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Ammonium Muriaticum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Ammonium Chloride, Sal. Ammoniac, Am m, Am-m.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Muriaticum: Acrid tears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Extremities, limbs

In the axilla a swollen gland, like a hard, red abscess, which, however, always disperses again, like a large pimple (18th d.).

Blisters as large as peas, on the right shoulder, tensive and burning, and forming a scab after three days (aft. 2 d.).

In the shoulder-joints, first in the right, then in the left, rheumatic pain on motion.

Drawing in the right shoulder-joint, as after a cold, while resting.

Beating on the right shoulder, and in the left axilla, in the morning and frequently during the day (12th and 19th d.).

Burning and pressing in the right shoulder (2d d.).

The right arm feels to her very heavy and as if rigid, especially in the upper arm, as if paralyzed, in the evening while spinning and in the morning (16th, 17th and 18th d.).

Tearing in the left arm (and foot) (1st d.).

Tearing in the left arm as if in the tendons, extending down into the fingers, passing off on violent motion (9th d.).

In the left upper arm, compressive pain, on leaning it on something, passing away in motion (22d d.).

Tearing in the upper arm, as if in the marrow of the bone, extending down into the wrist (13th d.).

Tearing in the upper arm, with sensitiveness of the arm to pressure (19th d.).

In the lower arm, from the right elbow to the little finger, drawing, which is increased to tearing and passes away by motion (2d d.).

Pressure in the left fore-arm, while lying in bed, passing off by motion, but is renewed on resting the arm on the table while writing (11th and 12th d.).

Itching burning in the left fore-arm under the bend of the elbow (13th d.).

Itching on the inside of the fore-arm, in the morning, and eruptive pimples in the bend of the elbow.

After scratching the inner itching side of the left fore-arm, little pimples appear, which soon disappear again (14 and 15th d.).

Eruption of pimples on the right fore-arm, which impels by its violent itching, to continual scratching.

Heaviness and feeling of going to sleep, in the right fore-arm (3d d.).

In the wrist of the left arm, tearing and twitching in the tendons of the inner side, as if it would tear them out, with swelling on the dorsum of the left hand (1st d. and aft. 25 d.).

On the wrist-joint little vesicles, which first itch violently, and after scratching, burn (aft. 20 d.).

Large blisters and knots which are seated (on a hard foundation) in the skin, first itch violently, and after scratching, burn, inflame and form a (reddish-brown) scab, which remains inflamed a long time (with swelling of the spot), around the right wrist (aft. 12 and 19 d.).

A violent stitch through the hand, while walking in the open air (22d d.).

Stitching and beating in the left hand, worse on motion.

Beating in the right palm, passing off through motion (12th d.).

Paralytic feeling in the right hand, and on the right middle finger; in sitting and knitting (15th d.).

Pain, as from a sprain on the dorsum of both hands, on seizing something, not in any other motion; the pain is relieved on extending the hand, and passes away with a cracking sound on pressing the joint of the thumb.

Itching pimples on the dorsum of both hands, in the evening and night, with peeling off of the skin on this spot, the following morning (aft. 20 d.).

Peeling off of the skin between the thumb and index of both hands (aft. 14 d.).

In the fingers (thumbs) and their joints (twitching), tearing, increased at times by pressure or rubbing, mostly in the evening.

Violent tearing in the index, when she extended it, after holding something in her hand, with stiffness after clenching it, so that she could not extend it again (during the menses) (17th d.).

Tearing in the middle joint of the thumb.

Pain, as of cramp, in the right middle finger, as if in the tendons, on bending fingers (11th d.).

Stitches in the finger-tips and in their joints, spreading at times, with throbbing into the whole hand, and passing away by motion of the same.

Stitches and painful beating under the nail of the left thumb (5th, 8th d.) .

Frequent tingling in the tips of the fingers (and thumbs), as from going to sleep.

Violent, long-continued itching in the tip of the index, not to be relieved by scratching, in the morning (12th d.).

In the hip, on the left side, pain, as if the tendons were too short, so that she has to limp in walking; in sitting, there is then a gnawing pain in the bones.

