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Ammonium Carbonicum - General symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Ammonia, Ammonium Carb, Ammon. Carb, Amm Carb, Am-c.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Carbonicum: Head cold

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.



(Early in the morning), Peevishness.

vertigo. vertigo, with nausea.

vertigo, with flickering before the eyes.

tearing in the temples.

itching and biting in eyes.

agglutination of eyes.

itching over ears, etc.

anterior half of tongue feels pithy.

mouth feels parched. bitter taste in mouth.

bad smell, etc., in mouth.

swelling of tonsils, etc.

sensation as of something sticking in throat, etc.

want of appetite. feverish chilliness, etc.

nausea, etc. oppression at stomach, etc.

contraction, etc., in abdomen, etc.

pressive pain in left side of abdomen.

diarrhoea, with colic.

fecal evacuation, etc.

erections. chest oppressed, etc.

bruised pain in middle of chest.

burning in nape of neck.

lassitude and fatigue.

itching over whole body.

sweat. sweat in the joints..

(Evening), Peevishness, etc.

slight headache. tearing in the temples.

transient pinching in right ear.

toothache, etc. dryness of mouth.

great secretion of mucus in mouth, etc.

dryness in throat, etc.

swelling of tonsils, etc.

sensation of something sticking in throat.

risings of air, etc. stitches below left ribs.

much flatus. emission of flatulence, etc.

violent pinching, etc., in belly.

stitches in left side of abdomen.

abdominal complaints. swelling in left groin, etc.

traction in urethra. frequent and copious emission of urine.

lascivious fancies, etc.

sensation as if limbs were bruised.

fatigue and weakness of limbs.

bruised pain in left shoulder, etc.

pulsation about right hip.

heaviness in legs. boil on nates.

twitches in both patellae.

chilliness of the feet.

ball of foot painful. ball of left foot burns.

swelling of toes. great lassitude.

sensitiveness to open air.

feverish chilliness. attacks of chilliness.

feverish heat. violent yawning.

soon sleepy..

(Night), Low spirits, etc.

fatigue. roaring in left ear.

nose obstructed. dry coryza.

toothache. tearing-jerking in hollow tooth.

great dryness and heat of mouth.

attacks of nausea. pressure at stomach.

emission of flatulence, etc.

violent colic. burning pain at rectum, etc.

rises to urinate. desire to urinate.

several successive emission of urine.

lascivious fancies, etc.

pollutions. menses very copious.

cough. cough, etc. dry cough.

hawking of mucus. difficult breathing.

stitches in left breast.

heaviness, etc., at sternum.

jerk in the back. all the limbs ache.

all the limbs pain her.

sweat of legs. chilliness in sleep.

chilliness. heat. continual sweats..

(During menses), Acrid water runs from nose.

pustules upon cheeks. toothache.

drawing toothache. no desire for meat, etc.

sense of nausea, etc.

qualmishness, etc. stomach seems full, etc.

pale face. sadness. colic, etc.

violent tearing in body.

pain in small of back.

violent cold. great fatigue of whole body, etc.

bruised pain in thighs.

pustules upon cheeks. alternate chilliness and heat, etc.

uneasy sleep, etc..

After having had a sound nap in the forenoon, she wakes up at 1 o'clock with a sense of anxiety, as if she were choking.

this was on account of the nose being quite obstructed, and her not being able to take breath, except with an open mouth, so that the chest was painful in consequence of the difficult breathing (after twelve days),.

Strange uneasiness, every evening at seven o'clock which rouses the child from its slumber.

it tosses about in bed and screams, until it falls into a sound sleep, towards ten o'clock.

this sleep lasts the whole night.

during the uneasiness, the head feels bloated and burning.

next morning, the face is covered with spots, as if scarlatina would break out,.

Violent pinching, contraction, and rumbling in the belly, in the forenoon.

it comes on when walking in the open air, and can only be relieved by lying upon the belly and applying warm cloths to it.

in the evening it appears again, also in the cold on the following morning.

afterwards, it becomes less when in the room (seventeenth day),.

In the night, about three or four o'clock, she puts her arm out of bed without knowing it.

the pain which she experiences in her arm rouses her from sleep.

the arm is cold, stiff, and in the elbow-joint it is as heavy as lead.

the arm being very stiff, she has to use the other hand, in order to put the arm back again into the bed, upon moving it, or when the arm is in the bed, a tearing pain in the shoulder, elbow, and wrist-joint,.

Alternate chilliness and heat, with sensitiveness to cold.

nausea, thirst, pressure at the chest, with stitches in the left side of the chest, tearing in the forehead, and confusion of the head, alternate redness and paleness of the cheeks, pressure at the stomach, with disposition to eructations, accompanied by a violent coryza and sleeplessness.

for several days (during the catamenia),.

Towards noon, it became black before the eyes.

the letters appeared to move.

his breath was arrested.

with previous lassitude.

upon quickly rising from sitting, his whole body felt rigid, the arms and legs being stretched out, whilst the fingers were clenched.

he had to use force to stretch them.

this made them again movable (fourth day),.