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Ammonium Muriaticum - Chest symptoms - T.F. Allen

Ammonium Chloride, Sal. Ammoniac, Am m, Am-m.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Muriaticum: Acrid tears

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Muriaticum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



Rattling in chest,

Burning at small spots of the chest (when walking in the open air), (shortly, and after thirteenth day),

Rawness in chest (evening at 8),

Pressure in middle of the chest, with stitches, as if a morsel which had been swallowed had stuck there; afternoon (sixth day),

Oppression at the chest, with inclination to eructations, which came on in the open air, and relieved the pressure; early, after rising (after nineteen days),

Oppression of the chest, when moving the arms with force and when stooping,

Heaviness on the chest, nights, in bed, which wakes him, with restlessness, which does not allow him to go to sleep again.

At 3 A.M. this heaviness wakes him again; he was kept in a kind of half sleep, in which he was partly conscious, and thought, or rather dreamed, that he had been hanged, and the chest had been hard pressed (fifth day),

Pressure in the forepart of the chest, without dyspnoea, for half an hour, evenings (first day),

Stitches in the forepart of the chest, and pressure for two minutes; afternoons, and the following morning (third day),

Stitches in the forepart of the chest, in every position, though, apparently, relieved by sitting; afternoons (first day),

Red spots, as large as a penny, on the left side of the chest, with a sensation as of burning itching, and turning pale when pressed upon with the finger (tenth day),

Painful tension under the right mamma, in any position, frequently intermittent (after dinner), (fifteenth and sixteenth days),

Frequently, a transient but sharp stitch behind the right ribs, on motion (seventh day),

Small pointed stitches below the right breast during menstruation (seventeenth day),

Sharp stitches below the left female breast, while standing (first day),

Stitches in the middle of the left side (rib region),

With every inspiration, a stitch, as with an awl, shoots upward in the left chest; afternoons (first and thirteenth days),

Rhythmical stitches in the left chest; evenings, while sitting (fifteenth day),

Tearing at a small spot in the left clavicle, with pain, as from a bruise, when pressing upon it (second day),

Tearing sticking in the left clavicle, at a small spot, with pain, as from a bruise, when touching that spot with the finger (second day),

Pressure upon the left mamma when taking exercise in the open air; also in the left side of the chest, upon leaving the warm room and going into the open air (third and nineteenth days),

Sensation of sticking crawling in the left side of the chest, when sitting,

Sensation of fleabites at several places of the left mamma, which passes off by scratching; in the evening (eleventh day),

Tearing in the praecordial region, which suddenly extended thence into the left forearm (fifteenth day),


Beating in the chest after dinner; the beating extends to the pharynx, with heat of the face and uneasy mood,

Beating, like a pulse, at a small place in the left cavity of the chest, only when standing, not when sitting; early in the morning (fourth days),


Tension, or compression as with a vice, in front, at the lower part of the chest, when standing; not affected by breathing (first day),

It becomes so heavy in the chest when walking in the open air that she cannot take breath in sufficient quantity, and is therefore obliged frequently to stand still (second day),

Pain, as from a bruise, in a spot of a hand's breadth under the right mamma, both when touched and left alone, frequently intermittent, and often with shortness of breath (twelfth to sixteenth day),

Fine stitches below the right female breast, without affecting respiration; on sitting bent, afternoons (fifteenth day),

Sudden fine stitches come out of the left chest; they frequently recur, and are unchanged by breathing; forenoons (thirteenth day),

Irritation causing hawking, whereby only a piece of phlegm is expectorated; with it a raw sensation; then a long-lasting sore feeling up behind the uvula; mornings (fourth day),

Hoarseness, with burning in the region of the larynx, the whole afternoon (after third day),

Could scarcely speak, and complained of burning pains in throat and chest,


Violent cough, in the evening, when in bed, during which water comes up into her mouth (third and fourth days),

Cough when breathing deeply, especially when lying on the right side,

Dry cough (thirteenth or fourteenth day),

Dry cough, mornings (seventeenth day),

Frequent, dry, hacking cough (second day),

Dry, hacking cough, caused by tickling in the throat, which also continues when not coughing; forenoons (fifth day),

Dry cough, evenings, from six to nine, from tickling in the throat; it passes off after lying down in bed (third day),

Dry cough troubles her nearly the whole night, so that she cannot sleep on account of it (sixth day),

(A previous dry cough and dry catarrh become more severe, and lasts through the whole proving,)

(A constant, troublesome cough, which was seated before taking the drug, and during fifteen days of the proving, disappeared suddenly without expectoration, which follows first after several days (fifteenth day),

The cough is usually dry, mornings, and loosens in the afternoon; most frequently, with sticking in the left hypochondriac region,

Dry cough in the morning, with sticking in the forepart of the chest,

Constant hawking, without expectoration,

Desire to breathe deep, and often to cough, with slight expectoration,

Cough from hawking some mucus expectoration,

Cough, with expectoration,

Cough, with some expectoration, early in the morning (first day),

Expectoration of tough mucus in afternoon,

Expectoration of blood for six days, after previous itching in the throat,

Short breath (after eighteenth day),

Threatening suffocation,

Sense of severe constriction of throat and difficult respiration,

Heart and pulse

Pulse weak, irregular, rapid,

Small, soft, quick pulse,

Intermittent pulse,

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