Tearing, from the left hip down into the leg, in sitting; in the beginning relieved by rising and returning on sitting down, but later on it is not even relieved by motion (16th d.).

In the legs, lassitude and weakness the whole day (the first days).

Trembling of the left leg, with sensitiveness to the touch (10th d.).

In the thigh, in front, tearing pain in sitting.

Painful tearings on the external side of the right thigh, in the evening, in sitting (10th d.).

In the knee-joints, extremely painful stitches, in the evening, in sitting (15th d.).

Stitching and tearing in the left knee, only in walking (11th d.).

With a child, where after removing a swelling of the knee stiffness of the knee-joints (and curvature backward) had remained, the mobility was very soon restored.

The tendons in both houghs pain while walking (at times with twitching), as if too short, not while resting.

Early, on arising from bed, the legs were contracted in the hough, as if they were dried up or too short, so that she could not get down the stairs; it passed off after longer and stronger motion (15th d.).

In the legs, a drawing tension, in sitting and lying down, compelling a stooping walk, when it passes off.

Tension and drawing in the tendons of the legs, so that he can not walk well, with weariness in the legs.

Spasmodic contraction about the lower part of the left leg (5th d.).

Insensibility of the left leg (it is as if dead), in sitting (12th d.).

Stinging on the inner side of the left leg, as also in the calf, in sitting (13th, 14th d.).

After a four hours' walk, while resting, a stinging pain in the left calf (3d d.).

The bones of the heel sore when treading and walking, as if stiff and bruised.

Violent tearing (and stitching), with pain, as of a suppuration, in the heels, at times passing of by rubbing; also at night, in bed, not alleviated by any position (4th, 17th, 19th d.).

Spasmodic contraction, with pain in the right heel, in the evening in bed, also with tearing on the inside of the ankles, while sitting (14th, 15th d.).

In the right foot, as also on the external ankle of the left foot, beating and pain, as in suppuration, in walking (9th, 11th d.).

Tearing on the external border of the foot, in standing, and passing away on motion (7th d.).

Feeling in the feet as if asleep, also at night (19th, 20th d.).

Cold feet in the evening in bed, she can not get them warm for a long time (14th d.).

In a paralyzed (already much improved) foot, pains appear.

Itching in the sole of the right foot, in the evening (2d d.).

In the toes, especially the big toes (twitching) tearing, while sitting and standing.

Stitches in the left small toe, in standing and walking; as also in the big toe, where it slowly decreases and increases.

Pinching itching in front on the right big toe (7th d.).

On the skin of the whole body, now here now there, itching (and smarting), so that she cannot scratch enough, in the evening most before lying down, and sometimes passing away after lying down.

In the evening, before going to bed, violent itching over the whole body, especially on the chest and the fore-arms, with little pimples on scratching (2d, 10th, 14th and 15th d.).

At night and in the morning, violent itching over the whole body, especially on the chest and the fore-arms, with little pimples.

Fine miliary eruption over the whole body, for two weeks (aft. 16 d.).

Vesicular pimples in front on the chest and on the left leg, which first itch, then burn.

All bones of the body are painful, as if bruised, while sitting still, in slumber.

In the whole body, especially in the back, feeling of pain as from a bruise, with tearing in both the shoulders and in the neck, early, after rising, and worse on motion (aft. 25 d.).

Early on awaking, the body feels drawn together, so that she can hardly walk, but it passed away through continues walking (19th d.).

Tearing, as if in the bones, on the left upper arm, and then in the right thigh, down from the hip, in sitting (10th d.).

Tearing (and painful twitching) now here now there in the limbs, most of all in the (temples), arms, houghs, thighs, calves, fingers and toes, in the evening in sitting, and better after lying down; between the index and the middle finger the pain at times raged and beat as if an ulcer were about to form.

In the evening, twitching tearing in the tips of the fingers and toes, then in the right upper arm, now here, now there, with anxiety; passing off on lying down (16th d.) .

Twitches (stitches) and burning formication in the tips of the fingers and toes, as from going to sleep, in the evening, afternoon and also at night.

Stitches in the tips of the fingers and toes while walking in the open air, (22d d.).

Pressive burning and stitches, now here, now there, in various places (3d d.).

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