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Atropinium - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Atropinum Atro.

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HPUS indication of Atropinium: Heartburn

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Atropinium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The mouth opens but little; masticator muscles rigid,

Mucous membrane of mouth dark-red (second day),

Buccal cavity feels hot (after one hour),

Mucous membranes of mouth dry,

Mouth very dry, so dry that upon inserting the finger, it will not be moistened (after two hours),

Food will remain in the mouth for minutes without becoming moistened in the least,

Could swallow no breakfast on account of deficiency of buccal secretions to moisten the food (second day),

Difficult speech,

After many days action of Atropia Sulphurica Atropia, there manifested itself a slowness and embarrassment of articulation of words,

Frequent stuttering, especially at words difficult to pronounce (never used to do so), (sixth day),

Articulation indistinct, rapid, and chattering,


Teeth and lips dry, and covered with sordes,

Dryness of the mouth has increased and now extends to the lips, which feel dry and parched (after half an hour),

Gums and teeth

Teeth and Tongue.

Teeth feel "on edge" (first day),


Thick, viscid, or slimy mucus in the mouth,

Thin coating of viscid, slimy, white mucus over the entire buccal cavity (second day),

Can drink water without difficulty, but produces no sensation in the mouth or throat, except a slight feeling of coldness; is scarcely aware when he swallowed it (second day),

Great dryness of the mouth,

Dryness of the throat has extended over the entire buccal cavity (after two hours),

Dryness of the mouth continued through the night,

Mouth very dry; no thirst; cannot feel the passage of water through the mouth or throat when drinking (after ten minutes),

Dryness in the mouth, and especially in the throat, reached such a degree that on attempting to eat a piece of bread and butter he could not swallow it, unless he took water (two to three hours),

Had great difficulty in swallowing food, on account of non-secretion of saliva; food will remain in the mouth for minutes without becoming moistened in the least (after one hour),

Stoppage of secretion of saliva; smoking does not bring any saliva into the mouth,

Excessive secretion of saliva (second day),

Speech thick, probably from dryness of the mouth and throat,


Tongue slightly coated white (second day),

Tongue thickly coated with whitish mucus (after one hour),

Tongue thickly coated with a dirty gray fur (second day),

Tongue coated whitish on margins, and yellow in middle,

Tip and edges of the tongue light red; tongue trembles when protruded from the mouth (after one hour),

Anterior part of the tongue or whole of the dorsum, excepting a wide margin, will be found dry, brown, and rough,

The mucous layer of the tongue becomes completely dry, brown, and hard (1/40 grain),

Tongue trembles when protruded (after three hours),

When asked to protrude the tongue he does it with difficulty, and only after considerable effort; cannot move the tongue about in the mouth at will,

The tongue (shown one when desired), was protruded with difficulty and incompletely,

Tongue thick, cannot articulate distinctly (first night),

The tongue and other muscles assisting in speech were difficult to move,

Tongue seemed partially paralyzed,

Tongue moist, coated whitish-yellow (second day),

Tongue dry and furred (after forty-eight hours),

Dorsum of tongue dry an parched, and the entire roof of the mouth and velum palati dry and glazed,

Mouth and tongue very dry, with great difficulty in swallowing (after one and a quarter hours),


Loss of sensation in the buccal cavity, with complete loss of taste. When swallowing water from a tumbler, I could not be persuaded that I had drank any until convinced by looking into the glass (first day),

Saliva, Taste, and Speech.

After continuing, about two hours, the dryness of the mouth is suddenly relieved by the appearance of a viscid acid secretion of an offensive odor, like the sweat of the feet. The mouth becomes foul and clammy, and a bitter coppery taste is complained of,

Everything tastes salt (after one hour),

Same slimy taste in the mouth (after three hours),

Slight sweetish taste in the mouth,

Food all tastes alike, like sawdust; tastes dry and cannot be swallowed except by washing it down with some liquid, owing to the deficiency of secretion of saliva (after two hours),

Food is tasteless (after half an hour),


Dryness of tongue and fauces (immediately),

Dryness of the fauces, seems extending over the whole mouth,

Dry mouth and fauces,

Dryness of the mouth and fauces increased, so that swallowing became almost impossible,

Gradually increasing dryness in mouth and fauces (in two hours), which became so severe in one hour that he could not speak a word, and the tongue almost stuck to the roof of the mouth,


Complete dryness of the tongue, roof of the mouth, and soft palate, extending more or less down the pharynx and larynx, rendering the voice husky, and often inducing dry cough and difficult deglutition,

The hard and soft palate perfectly dry and glazed,

The hard palate and the anterior part of the tongue and the soft palate dry, but not parched or glazed,

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