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Argentum Nitricum - Mouth symptoms - T.F. Allen

Nitrate Of Silver, Arg. Nit, Argent. Nit, Argentum Nit, Argent Nit, Arg N, Arg Nit, Arg-n.

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HPUS indication of Argentum Nitricum: Impulsiveness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Argentum Nitricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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The papillae are prominent and erect, and feel sore (1st potency),

The papillae of the left side are erect and prominent (1st potency, fifth day),

Ulcerated crusts on the mucous membrane of the mouth, especially that of the left cheek (1st potency, fifth day),

Fetor from the mouth, in the morning (2d potency, third day),

Ptyalism (30th potency, fifth day),


Slight astringent sensation in the region of the lips, in the buccal cavity and in the tongue (6th potency),

Gums and teeth

Exfoliation of a molar tooth, in the right lower jaw, impeding mastication, and causing an ulcerative pain and a vacillating sensation (30th potency, third day),

Raging in the carious molar tooth of the left side (30th potency),

Drawing through all the teeth of the lower jaw (second day),

9 P.M., drawing through the lower incisors (first day),

Drawing in the molars,

In the morning, when washing his mouth, the cold water causes a sudden tearing pain in his teeth (30th potency, second day),

The teeth are very sensitive to cold water (30th potency, second day),

After a time tenderness of the gums with a disposition to bleed; they were, however, neither painful nor swollen,

The gums are inflamed and stand off from the teeth in the shape of white indentations, especially painful when touched,

Loose, readily bleeding gums, which, however, were neither painful nor swollen,


Watery mucus in the mouth and in the posterior nares, day and night (1st potency),

Accumulation of watery saliva in the mouth (1st potency),

Watery mucus in the mouth and posterior nares, day and night (1st potency),


White tongue (1st potency, second day),

White, slimy tongue (1st potency),

Yellowish-gray tongue (30th potency, second day),

Red, painful tip of the tongue; the papillae are erect and prominent (2d potency, second day),

Tongue dark-bluish in spots (1/2 grain),

Tongue smutty-brown (1 grain),

The tongue is swollen and painful, as if ulcerated (1st potency, fifth day),

Towards the left margin of the tongue the papillae become erect and form reddish painful pimples; the tongue is painful as if burnt (1st potency, first day),

Rough tongue (2d potency, second day),

Dry tongue in the morning (2d potency, fifth day),

Dry tongue in the evening (2d potency, second day),

In the morning, when waking, the tongue feels dry as a crust; even after washing the mouth with water, the dryness abates only a little and for a little while (1st potency, fourth day),

The tongue and mouth are dry and parched (2d potency, third day),

The tongue is remarkably dry, with violent thirst,

Dry tongue, with slimy mouth (2d potency, fifth day),

Burning in the tongue; of a small spot on one or the other hand; on the inner condyle of the knee (first day),

Feeling of warmth at the tip of the tongue and then in the oesophagus (1/4 grain),


10 P.M., burning in the tip of the tongue, with a peculiar bitter taste (not the bitterness characteristic of Arg. nit.), (second day),

Astringent taste in the mouth, with accumulation of watery saliva (6th potency),

Metallic taste (from Causticum caustic),

She has a taste as of ink in the mouth,

Inklike metallic taste, with styptic astringency of the mouth (1st potency, first day),

Metallico-styptic taste in the mouth, like ink, immediately (1st potency),

In the morning, after rising, he has a clayish taste in his mouth, the tip of the tongue being white, the root yellow, with viscid lips and no thirst (6th potency, second day),

Pappy, chalklike taste in the mouth, viscid lips, thin mucous coating on the reddish-white tongue (30th potency),

Pappy, bitter taste, with viscid mouth (30th potency, fourth day),

Bitter taste (1/4 grain),

Very bitter taste, and sensation of warmth on tip of tongue, and afterward in pharynx,

Bitter, astringent, stinging, coppery taste in the mouth, with nausea and inclination to vomit, immediately after taking the drug (1st potency),

Bitter, astringent, metallic taste, as of verdigris, exciting nausea and inclination to vomit (1st potency),

Sweetish taste (1/4 grain),

Sweetish bitter taste, with hypochondriac mood (30th potency, third day),


Parched condition of the lips, mouth, tongue, and fauces, night and morning (2d potency),

The palate and fauces were so dry that he was merely able to mutter instead of talking (1st potency, fourth day),


Troublesome tension and prickling of the palate; a few days after this a swelling with a wart-shaped excrescence showed itself, impeding deglutition (30th potency, seventh, ninth day),

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