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Ammonium Muriaticum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Ammonium Chloride, Sal. Ammoniac, Am m, Am-m.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Muriaticum: Acrid tears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


The head feels confused, as after intoxication (fourteenth day),

Giddiness and fulness of the head; it feels as if it were very heavy (one hour),

Feeling of heaviness in the head, almost daily, after rising,

The head feels so full that it seems too heavy (after twenty-fifth day),

Feeling of heat and fulness in the head, early after rising,

Heat in the head, without proceeding chill, before midnight, in bed, so that she cannot go to sleep for a long time,

Stitches and pressure in the head, especially in the left side, in the room (second day),

Frequent creeping over the head, of short duration (twenty-fifth day),

Pimples on the forehead, following after itching and scratching (sixth day),

Heaviness in the forehead, frequently during the day, accompanied by a feeling of internal heat and a little sweat,

Pressure in the forehead, with sensation of heat there, early in the morning after an uneasy night,

Downward pressure in the forehead, towards the root of the nose, with sensation as if the brain were torn, early after rising (twenty-fifth day),

Sudden fine stitching in the left side of the forehead, of long duration, afternoons (fourth day),

Fine tearing, extending upward, in the right temporal bone, during the menstruation (seventeenth day),

A violent stitch in the left temple; forenoons (twentieth day),

Stitches in the vertex, with a sensation as though the head were bursting; mornings (third day),

Stitches in the vertex on stooping; afternoon at three, lasting till six (second day),

Glowing heat on the right side of the head, every evening,

Fine stitches in the left side of the head, forenoons (fifth day),

The occiput feels as if it were compressed with a vice; this symptom afterwards manifests itself in both sides of the head, accompanied by excessive ill-humor (seventeenth day),

Itching pimples on the right side of the occiput, in the evening; at night they pass off (after nineteenth day),


Violent headache, for several days,

Frontal headache, without mental disturbance,

Violent throbbing headache in the forehead, towards evening, lasting one hour; upon touching the forehead worse; with weakness, so that he was scarcely able to walk, and chills on going to bed,

Painful boring in the forehead, early after rising, and almost during the whole day (fifth day),

Painful twitches, from below upwards, in the left temple (third day),

Burning pain, and sometimes stitches, in the left temple, both when at rest and when masticating and sneezing; no increase of pain when the parts are touched,

A sudden tearing pain from below upward in the right temple, forenoons (sixth day),

Painful tearing in the right temple and down into the side of the face (seventh day),

Headache on the top of the head, as if the head were broken in two (fourth day),

A painful tearing in the upper part of the right side of the head, while sitting (fifteenth day),

Pinching pain in the left side of the occiput, at a small spot; forenoons (eleventh day),


Itching of the hairy scalp, forcing him to scratch constantly (third day),

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