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Ammonium Carbonicum - Head symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Ammonia, Ammonium Carb, Ammon. Carb, Amm Carb, Am-c.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Carbonicum: Head cold

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Confusion of head (in one-quarter hour),

Soon after taking, confusion and weight of the head,

Emptiness and confusion of the head (after one-quarter hour),

Stupefaction of the head,

Giddiness, nausea, and want of appetite ever since the dawn of day,

Tensive feeling in brain, especially on right side,

Head heavy and full,

Afternoon, after drinking coffee, congestion to head,

Towards evening, the rush of blood was greater,

Rush of blood to the head at night, and heat in the face on waking,

Feeling of lightness in head,

His head seems very heavy,

Pressure over the whole head after having got heated (after ten days),

Drawing and tearing in the whole head, early after rising, and during the whole day (twenty-third day),

Sense of looseness of the brain,

The head easily gets cold,

Eruptions upon the forehead resembling little boils,

Pimples and vesicles on the forehead,

Pimples on the forehead, and the tip of the nose,

Confusion and heaviness in forehead,

Heat and pressure in sinciput,

Pressive sense of fulness in the forehead, as from the vapor of coal,

Pressive fulness in the forehead and vertex, as if the head would burst there,

Headache, beating in the forehead as if it would burst,

Heaviness and beating in the forehead, after dinner,

Uproar behind the right frontal eminence, as if everything would come out there (second day),

Boring stitches behind the right frontal eminence, deep in the brain, during dinner (second day),

Pricklings over the right eye,

Stitches over the left eye, so violent that they often cause the eyes to contract, after dinner (fourth day),

Tearing in the temples, early, and in the evenings,

Painful throbbing and beating in the temple, in the left side of the head, and the left side of the occiput, sometimes with yawning,

Tearing in the right temple, during dinner,

Stitches in the left temple, as with a blunt instrument,

Stitches in the left temple, increased by chewing,

Pressure at the top of the head, half an hour (after six days),

Feeling of coldness in the course of the longitudinal sinus (in half hour),

The right side of her head seems to be heavier than the left; the head feels as if it would fall over on that side (first day),

Stitches here and there in the head, deep in the brain, especially in the right side; they pass off in the open air (fourth to forty-second day),

Heaviness in the left side of the head, growing worse in bed (forty-sixth day),

Tearing behind the left ear, as far as the vertex, with a sensation as if the head were cleft,

Itching of the head, accompanied by great sensitiveness of the integuments of the head when scratching (tenth day),


Headache as before, especially a sensation as after having been drunk (" Katzenjammer"),

Headache (in half hour),

Severe headache,

Slight headache, which did not last long,

In afternoon, violent headache,

In evening, slight headache,

Headache after dinner (fifth day),

Headache, early in bed, with nausea, which rises as high up as the throat; she feels an inclination to vomit; the symptom passes off after two or three hours,

Headache and pain at the stomach, accompanied by ill-humor, the whole day (after three days),

In the morning, noticed a slight headache, combined with nausea, which, however, as usual, went off as soon as I took my pipe in my mouth,

Headache, with heaviness of the forehead, early in the morning; worse in the afternoon (eighth day),

Headache, now here, now there, in the brain; a pressure, with sticking over one eyebrow,

Boring and lancinating pain in the head at night,

Clawing pain in the head,

Sticking headache the whole day,

Headache, resembling a knocking or hacking with a sharp instrument; pain prevented her from moving, she had to lie still,

Pain, as from ulceration, in moving the head and in pressing upon it, especially in the occiput, at one of the glands of that region, for some time,

Headache, as if water or something else were in his head,

Headache in forehead,

Burning pains in sinciput,

On stooping, there is tension in the nape of the neck; in front, the head threatens to burst with pain,

For several mornings she is roused from her slumber by a drawing pain of the periosteum of the forehead; the pain passes off after rising,

Throbbing headache in left frontal region,

Headache in vertex,

On moving his head, there is a sensation as of the brain falling to and fro, towards the side where he stoops, sometimes with stinging pains, a symptom which gives him no rest, even at night, for several weeks in succession,


Violent itching of the hairy scalp, especially of the occiput,

Sense as if the hairs would stand upon end, with crawling over the whole head, and a feeling of coldness there, after coming out of the open air and entering the room,

The hair is painful when touched,

The scalp and the hairs are intensely painful when the hand is moved along them; this movement made him shudder (first evening),

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