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Asa Foetida - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Gum Of The Stinkasand, Asafoetida, Asafoetida, Asaf.

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HPUS indication of Asa Foetida: Flatulence

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Asa Foetida in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



The breasts swelled as large as if she were in the last month of pregnancy, and a milky discharge escaped from them,

In the region of the short ribs, right around across the back, a jerklike constriction,

Spasmodic tightness of the chest, as if the lungs could not be fully expanded,

Spasmodic contraction of the chest, so severe that the pulse became small, contracted, irregular, and slow-60 or 65,

Oppressive aching feeling in the chest, relieved by mucous expectoration,

Severe pressure in some dorsal vertebrae,

Drawing pressive pain, with contraction of the chest (half an hour),

Pressure here and there in the thorax and in the muscles of the back,

Pressure on the chest, with constriction of the throat (sixty-third hour),

Pressive pain in the left intercostal muscles, from within outward (thirty-seventh hour),

Pressure in the left intercostal muscles, from within outward, which is worse during inspiration and expiration (fifth hour),

Decided oppression of the chest,

Slight oppression of the chest,

Spasmodic oppression of the chest,

Great oppression of the chest, with pressure and throbbing in it, when lying, soon after a meal (second day),

Burrowing sticking, from the diaphragm out to the left ribs, continues on inspiration and expiration (sixty-seventh hour),

Penetrating stitches in the chest after hawking, when standing and sitting (sixty-fourth hour),

Needle stitches in all the intercostal muscles, when sitting,

Stitches and pressure in the chest, when lying, with very difficult sighing, sobbing inspiration; on pressing with the hand on the chest, or on sitting up, it disappears (second day),

Weak movements in the left intercostal muscles (four and a half hours),

When stooping, severe pain back in the region of the left short ribs,

Burning drawing in the right intercostal muscles (sixty-first hour),

Pressive sticking in the right cavity of the thorax, then fine stitches, with pressive pain, in the ribs near the spine (fifth hour),

Pressure under the left front edges of the ribs,

Pressure in the thorax, to the right side, extending outward (sixty-ninth hour),

Lasting pressure behind, in the region of the left short ribs,

Pressive pain in the right side of the chest, from within outward (twenty-sixth hour),

Pressure in front, below the edge of the left ribs,

Oppression of chest, especially on left side,

Drawing-sticking pain in the left side of the chest (four and a half hours),

A pressive sticking pain on the lower ribs of the right side, which extends into the abdomen to the flank of the same side (half an hour),

Stitch in the right ribs (sixth hour),

Tensive stitches in the left intercostal muscles (fifty-eighth hour),

Dull stitches in the left ribs (sixty-third hour),

Pinching sharp stitches in the right inner side of the ribs (twenty-seventh hour),

Boring stitches in the left cavity of the thorax, from within outward, continuing the same during inspiration and expiration,

Boring dull stitches in the left side, extending outward to the ribs, continuing during inspiration and expiration (forty-seventh hour),

Stitches in the region of the diaphragm, on the right side (twenty-fourth hour),

After a meal, stitches in the region of the last true ribs, right side, and oppression of the chest,

Pressure in the sternum,

Pressure in the sternum and on the right side of it,

On bending the thorax forward, a pressure on the lower part of the sternum (first day),

Even on compressing the abdomen, pressure on the lower part of the sternum, and nausea, with fulness at the pit of stomach (second day),

Pressive pain in the middle of the sternum, with a kind of nausea rising up from the chest (thirty-fourth hour),

Dull pressure in the sternum; passes off on inspiring and expiring, but returns on writing (three-quarters of an hour),

Pressive stitches in the sternum, from within outward (thirty-second hour),

Fleeting but very painful stitches under the breast-bone, with aching and burning in the chest, and frequent inclination to cough,

Pressive throbbing in the thorax, extending to the fauces, on standing and sitting (sixty-fourth hour),


The oppression of the chest increased to an agonizing degree, preventing respiration, and driving the patient about in a restless manner,

So smothered in the air-passages that he must hack repeatedly; the tone of the hacking cough is not clear, but hoarse (from smelling the strong tincture),

Dry irritative cough, excited by tickling in the larynx,

Frequent cough, with slimy expectoration,

Slightly quickened respiration,

Quickness of breathing, interrupted by coughing and yawning,

Heart and pulse

Congestion and distension of the heart, attended with smallness of the pulse, and followed by loose stool,

Slight palpitation of the heart, more like a tremor, several times, when sitting,

Aching pain in the region of the heart, as if from overfilling,

Quickness of the pulse,

Fulness and quickness of the pulse,

Pulse small and frequent,

The beating of the heart and pulse became somewhat small, quick, and irregular,

Pulse small and rather slow,

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