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Argentum Metallicum - General symptoms - Clarke

Silver, Arg, Argent Natif, Arg-m.

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HPUS indication of Argentum Metallicum: Hoarseness

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Argentum Metallicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Silver Leaf and Precipitated Silver. Ag (A. W. 107.66). Trituration.

prolapse of. Voice, loss of.

Argentum affects all the cartilages, and hence all joints and bones, with tearing and bruised pains, tenderness and weakness.

painful, so-called "hysterical" joint, articular rheumatism without swelling.

pain in rib cartilages and especially the left. Exostosis on skull. The muscular system is also affected with cramps in limbs.

calves feel too short on going downstairs.

stiffness. numbness. electric-like shocks in joints and limbs.

painless twitchings. The heart is specially affected.

frequent, spasmodic, though painless twitchings in whole heart muscle, agg. lying on back.

fears apoplexy. Sensation as if heart stood still followed by trembling, then irregular violent throbbing. Palpitation, at night.

during pregnancy. Systemic convulsions. Epileptic attacks followed by delirious rage, jumping about, striking those near. In society disinclined to talk.

discouraged. (Reaction from this great inclination to talk, mind very clear.) Vertigo on entering a room after a walk. Vertigo on looking at running water. As if drunk. Frontal headache of business men. Headache increasing gradually and ceasing suddenly, at acme as if a nerve being torn, usually l. side. Viscidity of saliva and mucous expectoration, which is easy. From the mucous membranes generally there is secretion like boiled starch.

atrophy of penis. bruised pains in testicles. Pains in left ovary.

feels enormously swollen.

with this, prolapse of uterus (scirrhus). Metrorrhagia, large lumps with violent pains, agg. by every motion. Arg. met. acts more on the left side than the right.

electric shock through body wakens her. Symptoms agg. in sleep.

nausea in dreams. seminal emissions. On waking, limbs powerless. Paralytic weakness. agg. By touch.

pressure riding in carriage.

lying on back. sitting.

stooping. At noon at night (profuse urine). Uncovering (chills before midnight). Entering warm room. Sun.