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Ammonium Carbonicum - Head symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Ammonia, Ammonium Carb, Ammon. Carb, Amm Carb, Am-c.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Carbonicum: Head cold

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.


Pressure on the head above, for ½ h (aft. 6 d.).

After being heated, pressure over the whole head (aft. 10 d.).

The head feels very heavy.

Heaviness and beating in the forehead, after dinner.

Heaviness in the left side of the head, becoming worse in bed (46th d.).

The right side of the head seems to her heavier, and as if the head were about to fall over to that side (1st d.).

Pressive sensation of fulness in the forehead as from cold-gas.

Straining fulness in the vertex and the forehead, as if the head would burst there.

Raging in the right frontal protuberance, as if everything were coming out there (2d d.).

Drawing and tearing in the whole head, soon after rising, and during the whole day (23d d.).

Tearing in the temples, in the morning and evening.

Tearing, upward behind the left ear, up into the crown, with a sensation, as if the head were split open.

Lancinations here and there in the head, and especially on the right side, deep in the brain, passing away in the open air (4th, 42d d.).

Lancinations in the left temple, increased while chewing.

Stitches in the left temple, as from a dull instrument.

Stitches as from a needle, above the right eye.

Stitches over the left eye, so violent that it often contracts the eyes, after meals. (4th d.).

Boring stitches behind the right frontal protuberance, deep in the brain, at dinner (2d d.).

Painful throbbing and beating in the temple, the left side of the head and the left occiput, at times with yawning.

Sensation as if the brain were loose in the head.

The head easily catches cold.

Itching of the head, with great sensitiveness of the integuments of the head, when scratching (10th d.).


Headache, early in bed, with nausea rising up into the throat, as if she would vomit, passing off after 2, 3 hours.

Headache and pains in the stomach, with ill humor the whole day (3d d.).

Headache after dinner (5th d.).

Headache with heaviness in the forehead in the morning, but worse in the afternoon (8th d.).

Headache, now here now there in the brain; a pressure with stitches over one eye-brow.

In stooping, there is a sensation in the nape of the neck, and in front, the head feels as if it would burst open with pain.

Headache, throbbing in the forehead as if it would burst open.

Compressive pain in the head as from a vice.

A drawing pain in the periosteum of the forehead awakens her early from her sleep, for several mornings; it passes away after rising.

Lancinating headache all the day.

Headache, like a sharp knocking or chopping; she could not move for pain, and had to lie still.

On moving the head, and on pressing upon the head, pain as of ulceration in the whole head, especially in the occiput and in a gland situated there, for some time.

On moving the head, a sensation as if the brain fell hither and thither, toward the side to which he stoops, sometimes with lancinating pains; a symptom which leaves him no rest at night, for several weeks.

Headache, as if water or something else were in the head.


Severe itching on the hairy scalp, especially of the occiput.

Sensation as if the hairs would stand on end, with formication on the whole head, and a feeling of cold there; after coming into the room from the open air.

The hairs are painful to the touch.

The skin of the head and the hairs are keenly sensitive when stroked with the hand; the movement made him shudder (the first evening).

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