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Argentum Metallicum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Silver, Arg, Argent Natif, Arg-m.

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HPUS indication of Argentum Metallicum: Hoarseness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Argentum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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(Morning), Early, stitching headache.

early, after rising, itching of lobules of ears.

early, *mucus in throat.

sensation of hunger. after waking hunger.

early, no appetite. burning in abdomen, etc.

cough. early, after rising, hacking cough.

in bed, after waking, cutting across cartilages of false ribs.

in bed, after waking, cutting in the cartilages of the false ribs.

after waking pain in back and loins.

after waking, loss of power of limbs.

when waking, muscular twitchings around right shoulder-joint.

when walking, boring scratching in right shoulder-joint.

after waking, in bed, stitches from left trochanter to socket.

after waking, great weakness in the limbs, etc..

(Evening), After lying down, boring pain in left side of forehead.

in bed, drawing in right half of brain, etc.

*in bed crushed pain in testicles.

in bed, stitches under ribs.

in bed, quick pulse, etc.

paralytic drawing in right radius.

in bed, drawing above the wrist, etc.

in bed, burning stitches in left tibia..

(Rest), Headache in right half of brain.

drawing in fossa behind right lobule.

drawing in pelvis. pain on right side of pelvis.

at 4 P.M., drawing through right inguinal ring.

4 P.M., after short walk, pain along course of spermatic cord.

pain deep in right testicle.

irritation on left side of chest.

twitching of muscles from clavicular region towards shoulder-joint.

pain from shoulder to neck.

pains in right shoulder-joint.

pain in left shoulder-joint.

pains in left deltoid muscle.

pains in muscles of right upper arm.

pains, etc., in surface of right upper arm.

muscular twitchings in bend of right elbow, etc.

3 P.M., twitching in left elbow-joint.

at noon, drawing through the radial joint of right elbow.

stitch in tip of elbow.

drawing from radius up to elbow.

pain in radial part of left wrist.

drawing in ball of left thumb, etc.

1 P.M., pain in right index finger, etc.

at noon, pain in bone of ring finger.

cramp-like pain over left knee.

repeated pain in left tibia.

drawing in left tibia.

paralytic aching in periosteum of left fibula.

cramp in left calf. drawing pain in left ankle.

tearing pain in inner malleolus of left ankle.

great turmoil, etc., in joints of the feet, etc., drawing pain in the joints, etc.

drawing pains in left forehead, etc..

(Sitting), Attacks of vertigo.

drawing in right temple.

pain in belly. *stitch in the side of chest.

tearing in left scapula.

stitch in side of small of back.

coldness on right side of pelvis.

pain in knee joint. knee painful.

twitching in outer side of left knee.

tearings in left knee-joint.

stitches in the external malleolus..

(Walking), Contraction, etc., of the abdominal muscles.

*crushing pain in right testicle.

pain in right shoulder, etc.

pain in top of left shoulder-joint.

loss of power in thighs.

knees knock together. pain in patella.

weakness in right hip-joint.

morning, after rising, pain in right knee, etc.

3 P.M., pain through whole fibula, etc.

pain in left malleolus.

great weakness of body.

A left-sided headache, as if in the brain-substance, at first only slight drawing, but gradually becoming more violent and tearing, and at its culmination was raging as though a nerve were being torn into.

this lasted twenty-five to thirty seconds, and ended suddenly at its greatest severity, at 8 P.M., when going across the room (5th dil.),.

Sense as of scraping in the velum pendulum palati, as if a rough body were glued to it.

it was not a painful, but a disagreeable sensation, and was more felt during empty deglutition than when swallowing a morsel, but it was felt constantly, and forced him to swallow the saliva.

in a few hours this feeling descends deeper into the throat,.

When eating fruit, it seemed to him repeatedly as if a little piece stuck in the larynx.

it feels as if in the upper part and in front something lay in a little spot almost as if chilling, and somewhat pressing, which sensation constantly irritates him to cough, without being removed by doing so (1st trit.),.

Pressure in the side of the back, opposite the bowels.

afterwards, fearfully violent, as though he would die, oppressive stitches occurring on the least motion, or when breathing, so that he had to walk bent.

when lying still, a griping there, as in a malignant ulcer.

oppression of the chest, as if a heavy load had been lying on it, which prevented breathing,.

When standing or reading, he suddenly felt a burning sensation in the pit of the stomach, a sense as of a dull compression of the brain from all sides, and an approaching vertigo, with nausea, and inclination to vomit, in the region of the sternum, as after turning quickly round in a circle.

at the same time, a sudden heat in the whole body, but more in the face, and momentary sweat on the chest and in the face,.

After rising from bed, great weariness of the lower extremities, most marked in the region of the trochanters.

it seemed as though the ligaments and muscles had given way, with painful tension in the muscles about the trochanter and buttocks, as if sprained.

especially sensitive on walking.

on hard pressure, they pain as if bruised (6th dil.),.