sol. nigr.

Aur > relationships
Aurum antidotes Mercur., Spigel.

Merc > relationships
Antidotes Hepar, Kali hydr., Nitr. ac., Aurum, Mezer, Carb. veg., Sulphur, Iodum, Guaiac., Dulcum., Cinchon., Staphis., Ferrum, Bellad., Laches.

Merc > relationships
Ailments from Arsen. or copper vapors, Aurum, Antimon., Laches., Bellad., Opium, Cinchon., Dulcam., Mezer., Sulphur, Calcar.

Spig > relationships
Spigel. is antidoted by Aurum (restlessness in limbs), Coccul., Pulsat.

Hippoz > relationships
Compare Bacillin., Avi., Luet., Variol. The serpent poisons, Aurum, Cadm. s., Kali b., Hepar, Psorin.

Aur-m > mind
The mental symptoms are largely such as are found in Aurum It has the same suicidal disposition. His mind dwells upon his broken health until he becomes low-spirited and desires death. He loathes his life. Weeping and aversion to his occupation. Indolence The melancholia of old syphilitics. Extremely anxious with palpitation.

Hell > mind
2 When able to be about the patient appears to be sad, because she sits and says nothing, and seems to be in a woeful mood. But there is not that great lamentation, with walking the floor and wringing the hands that we find in Aurum.

Aur > head
In Aurum the pain in the head is very intense, maddening, often accompanied by a sensation as if air were blowing upon him; he looks around to see where the draft comes from when there is none; extremely sensitive.

Asaf > nose
Caries of nasal bones ( Aurum.)

Aur > general
Aurum is full of nasal troubles, with foetid discharge. The bones of the nose necrose.

Aur > face
Face red and swollen. Aurum has cured epithelioma of the wing of the nose and lip. Remember the horribly offensive odor from the nose, loss of smell following pains in the nasal bones; nasal catarrh.

Aur > chest
High blood pressure - Valvular lesions of arteriosclerotic nature (Aurum 30).

Calc > general
sad and unhappy, and old people who take on a loathing of life, become weary of life. That is a good deal like Aurum In going over Aurum I explained that, and dwelt upon it, that the highest love is the love of life.

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