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Anacardium Occidentale - Extremities, Limbs symptoms

Anacardium, Cashew nut, Anac-oc.

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HPUS indication of Anacardium Occidentale: Itching

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Anacardium Occidentale in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

Repeated tearings, in paroxysms, simultaneously through the upper and lower extremities,

Heaviness in the left arm and leg, when walking,

Beatings, as with a heavy body, very painful, in the middle of the left upper arm (immediately),

Upper extremities

Itching-pricking, as with needles below the shoulders, passing off by rubbing,

Itching and tickling in both axillae, forcing him to rub (after quarter of an hour),

Painful lancinating tension in the arms, upon stretching and extending them; from the joints down the flexor muscles; on bending the arms back there is a cracking in the joints, especially in the shoulders, with pain, as if the arm were dislocated,

At night he cannot lie long on one side because his arms then feel a pain as if bruised,

Pressure in the right arm, apparently in the muscles and bones simultaneously, with lassitude in them,

The left arm goes to sleep,

Tearing and drawing in the left arm,

Pimples with red areolae and pus at the tip, on the lower portion of the upper arm, with painful itching during motion of the arm, irritating to scratching (after twelve hours),

(Spasmodically) pressive pain in the muscles of the upper arms, when walking in the open air, and when sitting, in the evening,

Pain as from a bruise, frequently, in the right scapula and upper arm, so that she can scarcely lift up her arm,

Rheumatic drawing pain in the right upper arm, from the shoulder to the bend of the elbow, with a feeling of stiffness in the arm,

Painful jerking in the left upper arm, above the bend of the elbow,

Dull pressure, like a grumbling, in the left upper arm, apparently in the marrow of the bone, very painful and intermittent,

Pressure from without inwards, in the forearms here and there, short, painful (immediately),

Cramplike twitches all over the forearm, a hand's breadth above the left wrist (immediately),

Pressive scratchings upon the bone of the forearm, when at rest,

Cramplike drawing in the right forearm, from the wrist to the elbow,

Pressive pain in the muscles of the right forearm, when writing (after thirteen hours),

Cramplike pressure at the left forearm, more violent on pressure, and becoming a tearing pressure on motion,

Cramplike violent pain in the left forearm and the back of the hand, unaffected by motion, at night in bed,

Pressure in the bend of the left elbow, which draws the arm down as if heavy, and makes its motion difficult; when walking in the open air (after thirteen hours),

Twitches in the flexor tendons at the wrist,

The hands, even the palms of the hands, are covered with warts,

Great feeling of dryness of the hands,

Dry, hot hands,

Long, violent, painfully tearing stitch in the ball of the right hand,

Stinging, with itching, of the external knuckle of the right hand, which does not pass off till the parts have been scratched a long time, until they become red,

Cramplike contraction of the left hand, so that she cannot make her finger straight,

Intermittent, dull, lancinating, cramplike pain on the external border, of the left hand, where the little finger unites with its metacarpal bone,

The palms feel hot, while the backs of the hands are cold,

Simple pain in the palm of the hand, on moving it,

Small blisters on the backs of the hands,

Pressive tearing on the back of the hand (after nine hours),

Pressive, spasmodic pain in the muscles transversely across the back of the left hand (after half an hour),

Prickings, as from pins, upon the back of the left hand,

Cramplike, twitching, dull pain in the anterior extremities of the metacarpal bones, unaffected by motion,

Cramplike pain in the right hand, where the metacarpal bones joint the phalanges (after half an hour),

Repeated tearings in the right thumb, as far as the elbow, in the evening after lying down; relieved only by strong pressure and friction, since it does not appear to be in the muscle, but deeper,

Contractive, lancinating pain in the muscles of the left thumb, passing off by motion and touch (after two hours),

Cramplike twitches in the fingers of the left hand, synchronous with the pulse, in the lowest phalanges,

Intermittent, cramplike pain in the lowest joints of the right thumb and index,

Grumbling pain between the metacarpal bones of the left index and middle fingers, just behind the knuckles,

On the side of the left index-finger a pimple, which opens on the day following, and then passes off; is formed after nightly itching in the hollow of the hand and between the fingers; violent friction relieves, without removing it,

Violent cutting at the metacarpal bone of the right index-finger,

Cramplike pain in the joints of the left hand, where the index-finger joints the metacarpal bone,

Sharp, burning stitches at the external border of the left hand, where the little finger joints the metacarpal bone (after thirty-six hours),

Frequently repeated tearings in the little finger,

Cramplike pain in the hand, in the region of the metacarpal bone of the little finger,

Pain, as from a sprain, in the metacarpal bone of the right little finger,

Lower extremities

Weariness of the limbs, as from walking too much, and sleepiness, as from great weakness (after nine hours),

Loud cracking in the right hip-joint, on moving it while sitting,

Pain as from a sprain and a bruise over the right hip, when rising from the seat; the pain is lasting; it also comes on when moving the trunk while sitting, rising is then intolerable, and he has to walk stooping,

Slight twitchings and drawings in the thighs, especially about and in the knees, as after a long journey on foot, with painful uneasiness when sitting, resembling a tremulous agitation (after three-quarters of an hour),

