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Ammonium Carbonicum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - Hahnemann

Carbonate Of Ammonia, Ammonium Carb, Ammon. Carb, Amm Carb, Am-c.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Carbonicum: Head cold

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs

Burning on a little spot of the upper arm and the fore-arm (11th d.).

In the arms and hands, a drawing pain.

Paralytic drawing in the left arm, from the axilla into the wrist.

Sensation of paralysis in the right arm (14th d.).

Sensation of paralysis and heaviness of the right arm; she has no strength in it and must let it hang down; the hand at the same time is swollen and cold for half an hour (aft. 2 h.).

The right arm seems to weigh a hundred weight, and to be powerless.

The right arm for many days becomes quite weak and cold, appearing to be asleep and lifeless; this was again followed by a tingling sensation.

Cramp in the right arm, which pulled the arm backward three times in succession; then heat of the body and turbid white urine.

Twitching and quivering in the right upper arm (4th d.).

Cracking in the elbow-joint when in motion.

Groaning pain in the elbow-joint in straightening the arm in front of him.

Stiffness of the elbow-joint.

Boring pain in the elbow-joint in the fossa which receives the process.

Sharp stitches in the elbow.

Tearing in the elbow (in the bone) extending forward into the little finger (4th, 5th d.).

In left fore-arm, in the middle, a violent pain, in the evening in bed with a sensation as if the bones there would forcibly bend inward and break of (2d d.).

Itching of the inside of the right fore-arm, with burning after scratching, and the appearance of small red pimples, spots and granules, which do not cease to itch after scratching, until they become deep red on the following day (4th, 5th d.).

In the wrist, tension while at rest, aggravated by motion; he feels as if he could not move his hand (2d d.).

Tearing in the wrist extending into the fingers, ceasing when she gets warm in bed.

Painful tearing in the left wrist, as if in the marrow, toward the little finger (6th d.).

Frequent going to sleep of the (right) hand, on which she lies at night (4th d.).

Trembling of the hands (aft. 7 d.).

Distended veins and blueness of the hands, after washing them in cold water.

The skin of the hands in a child becomes quite hard, and chaps in deep fissures.

Peeling off of the skin of the palms of the hands (aft. 4 d.).

In the fingers a pinching pain on stretching them apart.

Cramp in the posterior joint of a finger, so that he cannot extend it, with a stinging pain; from morning to evening, while staying in the cold (2d d.).

Drawing pain from the tips of the fingers down into the hand, as if from constant mesmerizing (1st d.).

Tearing in the fingers and in the thumb-joint.

Pain as from a bruise in the left thumb, in the cold (2d d.).

Twitching, griping in the left thumb, as if the bone, with yawning (11th d.).

Visible twitching and quivering in the left thumb.

Swelling of the middle joint of the right middle finger, with painfulness while touching or bending it.

On the nates, a burning, itching.

In the hip-joint a severe pain while walking.

Every morning in bed, a severe pain in the hip-joint, as if it was rotten and beaten in two, so that he can not turn over while lying down; after rising and more yet after walking, the pain decreases, and in the afternoon passes away entirely; for 4 weeks.

Drawing pain down from the left hip.

His legs are contracted.

The tendons in the leg feel as if too short.

Pain like a sprain in the left leg, while walking.

Restlessness in the legs.

Twitches in the leg, toward evening.

Heaviness in the legs so that he can hardly lift them, in the evening (8th d.).

Suddenly great weakness in the lower limbs, so that she has trouble in getting along, after dinner (2d d.).

Great weariness in the thighs and legs.

In the evening, while lying down, jerking scraping on the bones of the thighs and legs, so that she has to jerk up her leg momentarily, and cannot lie still but is obliged to walk about.

In the right thigh, a severe pain, as if the inmost marrow was shaken up, aggravated by lying and sitting for a quarter of an hour (aft. some h.).

Great wearisome pain in the thighs, as if they would fall off, or as if the tendons would tear off; alternating with pains in the small of the back; she knows not what to do for pains (on the 3d day of her menses).

Bruised pain in the thighs.

