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Antimonium Tartaricum - Abdomen symptoms - Clarke

Tartar Emetic., Ant Tart, Tartrate Of Antimony And Potash, Ant-tart, Ant. Tart, Tart. Em, Tart. Emet, Tartar. Em, Tart-emet, Antimon Tart, Antimonium tartaricum, tartarus emeticus, Antim tart, Antimony Tart, Ant-t.

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HPUS indication of Antimonium Tartaricum: Loose cough

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Antimonium Tartaricum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Pains in the abdomen, with great moral and physical agitation, and dislike to all kinds of labour.

Uneasiness in the epigastrium and hypogastrium, which compels the patient to lie down and to stretch himself.

Fulness and pressure in the abdomen, as if it contained stones, esp. on stooping forward, while in a sitting posture.

Spasmodic colic in the abdomen, with violent contraction of the eyelids, and irresistible inclination to sleep.

Incisive pains in the abdomen, as if the intestines were being cut.

Pulsations in the abdomen.


Fatty taste in the mouth.

Salt taste in the mouth.

Bitter taste in the mouth.

Thirst for cold water.

Moderate appetite with burning thirst.

Bulimy, when walking in the open air.

Craving for acid things, or for raw fruits (apples); for cold drinks or thirstlessness.

Every mouthful produces a painful sensation, extending to the stomach.


Acid vomiting, containing food.

Pressure in the stomach and scrobiculus, esp. after a meal.

Insipidity of food.

Good appetite, with speedy disgust, on partaking of any food.

Aversion to all food, esp. milk.


Abundant production of flatus, with grumbling, borborygmi, and pinchings in the abdomen.


After drink nausea; cough.


Constant nausea, sometimes with inclination to vomit, anguish, pressure in the scrobiculus, and headache, mitigated by expulsion of flatus, upwards and downwards.

Much vomiting, with violent efforts, pain in the stomach and abdomen, trembling of the body, necessity to bend double, shiverings, and strong inclination to sleep.

Vomiting of mucus, with mucous diarrhoea.

Vomiting of sour and bitter substances, esp. at night.


Empty risings.

Sobbing risings.

Risings with taste of rotten eggs, at night.

Regurgitation, of acrid, or salt, or else sourish fluid.

Regurgitation after partaking of milk.

Violent retching, with copious flow of saliva, sweat on the forehead, and lassitude in the legs, or else with diarrhoea, and excessive debility.

Excessive sensibility of the stomach; the smallest mouthful causes a painful sensation.

Pain in the stomach, as if it were overloaded.

Uneasiness and emptiness in the stomach.

Violent throbbings and pulsations in the region of the stomach.

Shootings in the pit of the stomach.

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