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Ammonium Carbonicum - Generalities symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Ammonia, Ammonium Carb, Ammon. Carb, Amm Carb, Am-c.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Carbonicum: Head cold

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Excessively tired,

Very tired in the morning,

Great fatigue in the forenoon, which invites to sleep (one hour),

Tired and weary all day, without being either sad or cheerful (after twenty-four hours),

She is powerless; lies down for several hours, as if senseless and weary,

Weary and discouraged when walking in the open air; he trembled with weakness,

Lassitude, ,

Uncommon lassitude,

Great lassitude (in evening),

Indescribably great lassitude; often she cannot sit, and has to lie down for hours (after twenty-four hours),

Evening and morning of 19th, great lassitude; also, on following days, heaviness of limbs,

Great lassitude and fatigue of the body, early in the morning, and in the forenoon, as if he had worked too much; relieved by walking in the open air,

Sensation of being bruised in the whole body; lassitude and weeping mood, early after rising,

Great fatigue of the whole body during the catamenia, especially of the thighs, with yawning, toothache, pain in the small of the back, and chilliness,

Sleep and dreams

Frequent stretching of the body, early, as if he had not slept enough (second day),

Disposition to stretch the arms and feet,

Much yawning, with accumulation of water in the mouth, weariness, discomfort, or chilliness,

Violent, spasmodic yawning in the evening,

In afternoon great drowsiness,

Sleepiness during the day; in the afternoon he has to sit down to sleep, otherwise his eyes feel sore,

Sleepiness through the day; he has to lie down in the forenoon and afternoon,

She becomes very sleepy when she is not busy, for instance, at table; the sleepiness passes off when she is busy at something,

Sleepiness in the day, with yawning (first to fourth day),

Unconquerable sleepiness after supper; nevertheless, he does not sleep well in the night,

He is soon sleepy in the evening, but his sleep at night is uneasy, for several weeks,

Falling asleep late at night (first night),

Cannot fall asleep in the evening, he knows not why; afterwards the person sleeps well (second day),

(Nightmare on falling asleep),

The sooner she goes to bed the better she sleeps; the later she goes to bed, the less able is she to sleep,

At night, when in bed, he cannot fall asleep before two, three, four hours, on account of uneasiness, dry heat, and sometimes burning at the stomach,

He cannot fall asleep on account of itching and stinging of the skin,

Great wakefulness until 12.30, with constant straining and pressure on the belly, and discharge of flatus,

He remains awake until four o'clock in the morning, when he falls into an oppressive sleep, during which he sweats until seven o'clock,

Lay in bed from eleven to one o'clock, without being able to sleep, a thing which had never happened to him before,

Light sleep at night; every little noise wakes her,

Sleep very unquiet,

Uneasy, unrefreshing sleep, every night; he tosses about,

Sleep somewhat disturbed,

His sleep is uneasy and interrupted; he sleeps little and frequently wakes,

Uneasy sleep, with frequent waking, for several nights, especially during her menses,

Frequent waking at night, with chilliness (first day),

At night she wakes every half hour, and is very weary in the morning,

He wakes between one and two o'clock at night, and cannot fall asleep again under two hours (second day),

After midnight she wakes with pain at the stomach, and cannot fall asleep again till four o'clock,

Frequent waking, with groaning and sobbing, for several weeks,

He starts up from his sleep as if by fright, several times in succession after midnight; afterwards he cannot fall asleep again for a long time; for many nights,

Frequent starting up from sleep as if by fright, at night, with subsequent great fearfulness,

Sleep full of dreams (second day),

He dreams while awake, at night,

Dreams at night,

Vivid dreams, by a person who never dreamed,

Sleep full of vivid dreams,

She dreams whole stories,

Romantic dreams,

Lewd dreams, three nights in succession, about having had an embrace, and, on waking up, sensation as if there had been and emission of semen, which, however, was not true,

Confused dreams,

Many confused dreams, all about things that had happened many years ago,

Anxious dreams,

Dreams every night, which, when ending, were accompanied by a sensation of anxiety; this woke him at three o'clock in the morning,

Anxious dreams about danger and want,

At night, terrifying dreams,

Anxious dreams about ghosts; he screamed when asleep,

Dreams about dying and corpses,

Disgusting dreams about lice (after eighteenth day),

Dreams about quarrels (third and seventh days),

She expresses in her sleep what she thought of when awake,



Most severe muscular contractions,


Great restlessness, which becomes a convulsive trembling,

When walking, she trembles over the whole body,

She staggers upon rising,

In morning, exhaustion,

On leaving her bed, she is often unable to stand, on account of weariness (after forty-eight hours),

Inability to stand upright well,

The whole day, a slight perspiration, as from exhaustion,

At three o'clock in the night, he felt a jerk in the upper part of his body and in the arms, with a tearing pain; in the full possession of his senses for at least ten minutes; afterwards he felt very faint,

Toward evening, she became suddenly indisposed; she thought she would faint; walking up and down in the open air gave her relief, although she still experienced a few stitches in the right side (after ten days),

She is much affected by talking much, and hearing people talk; her hands and feet become cold in consequence of it,

Excessive sensitiveness to open air,

Sensitiveness to open air (in evening),

She cannot bear the evening air; her feet become heavy; the external air is unpleasant to her, and every part of her body feels sore,

Unusual sensitiveness of the skin to cold,

Feeling of numbness on the right side, upon which she is lying when in bed; upon turning to the other side, this feeling passes off (second day),

Visible emaciation of the whole body,

Pain in the occiput, in the chest, and from both scapulae, down along the ribs,

Violent rheumatic drawing pain through all the limbs, hands, feet, nape of the neck, head, etc.,

Tearing in the whole body, especially in the thighs,

Fine prickings in the head, in the tips of the fingers and toes,

A cold affects her head, and makes her hoarse,

Very sick the whole day,

In morning, felt ill,

Several symptoms appear to develop, or to become worse in the open air,

He has to turn himself slowly in bed, because motion gives him pain,

Much affected from walking in the open air,

Walking in the open air tires him out,

Walking in the open air makes him feel hot,

He finds it more easy to lie upon the left side than upon the right,

The right side of the body appears more affected than the left,

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