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Anacardium Occidentale - Throat symptoms

Anacardium, Cashew nut, Anac-oc.

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HPUS indication of Anacardium Occidentale: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Anacardium Occidentale in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Phlegm, firm and tough, comes into the throat, obstructing at the same time, the posterior nares (after one hour),

Prickings as with needles, now here, now there, in the throat, externally,

Dryness of the throat, passing off by eating, in the forenoon,

Roughness of the throat,

Roughness of the throat, with deep tone of voice, after a meal,

Hard pressure in the throat, on both sides of the larynx, which sometimes interferes with deglutition,

Pressure in the pit of the throat,

Sudden, dull pressure, as from a weight, on the left side of the throat,

Slow, dull thrusts coming from both sides of the ears, and in their cavities, as if two blunt plugs were penetrating, to meet in the centre,

His throat feels as if it were raw and sore,

Sensation as if scraping in the throat,

Frequent itching of the throat,

Great appetite, pressure at the stomach and nausea unto vomiting, after a meal, even when without exercise,

He has no appetite for dinner; nevertheless, he takes it and relishes it, because it is dinner-hour; bread, however, tastes a little bitter,

At times, violent hunger; at times, none at all,

Constant thirst; however, when drinking, his breath is interrupted, and he is obliged to swallow his drink little by little,

Eructations of fluid, frequently repeated, which choke him,

Eructations with spasmodic pain at the stomach,

Eructations, after drinks and liquid food,

Eructations, after a meal, which burn in the throat,

Empty eructations, early in the morning,


Qualmishness at the pit of the stomach, between meals, with anxiety as from a sprain; without, however, real nausea, and with good taste in the mouth and good appetite,

Several kinds of food, of which he is generally very fond, disgust him so much, that he would like to vomit,

Much nausea, early in the morning,

Nausea, early in the morning, with a sensation of fasting in the stomach,

Violent nausea toward evening, constant accumulation of water in the mouth, and, at last, vomiting, followed by great acidity in the mouth,

Nausea, with retching returning shortly after drinking cold water, and then vomiting of this water, with a sensation as if the oesophagus were pressed asunder by a large ball,

Shaking in the pit of the stomach, at every step, after every meal,

Rumbling and fermenting in the pit of the stomach,

Sensitive, dull pressure at the pit of the stomach, slowly coming and going,

Dull pressure, at intervals, over and near the pit, during a meal,

Pressure and tension in the pit of the stomach, after every meal,

Soft pressure, with drawing, in the pit of the stomach, which disappears after a meal; when walking in the open air (after twelve hours),

Pressive and drawing pain below the pit of the stomach, when walking (after ten and a half hours),

Compressive, painful prickings at the pit of the stomach, when inspiring and expiring, which cannot be relieved by any position, or by contact (after four hours),

First, sensation as of fasting at the pit of the stomach, then pressure in the stomach the whole day, and as if obstructed emission of flatus both above and below, and want of appetite,

Burning, rising out of the stomach into the throat,

Heartburn, after soup, like sour air in the oesophagus, with a constricted sensation,

Violent contractive pain in the stomach, relieved by stooping, made worse by lifting the arm, and when turning the body,

Pressure at the stomach, from reflection and intellectual exertions,

Pressure at the stomach, after a meal,

After a slight breakfast, pressure in the region of the stomach, towards the abdomen, as if he had eaten too much,

Pressure at the stomach after a meal, with a feeling of extreme exhaustion and lassitude, with great thirst (after three and a half days),

During dinner, almost all the symptoms disappear; they come on again two hours afterwards,

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