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Argentum Metallicum - Modalities Etc - T.F. Allen

Silver, Arg, Argent Natif, Arg-m.

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HPUS indication of Argentum Metallicum: Hoarseness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Argentum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Forenoon), Sensation of hunger, etc.; heat, etc., over whole body.

(Noon), *The symptoms reappear; at rest, pain in right side of chest.

(Afternoon), Stitch through skin, etc., of left upper lid; itching in the folds of the concha, etc.; burning on tip of tongue; two vomitings; after long walk, pain as if sprained, on left side of pelvis; on writing, twitches in right thumb; chilliness.

(Night), Distension of the abdomen; rumbling in the abdomen, etc.; when lifting the cover, ever so little, chills over upper part of body.

(After midnight), Sweat.

(10 A.M.), Confusion of head.

(11 A.M.), Stitching in the side of left forearm, etc.; great fatigue, etc.

(2 P.M.), Drawing pains above the wrist.

(3 P.M.), At rest, tearings in lower end of left arm.

(6 P.M.), Burning pain on elbow; tearing in back of left middle toes.

(7 P.M.), At rest, after moderate walk, pain in left lumbar region.

(Adduction of thigh), Pain in lumbo-sacral region.

(Draught of air), Pain in cricoid cartilage.

(Walking in open air), Pressure on side of neck; pain in condyle of tibia; lassitude, etc., all over.

(Bending arm), Tension at point of elbow.

(Sitting bent), Pain in left side of sternum.

(Breathing), Pressive stitches in side of back.

(On coming in from a walk), Very dizzy, etc.

(Contact), Pain in region of temporal bones; pain in metacarpal bone of thumb, etc.; pain in flesh of upper arm.

(Coughing), *Raw, etc., in throat; rawness, etc., in upper part of larynx.

(Curving the back), Stitches at the termination of the ribs.

(During deglutition), Soreness, etc., in throat; (*empty), scraping in velum pendulum.

(After dinner), Immediately, when blowing nose, violent bleeding.

(After beginning to eat), Pressure from hypogastrium downwards.

(After eating), Coldness in right side of pelvis.

(During and after eating), Sweats very easily.

(During expiration), Soreness, etc., in throat.

(Extending arm), Pain in bend of right elbow.

(Muscular exertion), Pain in right axilla.

(Inspiration), Pressure from hypogastrium downwards; cutting in region of lowest ribs; pain under second and third ribs; stitches between ribs; stitches in chest, etc.

(Laughing), *Produces mucus in larynx; *excites cough.

(Lifting the part), Cramp in upper arm.

(Lying on back), *Twitching of the cardiac muscle.

(Masticating), Sense of cutting toward the parotid gland.

(Motion), Pressure on the sternum; after waking, in the morning, tension on both sides of the foramen magnum; stitches in the side of back; morning, after waking, paralytic feeling in arms; pain in bend of right elbow; pain behind left hip; bruised, etc., pain in right knee; paralytic weakness.

(Motion after rising), Pain, as if sprained in rim of pelvis.

(After a meal), While sitting and standing, sensation as of a living worm boring though the anus.

(During afternoon nap), Sensation of hunger, etc.

(Pressure), Tendon of psoas muscle painful as if bruised; drawing on outside of left upper arm; pains in left wrist.

(Reading), Burning sensation at pit of stomach.

(Reflecting), Attacks of vertigo.

(Rising from seat), Burning in the side of small of back.

(Rising after stooping), Pressure on the sternum.

(Resting foot on small support), Stitches in the external malleolus.

(Seizing something), Tearing in left fourth finger, etc.

(Setting down the foot), Stitches in hip-joint.

(Singing), Raw spot in windpipe.

(Sneezing), Pain, as if sprained in left hip.

(Speaking), Raw spot in windpipe.

(Standing), Burning at pit of stomach, etc.; pain on surface of right knee; cutting pain in left fibula.

(Standing in a room), Shivering through outer side of left lower limb.

(Stepping), Pain in heel; pain, as if sprained in hip-joint.

(Stepping on left foot, when running), Pressure in right hip-joint.

(During stool), Two vomitings.

(After morning stool), Pain in belly.

(Stooping), *Mucus gets into air-passages.

(Stooping sideways and leaning on warm), Stitch below rib.

(Touch), Gums painful.

(Turning head to opposite side, and putting sterno-cleido mastoid muscle on stretch), On sitting in open air, pain on each side of neck.

(Uncovering upper part of body), Slight creeping chills in the skin.

(Urinating), Slight burning.

(After waking), Fatigue, etc.; weakness of upper arm, etc.; powerlessness of lower extremities.

(Walking across room), *Leftsided headache; 6 P.M., paralytic pain through marrow of right tibia.

(Walking upstairs), *Mucus gets into the air-passages; knee knock together.

(After short walk), Sore feeling between nates.

(Yawning), *Tension in fauces.


(Night), Attacks of short cough.

(Open air), Attacks of short cough.

(Exerting outstretched arm), Pain in muscles of right shoulder-blade.

(Moving hand), Pain in radial part of left wrist.

(Passage of wind), Distension of right side of abdomen.

(Pressure), Drawing pain downward from mastoid process disappears; pain in bends of elbows and knees.

(Rest), Pain in right inguinal region; pain in right axilla; pain in inner side of right knee.

(After rising), Weakness of upper arm, etc.; weakness in the limbs, etc.

(Rising from seat), Pressure from hypogastrium downwards, etc.; pain in left scapula.

(While sitting), Bruised pain in left side of right patella.

(Walking), Stitches in external malleoli.