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Ammonium Muriaticum - Genitals Etc symptoms - Hahnemann

Ammonium Chloride, Sal. Ammoniac, Am m, Am-m.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Muriaticum: Acrid tears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Constant urging to urinate, beginning at 4 A.M.

Urging to urinate, but only a few drops were emitted, until with the subsequent stool the urine flowed again normally.

He can emit the urine and less frequent than usually (the first days).

Scanty passage of urine and less frequent than usually (the first days).

Increased micturition, even while drinking but little (2d and 9th d.).

In the morning, more frequent urging to urinate and more frequent micturition.

At night he had to get up frequently to urinate, and emits an unusual quantity of urine (1st, 17th d.).

The urine (discharged) is not, and increased in quantity (the first days).

Reddish, clear urine, without clouds or sediment, during the menses.

Deep-yellow urine, with a loose cloud on the bottom (6th d.).

Clayey sediment in the urine after one hour (5th d.).


Painless discharge of brown mucus from the vagina, after every micturition (6th and 7th d.).


In the left spermatic cord, stitches and throbbing (5th d.).

Frequent erections (aft. 7 d.).

In the genitals, early on awaking, sensation as after nocturnal coition.

Leucorrhoea, with distension of the abdomen, without accumulation of flatus.

Leucorrhoea, like the white of eggs, after previous pinching around the navel.


The catamenia (two days) too early, with pains in the abdomen and the small of the back, continuing also at night, when the blood also flows more strongly (aft. 17 d.).

During the menses, much blood passes with the stool.

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