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Asa Foetida - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Gum Of The Stinkasand, Asafoetida, Asafoetida, Asaf.

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HPUS indication of Asa Foetida: Flatulence

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Asa Foetida in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Pain in joints, etc., of head; sensation as if beaten, etc., in epigastric region, etc.; after rising, tearing in joint of left foot, etc.; early, oppression of chest, etc.

(Evening), Hysteric rising in throat; great lassitude, etc.

(Night), When awaking, pain in joints, etc., of head.

(Bending thorax forward), Pressure on lower part of sternum.

(Bending upper part of body back and forth), Pressive pain in small of back.

(After dinner), When walking, flatulent pain in abdomen.

(Drinking), Causes heaviness, etc., in intestines.

(After eating), Pressure in epigastric region; pressure in epigastric region, etc.; tension in abdomen.

(During inspiration and expiration), Pressure in left intercostal muscles; sticking in left loin.

(When lying), Soon after a meal, great oppression of chest, etc.; stitches, etc., in chest.

(Motion), Drawing down left side of throat; drawing down left side of neck; stitches in joints of small finger; great weakness; chilliness.

(On moving finger), Pain along forearm.

(Motion of painful joints), Increases sufferings.

(Rest), Pain along left shoulder, etc.; stitches up right forearm; pain as if beaten in wrist bones.

(Standing), Pain below navel; stitches in chest after hawking; throbbing in thorax.

(Stooping), Pain in region of left short rib; stitches under left shoulder-blade.

(Swallowing), Tension in throat.

(Making parts tense), Pain in hamstrings.

(While urinating), Drawing in glands penis.

(On writing), Dull pressure in sternum returns.


(Evening), All symptoms disappear except distension of abdomen.

(Toward 9 P.M.), Pains cease entirely.

(After blinking), Dimness of eyes disappears.

(Mucous expectoration), Aching in chest.

(Discharge of offensive flatus), Relief from time to time.

(On inspiration and expiration), Pressure of sternum passes off; sticking in loin disappears.

(Motion), Pressure on tibia disappears.

(Pressure), *Stitches in both sides of abdomen disappear; stitches, etc., in chest disappear.

(Rubbing), Stitches in side of abdomen go away; sticking below right malleolus disappears.

(Sitting up), Stitches, etc., on chest disappear.

(After blackish-brown, etc., stool), Symptoms relieved.

(Walking), Stitching in left loin disappears; tearing, etc., in right leg; sticking in tibia disappears; pain below left calf disappears; stitches in dorsum of right foot go away.