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Anacardium Occidentale - Modalities Etc

Anacardium, Cashew nut, Anac-oc.

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HPUS indication of Anacardium Occidentale: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Anacardium Occidentale in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Forenoon), Hypochondriac, etc.; dryness of throat; intestines painful; uneasiness in chest.

(Afternoon), Short cough; pain in muscles of upper arm; while sitting or reading, sleepiness, etc.; feverish, uneasiness, etc.; heat in face, etc.; 4 o'clock, heat in face, etc.

(Toward evening), Violent nausea, etc.

(Night), In bed, teeth feel longer, etc.; diarrhoea; cough, etc.; in bed, pain in forearm, etc.; cramp in the legs; in bed, tightness in calf; great heat; sweats; sweats on chest and abdomen.

(Walking in open air), Pressure, etc., in pit of stomach; pain in muscles of upper arm; pressure in bend of left elbow; cramp of the calf.

(When asleep), Twitches of the mouth and fingers.

(Going to bed), Itching.

(Bending body backward), Intestines painful.

(Bending knee), While sitting, drawing in knee.

(Bending head backwards), Shoots, etc., in occiput, etc.

(Bending arms back), Cracking in the joints, etc.

(Biting teeth together), Pain in the ears.

(Breathing), Stitch from temples into forehead; pressure below navel; pinching contraction near navel; stitches on the left side of the praecordial region; stitches in the praecordial region.

(Breathing deeply), Pain on top of head.

(After slight breakfast), Pressure in region of stomach, etc.

(Contact of part with open air), Pain in a lower incisor.

(Contact of part with tongue), Pain in a lower incisor.

(Coughing), Pain in top of head.

(After dinner), Heat in face, etc.; eructations; inflation of abdomen; violent cough; desire to sleep; chilliness.

(After some bodily effort), Perceives pulse beating in arms, etc.

(After an embrace), Itching of the anus.

(During expiration), Oppression of chest.

(During and after expulsion of faeces), Pressure in abdominal muscles.

(Extending arms), Lancinating tension in arms.

(Extending leg in walking), Pressure at the leg.

(Setting foot on ground), Pain as from a sprain in tarsal joint.

(Inspiring), Stitches in hypochondria; pressure in abdominal muscles; soreness, etc., in chest.

(Inspiring and expiring), Pricking at pit of stomach.

(Lifting the arm), Pain in stomach.

(Lifting foot high), Dull pain above knee.

(After liquids), Eructations.

(Looking long at one object), Pressure upon the eyes, etc.

(Lying on one side), At night, arms feel bruised.

(Lying in bed in an uncomfortable position), Confusion of the head.

(During hard labor), Tearing headache.

(During a meal), Pressure near the pit of the stomach.

(Motion), Stiffness of right side of neck; fibres seem put upon the stretch too much, etc.; headache.

(Moving the hand), Simple pain in palm.

(Moving head quickly, after keeping still), Stiffness of the muscles of the neck.

(Moving part while sitting), Cracking in hip-joint.

(Moving trunk, while sitting), Pain over right hip.

(Playing piano), Heaviness, etc., of body.

(Pressure), Pressure on left forearm.

(Raising one's self while sitting), Stiffness in the back.

(Raising arm), Twitching sensation in the pectoral muscle.

(Reflection and intellectual labor), Pressure at stomach.

(Rest), Pressive scratching upon bone of forearm.

(Rising from seat), Pain over high hip.

(Slight rubbing), Bleeding of the gums.

(Scratching), Burning of skin; burning, itching of sore places.

(After the siesta), Continual indolence.

(Sitting), Short breathing; pressure on chest; uneasiness in thighs; drawing pain above knees; painful uneasiness around knees; drawing at inner surface of knees; legs totter; uneasiness in legs; restlessness in legs; drawing downward in legs; pain upon left tibia; burning in soles.

(Sitting down), Pain in tarsal articulation.

(Standing), Drawing over malleolus; tearing across the roots of the toes; uneasiness in lower extremities.

(During stool), Pinching in the abdomen.

(After stool), Yawning and eructations.

(Stooping), Vertigo, etc.; tearing on left side of chest; cracking in cervical vertebrae.

(Long stooping), Severe pain in knees, etc.

(After supper), Heat over face, etc.

(Swallowing), Pain in ear.

(Talking), Attacks of cough.

(After smoking tobacco), Bitter taste in mouth.

(Treading), Stitches below right knee.

(Turning the body), Pain in stomach.

(Turning head to painful side), Stiffness of right side of neck.

(On being touched), Pain in bones.

(Going upstairs), Vertigo.

(Taking something warm in mouth), Toothache.

(Writing), Pain in muscles of right forearm.


(Afternoon), More cheerful; memory better; speech firmer, etc.

(Toward evening), Pressure inward, etc., in both temples, etc.

(Evening), In bed, pain in head; can walk fast, and a good deal.

(Falling asleep), Pain in head.

(Sitting bent), Stiffness in back.

(During dinner), Temporary disappearance of almost all symptoms.

(Eating), Dryness of throat; heat in face, etc.

(Drawing leg in), Heaviness of the limb.

(Extending foot), Sense of heaviness in leg.

(Violent friction), Itching in hollow of hand.

(During a meal), Grinding in forepart of head, etc.

(After a meal), Pressure, etc., in pit of stomach.

(Motion), Pain in muscles of left thumb.

(Constant motion of head), Stiffness of muscles of neck.

(Strong pressure and friction), Tearing in right thumb.

(Pressure on forehead), Pain in forehead.

(Resting head upon something and closing eyes), Affords feeling of comfort.

(Rising), Bruised feeling in all the bones.

(Rubbing), Itching, pricking below shoulders.

(Scratching), Burning of the skin; itching of the body; desire to scratch disappears.

(Sitting), Feels well.

(Stooping), Pain in stomach.

(Stretching leg), Drawing in left knee.

(Touch), Pain in muscles of left thumb.

(Walking), Restlessness in legs.

(Continuing to walk), Faint feeling.

(Weeping), Oppression of chest.