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Ammonium Carbonicum - Extremities, Limbs symptoms - T.F. Allen

Carbonate Of Ammonia, Ammonium Carb, Ammon. Carb, Amm Carb, Am-c.

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HPUS indication of Ammonium Carbonicum: Head cold

Below are the main rubriks (i.e strongest indications or symptoms) of Ammonium Carbonicum in traditional homeopathic usage, not approved by the FDA.

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Extremities, limbs

All her limbs ache in the forenoon and at night, with gnawing pain in the small of the back, more when at rest than when moving about (forty-first day),

Sensation as if the limbs were bruised; also in the evening,

Bruised feeling in limbs,

All her limbs pain her at night, with gnawing pain in the small of the back (forty-first day),

Great lassitude in limbs as after a fever,

Great lassitude in her limbs and complete disinclination to work,

Morning after taking, great lassitude in all the limbs, as if he had not slept enough,

Great fatigue and weakness of the limbs, especially in the evening hours, in the knees and legs, so that he is obliged to lie down (first and second days),

Itching in all the limbs,

Cracking in the joints, when walking,

Sticking drawing, sometimes in the right arm, sometimes in the legs,

The hands and feet go to sleep when sitting; passes off on moving about,

Cold hands and feet, even in a warm room, and when they are well covered,

Acute pain in the hip-joint every morning, in bed; the joint feels as if beaten asunder, so that he cannot turn himself when lying down; the pain decreases after rising; and still more when walking; in the afternoon, the pain disappears entirely (for four weeks),

Pain in the thigh, as if she had been beaten blue, which prevents her from walking (only when walking and taking much exercise),

Upper extremities

Drawing pain in the arms and hands,

Tearing in the joints of the upper extremities,

Tearing in the shoulders,

Drawing pain in the right shoulder-joint (after fourteenth day),

Shooting and tearing in the right shoulder-joint, both when at rest and in motion (thirty-seventh day),

Small furunculus upon the left shoulder,

Pressure upon the left shoulder,

A few tearings in the left shoulder towards the chest,

Bruised pain in the left shoulder, when at rest and in motion,

Bruised pain in the left shoulder and elbow-joint (in the evening),

The glands in the axilla become painful and enlarged,

Noticed on upper arm, where he had received a prick, a kind of insensibility, which only went off gradually,

Burning at a small spot of the upper and lower arm (eleventh day),

Spasm in the right arm, which drew the arm backwards, three times in succession; this was succeeded by heat of the body and turbid, white urine,

Twitches and jerkings in the right upper arm (fourth day),

Sensation of paralysis of the right arm (fourteenth day),

Heaviness and sensation of paralysis of the right arm; she has no strength in it, and is obliged to let it hang down; at the same time the hand is swollen and cold for half an hour (after two hours),

The right arm appeared to weigh a hundredweight, and to be without strength,

For some days the right arm is quite weak and cold, so that it appears to be benumbed and lifeless; this was again succeeded by a tingling sensation in it,

Paralytic drawing in the left arm, extending from the axilla as far as the wrist,

Cracking in the elbow-joint, during motion,

Creaking pain in elbow-joint, on stretching the arm out straight before him,

Stiffness of the elbow-joint,

Boring pain in the elbow-joint, in the fossa which receives the olecranon process,

Sharp stitches in the elbow,

Tearing in the elbow (in the bone) as far as the little finger (fourth and fifth days),

Violent pain in the middle of the left forearm, in the evening, when in bed, with a sensation as if the bone there would curve inward and break (second day),

Itching of the inside of the right forearm, with a sensation as of burning consequent upon scratching; at the same time there are formed small red pimples, spots, and nodes, which do not cease to itch after being scratched; on the day following they become crimson (fourth and fifth days),

Tension in the wrist-joint, when at rest, worse during motion; he feels as if he could not move his hand (second day),

Tearing in the wrist-joints as far as the fingers; it ceases when she is warm in bed,

Painful tearing in the left wrist, as if in the marrow towards the little finger (sixth day),

The right hand frequently goes to sleep when lying upon it during the night (fourth day),

Trembling of the hands (after seventh day),

Distended veins and blueness of the hands, after washing them with cold water,

The skin of a child's hand becomes quite hard and chapped, the fissures being very deep,

Great pain on the dorsum of the hand, which roused her from sleep at night,

The skin of the palm of the hand peels off (after fourth day),

Upon stretching the fingers apart a pinching pain,

Cramp in the posterior phalanx of a finger, so that he cannot stretch it, with painful stitches; from morning to night, when staying in the cold (second day),

Drawing pain from the tips of the fingers as far as the hand, as from continual mesmerizing (first day),

Tearing in the fingers, and in the articulation of the thumb,

Pain, as from a bruise, in the left thumb, which seems to be in the bone, accompanied by a yawning (eleventh day),

Visible twitching and jerking in the left thumb,

Swelling of the middle joint of the right middle finger, with painfulness when touched or bent,

Lower extremities

Sudden and great weakness in the lower extremities; she finds it difficult to move them along, after dinner (second day),

Acute pain in the hip-joint when walking,

In evening, sudden, violent pulsation about right hip, which, however, soon goes off,

