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Atropinium - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Atropinum Atro.

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HPUS indication of Atropinium: Heartburn

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Atropinium in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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On the following morning, imagining she saw a worm, "a thousand-legged worm," on her carpet, she sprang out of bed, and was found trying to find it.

failing in this, she would look in another place and see it again. This illusion kept her busy some time, before fully satisfied of the fallacy. The color of the worm was brown, the predominating color of at the carpet,.

Objects round or oval seem elongated.

for example, the human figure was distorted so that the vertical diameter of the face seemed equal to the rest of the body.

especially prominent were the nose and chin, which seemed of considerable length, and their margins enveloped in a mist.

these appearances lasted some hours, for as I woke at half-past three, these images still floated clearly before the eyes.

the pupils (on the next day) were very large and sluggish,.

Those parts of the mouth which are adjacent ot the median plane are so completely parched that they fail to impart the least moisture to a bit of bibulous paper of sugar, kept in contact with them for several minutes. It is observable that this dryness is greatest along the median line and on either side of it, and that after moderate doses it extends only a short way outwards. Dryness of the lips, the buccal mucous membrane, and the pillars of the fauces, only occurs after large doses.

but a very moderate dose is required to render the central part of the tongue dry and parched from back to front, and the hard and soft palates and back of the oesophagus as dry and glazed as a piece of paper,.

While the mouth continues in the dry condition above described, the salivary glands appear quiescent, and the morbid state of the tongue and palate renders it difficult, it not impossible, to excite a flow of saliva by gustatory impressions.

but they readily pour out abundance of secretion when an appropriate stimulus reaches them. In a patient who was suffering from severe neuralgia of the face, associated with profuse salivation, the secretion was in no degree diminished when, as occasionally happens, a severe paroxysm of pain came on during the action of a full dose of Atropia Sulphurica Atropia,.

Pulse accelerated, increased in volume and power (after ten and twenty minutes).

if previously slow and feeble or intermitting, the change will be very decided.

the acceleration amounts to 20 to 25 beats per minute.

it will take place suddenly and attain its maximum within one or two minutes.

after being maintained for half an hour a gradual decline takes place, and the heart soon returns to its state, and continues to beat as quickly and powerfully as before.

just as the pulse rises a slight giddiness is often perceptible,.

Jerkings of muscles, particularly those of the legs, arms, and face. When attempting to drink from a glass, arm suddenly contracted and the water was spilled. While walking, the flexor muscles of one or both legs would suddenly contract, throwing me to the ground.

do not dare to walk across the room for fear of falling (second day),.