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Asterias Rubens - Relationships - Boericke

Red Starfish, Asterias, Aster.

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HPUS indication of Asterias Rubens: Pimples

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Asterias Rubens in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Compare: Conium Mac Conium; Carboneum Oxygenisatum Carbo; Arsenicum Album Ars.; Condurango Condurango.


Antidotes: Plumbum Metallicum Plumb.; Zincum Metallicum Zinc.


Incompatible: Nux Vomica Nux; Coffea Tosta Coffea.


These are relationship sections of other remedies that refer to Asterias Rubens. Where the text is greyed out, a relationship with that remedy is already described above.

Bromium > compare
Compare: Conium Mac Conium; Spongia Tosta Spongia; Iodium Iod.; Asterias Rubens Aster.; Argentum Nitricum Arg. Nit. Avoid milk when taking Bromium. Hydrobromic acid ( Throat dry and puckering; constriction in pharynx and chest; waves of heat over face and neck; pulsating tinnitus with great nervous irritability (Houghton); vertigo, palpitation; arms heavy; seemed as if parts did not belong to him. Seems to have a specific effect on the inferior cervical ganglion, increasing the tonic action of the sympathetic, thus promoting vasoconstriction. Relieves headache, tinnitus and vertigo, especially in vasomotor stomach disturbance. Dose, 20 minims.)

Bufo Rana > compare
Compare: Baryta Carb Baryt. Carb.; Asterias Rubens Asterias; Salamand ( Epilepsy and softening of brain)

Condurango > compare
Compare: Asterias Rubens Asterias; Conium Mac Conium; Hydrastis Canadensis Hydrast.; Arsenicum Album Arsenic.

Homarus > compare
Compare: Sepia Sepia; Asterias Rubens Asterias; Astacus; Aethusa Cynapium Aethusa.

Lapis Albus > compare
Compare: Silicea Silica.; Badiaga Badiaga; Arsenicum Iodatum Ars. Iod.; Calcarea Iodata Calc. Iod.; Conium Mac Con.; Kali Iodatum Kal. Iod.; Asterias Rubens Asterias.

Scrophularia Nodosa > compare
Compare: Lobe. erinus; Ruta Graveolens Ruta; Carcinosin; Conium Mac Conium; Asterias Rubens Asterias.

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