Drawing pain descending from the left hip,

His legs seem contracted,

The tendons of the muscles of the legs feel too short,

Twitches in the legs, towards evening,

Uneasiness in the legs,

Heaviness in the legs, so that he can scarcely lift them, in the evening (eighth day),

Pain in the left leg, as from a sprain, when walking,

Sweat of the legs at night,

Great lassitude in the thighs and legs,

Jerk-like scraping upon the bones of the thighs and legs, so that she is obliged to twitch up her leg every moment, and cannot remain lying down, but has to walk about (evening),

Burning itching upon the nates,

In the evening, on left nates, a painful boil,

Great lassitude, with pain in the thighs, as if they would fall off, or as if the tendons would tear off, alternating with pain in the small of the back; she has so much pain that she knows not what to do with herself (on the third day of menses),

Bruised pain in the thighs,

Stiffness in the thighs when walking,

Itching on outer surface of thighs, on the same spot, and equally severe, in both thighs,

Bruised pain in the middle of both thighs, both when at rest and in motion (during the catamenia),

Boil on right thigh, the size of a child's fist, very painful, and not relieved by poultices; the boil, cut open, discharged much pus and blood,

Acute pain in the right femur, as if the inmost marrow were shaken, increased by lying and sitting, a quarter of an hour (after some hours),

Pain, as of contusion, in the right thigh, immediately over the knee; which passes off by rubbing (eleventh day),

Pain, as from a sprain, in the left thigh, with a feeling of weakness and sudden bending of the legs in walking,

Pain, as if the tendons were too short, at a place of the left thigh over the bend of the knee; only when the parts are pressed upon, or when the person sits upon them, otherwise there is no pain (third day),

Blue spot, as large as a child's hand, over the knee, with a sensation of excessive burning there,

A deep seated, burning furunculus consequent upon itching,

An induration over the right knee, deep under the skin, painful only when pressed upon,

Twitches in both knees and legs,

Twitches in both patellae, in the evening, several times in succession (fifth day),

Tearing in the knees and knee-joints,

Boring and drawing in the knee, which causes such an uneasiness in the legs that she is obliged to move them constantly; this motion, however, does not relieve the uneasiness,

Cracking when moving the knee,

Pain in the knee, as from a sprain; upon sitting down and turning the leg,

Burning, redness, like scarlatina, in the bend of the right knee and along the leg; the pain increases upon laying the cold hand upon the part (twentieth and twenty-first days),

Boring pain in and upon the patella,

Pain as from paralysis in the legs, as if they were going to sleep, relieved by walking (seventh day),

The legs frequently go to sleep, when sitting and standing, and at night, when he lies upon the limb,

Frequent cramps in the legs, especially in the muscles of the tibiae and the feet,

Cramp in the leg, when lying down, which became intolerable on rising, and obliged the person to lie down again,

Tearing below the knee and at the left tibia (eleventh day),

Violent cramp in the calf, when walking in the open air, so that he had to stand suddenly still,

Straining in the calf (from a cold?),

Violent stitches deep in the calves (fourteenth day),

(Stitches over the right heel),

Tearing in the malleoli and in the joints of the feet; it extends as far as the toes, and ceases when she gets warm in bed,

Drawing pain at the external malleolus (fourth day),

Acute pain in the heel, early on waking, as if the bone were perforated by ulceration,

Tingling in the left heel; when touching it with the hand, it feels as if it were ulcerated (after five days),

Tearing twitches in the right heel (thirty-seventh day),

Cold feet,

Chilliness of the feet, in the evening, especially when going to bed,

Rapid swelling of the feet, extending as far as the calves,

Great lassitude in the feet, as if tired (second day),

Trembling of both feet (after nine hours),

Uncommon sensitiveness of both feet to wet and cold,

Crawling on the dorsum on the left foot, as from having gone to sleep (eleventh day),

Tingling and itching in the sole of the foot, which is almost unbearable, and so vehement that she would like to scratch off the skin; after scratching, there is a burning sensation, in the evening (after lying down),

Tearing in both soles (eleventh day),

On rising in morning, though there had been no frost in the night, ball of right foot swollen and tender as from frost,

Sharp stitches in the ball of the right foot,

Ball of left foot very painful, in evening,

In evening, the swelled ball of left foot burned, and was painful,

In evening, tender, red swelling of right toes, like chilblains,

Tearing stitches and twitches of the big toes,

Frequent and painful twitches of the ball of the big toe (when a child, it had been frozen),

Occasionally, acute stitches, and drawing of the balls of both the big toes, as if they were frozen, for several days, especially in the evening, on going to sleep,

Itching and crawling in the ball of the big toe of the right foot, as from a chilblain,

Piercing pain in the ball of the big toe, in the evening when in bed,

The left big toe feels hot, and is painful, as if he had burnt it, especially in damp weather, and when the boots press upon it; the pain decreases on pulling off the boot, or on resting the foot firmly against the floor, or when walking (fourteenth to thirty-sixth day),

The big toe becomes red, enlarged, and painful especially in the evening, when in bed, and the whole foot swells,

During walking, the ball of the big toe is painful, as if there were subcutaneous ulceration,

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