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Ammonium Carbonicum - General symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Ammonia, Ammonium Carb, Ammon. Carb, Amm Carb, Am-c.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Carbonicum: Head cold

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Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.




Sal volatile.

(The salt obtained from equal parts of sal-ammoniac and crystalline carbonate of soda, triturated together and sublimated at a moderate heat.)

Instead of procuring this salt from chemical laboratories, as our druggists do of late, and then, in order to free it from any contents of lead which may be suspected, subliming it again, (G. Pharm. boruss. P. 134,) (what a round about course!) we need only to put an ounce of the above-mentioned mixture into a good sized medicine bottle which is loosely corked, place this bottle in an iron pan filled with sand, immersing the bottle as deeply as the mixture extends, sublimate the ammonia by fire into the upper part of the bottle and then break this off in order to secure the contents.

Of this salt one grain is triturated for 1 hour with 100 grains of sugar of milk, as I have described in the first part, in the for preparing antipsoric remedies, and we thus get the first one hundredfold, potentized powder-attenuation (/100). One grain of this powder, again, is triturated with 100 grains of fresh sugar of milk in a similar manner to /10000, and one grain of this is triturated with another 100 grains of sugar of milk to the millionfold potentized powder-attenuation (I). One grain of this (as given in the directions) is dissolved in 100 drops of alcohol mixed with water, and shaken twice, forming a liquid (/100 I) which is then potentized through 27 additional vials, each containing 100 drops of good alcohol, up to the decillionth attenuation (X) by two strokes of the arm. With this 1, 2 or 3 of the finest pellets are moistened for a dose, which, when homoeopathically selected, at times operates for more than 36 days.

Ammonium Carbonicum medicine serves in its way very well for curative antipsoric purposes in chronic diseases, especially in cases where the following symptoms prevail or are present among others

Timidity. disobedience.

obstinacy. loathing of life.

uneasiness in the evening.

distress. anxiety with weakness.

diminished faculty of thinking.

vertigo while sitting and reading.

. headache as if it would burst out at the forehead.

headache with nausea. hammering headache.

falling out of the hair.

dry pus on the eyelids.

burning and sensation of cold in the eyes.

obscuration of vision, with a glimmer before the eyes.

black dots and streaks of light, hovering before the eyes.

cataract (aft. 32 d.).

short-sightedness. hardness of hearing, with suppuration and itching of the ear.

humming and ringing before the ears.

itching of the nose. suppurating pustules in the nose.

bleeding of the nose, in the morning while washing freckles.

chaps from the left upper lip across the cheek to the ear.

cracking in the articulation of the jaw, while chewing.

long-continued looseness of the teeth.

sore throat as if raw.

pain as of soreness in the throat.

swelling of the interior of the mouth.

after eructations, taste of the food and drinks partaken of.

bitter taste in the mouth, especially after eating.

scraping and burning, up the oesophagus, after a meal.

headache, after a meal.

nausea after a meal. during a meal, a dizzy vertigo.

irresistible inclination to eat sugar.

. lack of appetite in the morning.

sour eructations. heartburn.

eructation and vomiting.

stomachache. spasms of the stomach.

contractive pain in the scrobiculus cordis, while stretching.

burning pain in the liver.

boring stitches in the liver, in the evening while sitting.

restlessness in the abdomen.

concussive pain in the hypogastrium when setting the foot down.

constipation. difficult evacuations.

colic with diarrhoea. blood with the stools.

discharge of blood from the anus (flowing piles).

. nightly micturition.

(lack of sexual instinct;).

sterility with too scanty menses.

catamenia, pressure on the genitals, cutting in the abdomen, tearing in the back and in the genital organs, compelling her to lie down.

watery discharge from the uterus.

. copious, excoriating, acrid leucorrhoea.

long-continued dryness of the nose.

chronic . dyspnoea. cough with hoarseness, while the body is warm.

cough from tickling in the throat, with expectoration.

cough during the day. cough at night.

stitching in the small of the back, while coughing.

burning in the chest from below upward.

tearing from the upper left side of the chest to the shoulder-joint.

stitches in the fleshy part of the chest to the shoulder-joint.

stitching in the fleshy part of chest.

goitre. swelling of the cervical glands, with an itching eruption of the face and body.

pain in nape of the neck.

rigidity of the arms and fingers and numbness of the same at night, in the morning and while grasping something.

. swelling of the fingers, while the arms hang down.

the fingers go to sleep.

great weariness of the legs.

drawing pain in the legs, while sitting.

stitches in the heel. perspiration of the feet.

swelling of the feet. cramp in the some of the foot.

pain of a sprain in the ball of the big toe, at night in bed.

burning in the hands and feet.

feeling of weakness in the limbs, while walking in the open air.

dislike to taking walks.

drawing and tension in the small of the back and the joints.

curvature of the bones.

warts. burning, stitches and tearing pains in the corns.

drowsiness during the day.

sleeplessness at night.

nightmare, when going to sleep.

fever-heat in the head, with cold feet.

chilliness in the evening.


Ammonium Carbonicum medicine may be advantageously repeated after some intermediate remedies.

Swelling of a solution of Camphora camphor moderates its excessive action.


 See note under Alumina Alumina.


 Ammonium carbonicum had already appeared in the first edition of the    and the new symptoms from Hahnemann published in the second, must be  of the same origin as those of the first. The greater number of the  additions is from "Ng.," published with a few from  Hartlaub and Trinks in vol. II, of their .  The nature of the observations of Ng. has already been stated under  Alumina Alumina. SchréTerebinthina ter's pathogenesis (without information as to its  mode of production, appears in vol. III of the same work. The  symptoms of Gross and Stapf -four only in all Sympt. 656,  669, 670 and 675 -are of unknown origin.




In the night (3 to 4 o'clock) she involuntarily stretches her arm out of the bed and awakes from the pain in it, as it is cold, stiff, and in the elbow-joint heavy like lead.

she has to use the other hand to bring it back into bed, because it is too stiff, and when moved and in bed there is a tearing pain in the joints of the shoulder, the elbow and the wrists.

Every evening about 7 o'clock a strange uneasiness which wakes the child from its rest.

it tosses about restlessly and cries until about 10 o'clock it falls into a sound sleep lasting the whole night.

during its restlessness the head is, as it were, bloated and glowing hot.

next morning the face is spotted as if scarlatina was coming on.;.

Paroxysm Toward noon everything turned black before her eyes.

the letters seemed to move.

the breath was checked with previous lassitude.

on quickly rising from his seat, the became, as it were, rigid all over the body, his arms and legs extended outwardly, while the fingers were clenched.

he had to forcibly stretch them out which made them movable again (4th d.).

Alternately chill and heat, with sensitiveness to cold.

nausea, thirst, pressure on the chest, with stitches in the left side of the chest, tearing in the forehead and muddled feeling of the head, alternate redness and paleness of the cheeks, pressure in the stomach, with tendency to eructation, attended with severe catarrh and sleeplessness.

for several days (during the menses).;.