Burning prickings, as with pins, which oblige one to scratch; here and there, in the muscles of the thighs,

Painful, dull pressure in the thighs, sometimes intermittent, rhythmical,

Burning itching upon the thighs, in the evening,

Drawing pain down the outer side of the right thigh,

Pressure, with sensation as of twitching, at the inner side of the right thigh,

Boring stitch in the muscles of the lower part of the right thigh, in front (after ten hours),

Dull pressure, as from a plug, in the left glutei muscles,

Cramplike pressure in the left thigh, anteriorly and posteriorly,

Tearing contraction on the external side of the left thigh, at a small spot; subsequently a pain as from subcutaneous suppuration (after eleven hours),

Itching prickings of the left thigh, which pass off by rubbing,

Painless feeling of weakness above the knees, when walking, with painful aching when sitting, as after great fatigue of the legs (after half an hour),

Drawing pain above the knees, when sitting; in walking felt as mere weakness (after half an hour),

Violent pressure in the middle of the external side of the right thigh, synchronous with the pulse, and always accompanied with a lancination (after ten and a half hours),

Dull pain in the left thigh, just above the knee,

Dull pain, with soreness, above the knee, on lifting the feet high, with a painful feeling of weakness about the knees, and cramplike pinching between the bend of the knee and calf,

Itching eruption around the knees, as far as the calves,

Painful uneasiness around the knees, with sensation of stiffness, as if bandaged or made tense, when sitting,

Long stooping is followed by severe pains in the knees, and in the muscles above and below them,

The knees feel paralyzed, with stiffness and great lassitude, so that he is scarcely able to walk,

After a meal, when standing, very weak in the knees, at the same time sleepy and not disposed to any kind of work,

Pressure at the internal side of the knee, when walking,

Pressure and drawing at the inside of the knee, when walking,

Dull, pressive drawing at the internal surface of the right knee when sitting,

Drawing pain in the right knee, apparently behind the patella, unaffected by position (after one hour and a half),

Blunt stitches in the right knee,

Dull stitches, or thrusts, just below the right knee, when treading with the feet,

Burning sore pain, as if scraped, at the external side of the left knee,

Painful drawing in left knee, when bending it (while sitting); passing off when stretching the leg,

Wavelike twitches, here and there, in the legs (when sitting),

Frequent pulsations and twitches in the muscles of the legs,

His legs totter when standing; painful weakness in the feet, when sitting,

Uneasiness in the legs, when sitting, as if everything were alive in them, and descended in a turning motion downward into the feet, which felt heavy and almost as though they would go to sleep,

Restlessness in the legs on sitting, extending up and down, causing a painful pressing inward at several places; disappears on walking, and returns on sitting (immediately),

Burning pain at a small spot in the middle of the legs, as of red-hot sparks,

Heaviness in the legs,

Dull, indistinct drawing in the legs,

Here and there, drawing, pressure, and sense of heaviness in the legs, after a walk; the sense of heaviness is diminished by extending the foot,

Frequent drawing downward in the legs, when sitting,

Twitches in the left tibia, just over the malleolus, intensely painful, and occurring at short intervals, resembling electric shocks,

Painful drawing in the tibia (after three-quarters of an hour),

Pressive pain upon the left tibia when sitting, with uneasiness of the whole limb, which decreases upon the leg being drawn in,

Rheumatic, tensive pressure at the leg, transversely across the tibia, only when extending the leg in walking,

Pressive, lancinating pain, sometimes with boring in the tibia, and muscles of the legs,

Tearing pressure at the anterior surface of the tibia, just above the ankle,

Cramplike pressure in both calves, more towards the external side, towards the tibia (after third day),

Dull stitches, very sensitive, on the surface of the tibia, over the right ankle,

Cramp of the calf, when walking,

Cramp in the calves, at night,

Cramplike, intermittent drawing in the legs, from the heels into the calves,

Painful tightness in the calf, when walking, as if the muscles were too short, also when in bed at night, with sleeplessness,

Painful tightness in the left calf,

Drawing pain in the tarsal articulation when he seats himself (after thirty-two hours),

In the tarsal articulation of the left leg, pain as from a sprain, on setting the foot upon the ground,

Drawing downwards over the external malleoli, when standing, with pain in the soles, so that standing becomes very difficult for him,

Burning sore pain above the heel,

Cramplike pressure at the left heel (after thirty hours),

Tearing and grinding pain in the heel, early when in bed,

Cold feet, early in the morning,

The feet, which had been warm, became intensely cold when walking; the cold feet become still colder,

Painful jerkings internally upon the back of the foot,

Prickings, as with pins, on the back of the left foot,

Itching, with scratching, as if rubbed with a woollen cloth, upon the back of the foot (after six hours),

Burning in the soles of the feet, when sitting,

Cramplike drawing of the sole of the right foot into a curve,

Dull, intermittent pressure at the internal border of the sole of the foot,

Tearing, while standing, transversely across the roots of the toes, passing off by moving them (after five hours),

Repeated tearings in the big toe,

Sensitive, intermittent twitching in the right great toe,

Spasmodically drawing and tearings pains from the toes into the back of the feet,

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