Bruised pain in the middle point of the thighs in rest and in motion (during the menses.) .

Pain in the thigh as if beaten blue, impeding her walk, (but only while walking and in being pressed upon in touching.)

Pain as if crushed, passing away by rubbing, in the right thigh, immediately above the knee (11th d.).

Pain as from a sprain in the left thigh, with a feeling of weakness and of sudden collapse of the legs in walking.

Stiffness in the thighs, in walking.

Pain as if the tendons were too short, in a spot of the left thigh, above the knee; only when pressing upon it or sitting, but not else (3d d.).

A blue spot, as large as a child's hand, above the knee, where it burns exceedingly.

After itching, a deep-seated burning furuncle on the knee.

A knot over the right knee, deep in the skin, only painful on pressure.

A small furuncle, only painful on being pressed upon, in the left knee.

Tearing in the knees and knee-joints.

Boring pain in and upon the patella.

Boring and drawing in the knee, and thence restlessness in the legs, so she has to move them continually, without alleviating the restlessness.

Twitching in both patellae, in the evening, several times in succession (5th d.).

Twitches in both knees and legs.

In moving the knee, a grating sound.

On sitting down and in turning the leg, a pain in the knee, as if sprained.

Burning redness like scarlatina, in the right knee and down the leg; putting the cold hand upon it increases the pain (20th, 21st d.).

In the legs a paralytic pain, as if they were going to sleep, alleviated by walking (7th d.).

Frequent going to sleep of the legs, while sitting and standing, and at night, when lying upon them.

Tearing below the knee and on the left tibia (11th d.).

Cramp in the legs, frequently, especially in the muscles of the tibiae and the feet.

While lying down, cramp in the leg, which became, however, unbearable on rising, compelling him to lie down.

In the calf, severe cramp, on walking in the open air, so that he had suddenly to stand still.

Straining in the calf (from a cold?).

Violent stitches deep in the calves (14th d.).

Above the right heel, stitches.

In the heel, early, on awaking, a keen pain, as if the bones were festered through.

Formication in the left heel, and sensation as if festering, when touched (aft. 5 d.).

Twitching tearing in the right heel (37th d.).

In the joints of the feet and the ankles, a tearing which draws down into the toes, and ceases when she becomes warm in bed.

Drawing pain at the external ankle (4th d.).

Cold feet.

In the evening chilliness in the feet, especially on going to bed.

Rapid swelling of the feet up to the calves.

Great weariness in the feet as if fatigued (2d d.).

Trembling in both feet (aft. 9 h.).

Formication in the dorsum of the left foot as from going to sleep (11th d.).

Violent formication and itching in the sole of the foot, so that it can hardly be borne, so that she feels like scratching the skin off; after scratching, the spot burns, in the evening (after lying down).

Tearing in the soles of both feet (11th d.).

Sharp stitches on the ball of right foot.

Stinging, tearing and twitching in the big toe.

Frequent painful twitching in the ball of the great toe (which had been frozen when she was a child).

Several days, especially in the evening, when going to sleep she has attacks of severe stinging and drawing in the balls of both the big toes as if they had been frozen.

Itching formication in the ball of the right great toe as from a chilblain.

The left big toe is hot to the touch and pains with a burning sensation as if he had burned himself, especially from the pressure of boots and in damp weather; when taking off the boot and when resting the foot on something and in walking the pain is alleviated (14th to 36th d.).

The big toe becomes red, thick and painful, especially in the evening in bed, and the whole foot swells up.

In walking the ball of the big toe pains as if festering.

On the skin of the whole body much itching.

Itching of the whole body in the morning for three hours.

Itching here and there, in many parts of the body, mostly passing away on scratching, or burning painfully.

Violent itching of the whole body, here and there, and, after scratching, burning vesicles and pimples or hard granules.

Burning pimples, like millet seed, on the neck and the fore-arm.

The whole upper part of the body is red as if covered with scarlatina.

Miliary eruption on the right side of the neck and the left fore-arm.

Around the elbow small red tubercles and about the neck large ones, with cutting pain; only a few of them suppurate.

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